Thursday, September 29, 2011

The 500 Smile Run - Operation Smile 30th Anniversary Event

It was such an honor to be chosen as one of those who will write about this event. I so love runs for a cause that when I stumble into one, I won't let myself miss a chance to join in.

Operation Smile will celebrate its 30th anniversary on November 2012 with a special homecoming mission to the Philippines to give back to the country that gave birth to what is now a global children’s medical charity organization that has changed the lives of thousands of children and young adults around the world suffering from congenital facial deformities such as cleft lip and cleft palate. One of their fund raising event is The 500 Smile Run.

The objective is to provide free life changing reconstructive surgery to at least 1,500 Filipino children and young adults in 10 days through 8 simultaneous surgical missions in various parts of the country, namely, Bacolod, Cavite, Cebu, Cagayan De Oro, South Cotabato, Makati, Naga and Pampanga.

The 500 Smile Run (Manila)
Main Presenter: PLDT & SMART
Date: November 6, 2011
Place: Quirino Grandstand, Rizal Park, Manila City

The 500 Smile Run (Davao)

Main Presenter: PLDT & SMART
Date: November 27, 2011
Place: Rizal Park, Davao City


Wireless Center
Tower Makati
Jump Store (SM Megamall Cyberzone)


  • Robinsons Ermita
  • SM Manila
  • SM Fairvies

  • Greenbelt 5
  • Bonifacio High Street
  • Trinoma
  • Cash & Carry


    Manila Leg

    Race Category
    Registration Fee
    Race Inclusions
    500m Dash
    - Race Bib, Timing Chip and Singlet
    - Race Bib, Timing Chip and Singlet
    - Race Bib, Timing Chip and Singlet
    - Race Bib, Timing Chip and Singlet
    - Race Bib, Timing Chip and Singlet

    Davao Leg

    Race Category
    Registration Fee
    Race Inclusions
    - Race Bib, Timing Chip and Singlet
    - Race Bib, Timing Chip and Singlet
    - Race Bib, Timing Chip and Singlet
    - Race Bib, Timing Chip and Singlet


    I swear the singlet is so cute! ^_^

    RACE MAP (Manila Leg)

    • Generate funds for Operation Smile’s 30th Anniversary Missions in 8 sites around the country 
    • Promote awareness for Operation Smile 
    • Create a venue for direct public involvement and support for Operation Smile’s cause

    Those two good-looking runners at the top are my friends! Ruth Tiu (Blue Shirt) and Sam Tiu (Red Singlet) ^_^

    What is Operation Smile?

    Operation Smile is a private, not-for-profit volunteer medical services organization and worldwide children’s medical charity headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia that provides reconstructive surgery and related health care to indigent children and young adults. Medical volunteers repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other childhood facial deformities while building public and private partnerships to provide training to health care professionals and improve local capacity in partner countries.

    "When you create smiles, you change lives and you heal humanity" 

    I am personally knocking into your hearts to please support this event by joining. If you cannot run, please support this event by pledging to the runners who will participate in the race. I will run 5K here and I am open for pledges of any value you can give for the benefit of these children. Let's give back their smiles before it's too late. We may be small, but together, we can make a difference!

    Bobby Manzano
    19th Floor UCPB Building Makati Avenue Manila 1200
    +632 811 9739
    +632 811 9740
    Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^

    Sunday, September 25, 2011

    Blogapalooza Blast-Off Event at Fully Booked

    A few weeks back, I was invited by a friend to sign up on a particular web page about a Blogger's event named Blogapalooza. It's an event where top influential Bloggers and Businesses meet. So just to try out if I can be included, I signed up. I was even surprised to get an invite on my inbox because I don't consider myself as "influential" or anything synonymous to that word but since I got it, I said yes.

    September 17, 2011 at the 5th Floor of Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street, I came to the event from my last day of work. Honestly, I am having a hard time comprehending some of the stuffs since I haven't slept well. but I tried my best to stay on focus and absorb all the things that I still can.

    I saw familiar bloggers there like Cheryl Golango of , Sir Rene Villarta of, Coach Carina of and CJ Paran of

    Proud of my blog link posted on the Photo Wall! ^_^
    I arrived just in time for lunch (lol!). We had nice food from Italiannis and a very tasty natural fruit juice from Healthy First. Before the event actually started, we had some wiggle time to get to meet and greet fellow bloggers, and even get a chance for a free photo courtesy of the roving Photobooth! I think this concept of roving photobooth is great so event visitors won't need to pile up in long lines just to get their photos taken.

    He takes our pictures and print it real time from the printer that is on his back...
    ...and he takes great pictures like this! Cool huh?
    After a few minutes, Vince Golangco or commonly known as DJ Vince from The Wake Up Show with Vince and Tracey sounded the start of the event. Everyone was so excited as great brands and products will present their stuff in a very creative manner, most of them made visual aids as they present in the stage, and I find it cool!

    Lay Bare has this visuals of showing the effects of plucking vs. waxing. After seeing what it looked like when it is plucked, I think I'll be a frequent customer now!

    There were 50 brands who presented their stuff and everyone is given around 5 minutes on the stage. All of the presenters were good but some really got my interest on them.


    This thing I always see being worn by runners, and triathletes around their neck is quite interesting because I know they won't just wear it to accessorize themselves. As the presenter gave a short information about the product, I got more curious about it. This Titanium thing that helps in alleviating pain from the body and improves circulation? this is really something!

    Phiten Booth at the event. Besides necklace, they got other stuffs too!
    Aqua Titanium, the active ingredient on this product is proven to ease pain, improve circulation and many other health benefits that one can enjoy of.

    Right now I am wearing the necklace that they included in my loot bag for a week now. What I noticed is that I feel more energized and I get to have a better sleep when I wore them. Also, my sleepiness at work were lessened. I don't know if it's Psychological or what but if it works, who cares?

    I plan to wear it on my weekend LSD's (Long Slow Distance) Runs and let's see the effect...


    I avoid eating simple carbohydrates like rice, but for sure I cannot resist this rice bran product called Oryspa.
    My baby loves this!

    The Baby Powder smells so calming. I tried putting some on my palms and it feels like cornstarch, but a finer, much acceptable version. I tried putting some on my face (I have a very, very oily skin) and let it for about 2 hours and I was surprised it kept my face matte. If only this powder covers up like foundation I will use it as a make up, or I can also try it as a retouch powder? Hmm, I'm gonna give it a shot!

    Mom took it, and she never let go!
    I tried the Meditation Balm and it was a great for perking up whenever I feel so sleepy at work. I also put it on my skin when I got mosquito bites or itch and it makes it go away. I also tried to put it on my dry skin and it acted a as a cool moisturizer. The smell is so naturally lemongrass and the texture of the balm is not greasy, lube-like feel. When my Mom saw me putting some on my forehead while watching tv, she gave it a shot and since then, I lost my precious balm. Now, where can I buy this stuff?

    What surprises me the most is that this product is "Filipino Made". I swear if I haven't heard the presenter beforehand that this is a Pinoy Brand I won't even suspect it to be. It's not that I don't like Filipino products, I patronize, really, I do! But the packaging of this is really world-class! This product can be put on the line of imported products and I swear it will stand out! Classic and simple designs will always be a hit.


    As a runner, it is a necessity to get in shape and because of my new work that has a crazy night shift schedule, I hardly even train. The result? I am gradually gaining in the fats that I've already lost from hardcore training I did months back. So devastating!

    When I heard about a 30-minute total, overall body workout I said, "This is something I need to try!". The presenter showed us the Circuit Training and how it is done. I've heard some friends who have tried and benefit from this workout and I can see its effective on them.

    Since I'm a busy bee and I hardly find time to do some stuffs I think 30 minutes won't be much if I'll invest it on getting into shape. I'm gonna try out this gym soon!


    I consider myself a semi type techie since I spend most of my time on the computer and I also work using it. I am very particular with Antivirus stuffs because I have experienced being attacked by Trojans (The virus, not the person from Troy) and other types of viruses. I spent hours fixing it and at the end, I just clean installed a new OS (Operating System) on my computer, erasing all the files on my hard drive. Bad news is, I lost all my precious files including my old, cherished photos. So I won't let that happen again! :(

    I used to have this a free Antivirus Software that I find effective in filtering and blocking these viruses. But I know that's not enough. There are times when I experience some glitches on my PC that I know was brought about by those strong viruses that the free ones cannot or don't detect since they just offer limited protection. When Avira was presented to us, I didn't doubt about trying it on my PC.

    I just installed Avira Enhanced Surfing and Email Protection software on my PC and so far it's working well. The interface is user friendly and it doesn't take much of my attention since it's working on the background. When I did a scan it detected around 20 Trojans and other stuffs I am not familiar of.

    I think this one works for my needs as a blogger. I'll be keeping this one as my PC virus protector.


    Before I became a fitness sensitive person and before I was diagnosed with Diabetes, I used to be a professional couch potato. From candies, chips, sodas and other munchies that you devour on the couch while watching a favorite movie and tv shows, name them, I've tried them! But now that I am getting myself into a fitter, healthier lifestyle, I have forgotten all of those and now I chose what I eat. It was so hard at first but eventually you'll get used to it.

    Healthy alternatives for snacks has become an instant hit to health conscious consumers. I, for instance, have been so thankful when the sugar-free chocolate bars and candies were made available in the market. Low fat chips were created as well. I've been a frequent customer of a well known health store since then but these products are so pricey that I even thought of not buying because they are really hard on the budget.

    When I saw this chips on the booth at the back, I interviewed the lady on the booth and asked her about it. This product is made by Leslie's, one of the major makers of chips in the country (I love Clover Chips!) is the one who brought Farmer John's Premium Potato Chips. It is naturally made from Atlantic American Potatoes, which is the best tasting potato breed. Zero Trans Fat, Low Sodium, Low Carbohydrate and has Protein, Calcium, Vitamin C and Iron. Wow! For a chips like this, It's really something!

    I've tried various flavors like Cheddar and Sour Cream, Mesquite BBQ and the one that I like most, the Simply Salted.

    For just 12php for the 20 gram pack and 45php for the 90 gram pack it really is budget friendly and the taste will keep you opening a pack again and again.

    Don't take my word for it. Try it! (I hope they're already available in major grocery stores now).


    Besides being conscious about my health, I am also an environmentalist. I always support products that are natural, biodegradable and non toxic.

    Human Nature is a natural product that is paraben free, petrolatum free, naturally scented by essential oils and is 100% free from harmful chemicals. I have tried their All Natural Hand Sanitizer which smells so naturally citrus. It comes on a spritzer so it's easy to use and unlike other alcohol-based hand sanitizers that leaves the hands squeaky clean, my hands feels moisturized and soft.

    The Lip Balm, Oh! I so love it! It keeps my lips so moisturized and plump. It really ended my dry lip struggle! To think that this has no petroleum, it moisturizes like one. And it's tasteless! One thing I hate about Lip Balms and Gloss are the awful plastic-like taste when you accidentally taste them, and I heard its bad for the health so now I have no worries.


    I am a Tree Hugger (I love hugging huge trees because I feel they're hugging me back!) and being an environmentalist that I am, I also patronize recycled products. I have bags made out of flour bags and rice sacks and I love them. Another one recycled product I started loving is the Treehugger Pens and Pencils!

    What I like about this is that it's 95% recycled! Made out of used carton, newspaper and believe it or not, corn cobs! The plastic is made out of it. I don't know how they did it but I am amazed that it can be done. Why do plastic makers not even thought about this? Can we suggest them to use this as raw material for making one?

    Anyway, proceeds from buying this pens and pencils will go to the restoration of our country's indigenous trees through Haribon Foundation. at the bottom of the pack it says "You just did your part in saving the world". Sweet! ^_^

    These are just some of the products I love. All those 50 products were equally amazing as well.

    Thank you so much Cheryl Golangco for sharing to me this opportunity that opened me to a lot of great products and most especially to Vince Golangco of for choosing me as one of the top influential bloggers and letting me join this great event and oh! Congratulations for the successful kick-off! I am so looking forward to the next one, and I hope I will be invited again.

    Proud to be a member! ^_^
    "The Blog is mightier than the sword", "We came, we saw, we blogged" - here are some of the quotable quotes I saw posted around the venue, and I so agree with this. I started blogging about my experience in running with Diabetes just so to let out my thoughts and ideas, but never did I imagine I could reach lots of people across the country and the world. I can't even imagine I even touch hearts through my story of living a sweet life regardless of having a diseases, which they find very inspiring.

    Now more than ever, I am hyped up to write more and share more of my experiences. To continue to prove that nothing can hinder us from doing the things that we love, not even Diabetes.

    As what I always say, "I run not to win over other runner, I run to win over Diabetes."

    Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^

    Sunday, September 18, 2011

    Skechers Prospeed Launch

    Skechers Prospeed Shoe - The Speed of Science!

    Last September 16, I attended the Sketchers Prospeed Launch at Sketchers Store in Market Market, Taguig. I am really so curious about this new racing shoe. I was notified about this a few months back and now it’s time to meet the shoe that I have been waiting for!

    When I arrived, I was asked to try out the shoe and ofcourse I would not pass up the chance. When it was handed to me I thought that the shoe won’t fit because it looks so slim, it could be constricted but surprisingly when I slid my feet in it just fits like Cinderella with her glass slippers on! I tried to walk with it and wiggle my toes in it and it feels great.

    I also tried it on the treadmill and I must say I had the most comfortable, pain-free 5-minute sprint in my entire life!

    The designs are great as well. You won't feel awkward walking with them in the malls.

    Women's Line:
    This is the cutest! ^_^

    Men's Line:

    What I found out about the shoe is that:

    • The bottom is arched, but not like the SRR Resistance Trainers that is arched really high. It may look like you'll be balancing yourself when you wear this but actually it just feels like a flat shoe.
    • No matter how I try to land forefoot or do the heel strike, I always get to the ground midfoot. Heel strikers will love this feature!
    • Believe it or not, it only weights 10oz (12oz for the bigger sizes) but you won't be convinced by just looking at it. But I swear it feels so light though it doesn't look like it, surprisingly!
    • The shoe has a hole in the middle that serves a purpose. It is the one that gives you a springy push back when you hit the ground. They call it "Kinetic Return System". Less ground time, less tension, less energy consumed equals faster pace and faster finish in the race!
    • The velcro lock design prevents the tongue of the shoe from going anywhere so no need to stop and fix it when running. It'll also keep the laces in place so no tying in the middle of the race.

    Looking at the shoe, and yes, I am impressed!
    What can I say about Skechers Prospeed? Well, after fitting it and running on the treadmill with it, I must say that it impressed me. The comfort it gives is really amazing. It is good for those who have wide foot, those who tend to heel strike and those who run on the treadmill but I cannot really say if it will be good on the road since I haven't tried hitting the pavement with it.

    I consider buying a pair for myself so I can give this shoe a full review.

    (FYI: The shoe retails for Php5,300 to Php5,500)

    With runner friends and the Chummies! ^_^

    Special thanks to Mr. Jeff Paulino, Ms. Katrina Ong, Ms. Bernice Almonte-Bobadilla, Ms. Chinggay Andrada and the rest of the Skechers Philippines Team for inviting me and letting me experience this great shoe!

    Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^

    Friday, September 9, 2011

    Nike We Run Manila 10K

    Morning races are great, but evening races seems to be very interesting don't you think? and to add to that, isn't it sweet to run a race with a buddy and party hard at the finish line after? Well, if you think so, this race is for you!

    Witness the fusion of running, music and Manila's night urbanscape come to life as Nike Philippines launches We Run Manila 10K. We Run Manila 10k pays homage to runners and aims to connect Manila’s running community even further by celebrating the concept of We Run – where runners connect, motivate and inspire each other. Furthermore, We Run Manila 10K takes pride by being the first-of-its-kind run that invites Filipino runners to gather and celebrate their love for the sport, music and the country.

    Saturday, October 15, 2011 (5:00PM)
    9th Avenue (in between 32nd and 34th Streets) Bonifacio Global City

    IN-STORE Registration Sites:
    - Nike Park, Bonifacio High Street
    - RUNNR, Bonifacio High Street
    - RUNNR, Inside Toby’s Shangri-la Plaza Mall
    - Selected Universities


    Race Category
    Registration Fee
    Race Inclusions


    25 yrs. old and below -Php1000

    25 yrs. old and up - Php 1000

     - Race Pack with an EXCLUSIVE Nike Dri-Fit Tee with your race number printed on it and a D-TAG Timing Device, Registration Confirmation Slip/Stub.


    All ages - Php1300

    - 2 Race Pack with an EXCLUSIVE Nike Dri-Fit Tee with your race number printed on it and a D-TAG Timing Device, Registration Confirmation Slip/Stub.


    1. Women’s Under 25 – For women aged 24 years and below on the race day
    2. Men’s Under 25 – For men age 24 years and below on the race day
    3. Women’s Open – Open to women of all ages
    4. Men’s Open – Open to men of all ages

    School Challenge: 
    1. School Challenge Cat. A (Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges, Polytechnics + ITE)
    2. School Challenge Cat. B (Universities)

    Note: When registering for the race, you can choose to run for your school by selecting the appropriate category which your school is classified under and then selecting your school from the drop down list in the online registration form. The school in each category that has the most number of registered runners completing the Nike We Run Manila 10K race will win.


    All race participants must collect their race pack during the Nike We Run Manila 10K Race Pack Collection with the following details:
    Date: October 11-13, 2011, Tuesday – Thursday
    Time: 10am to 10pm
    Venue: Activity Area between B1 and B3 of Bonifacio High Street (infront of the RUNNR Store), Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
    Important: Please bring your ID and Registration confirmation slip to collect your race pack.

    *For those who are unable to personally collect their Race Entry Pack, please fill out and print the letter of authorization. Your representative must show this form along with a copy of your Confirmation Slip.

    - All participants are required to wear the Nike We Run Manila 10K event tee during the event,
    - Everyone is advised to refer to the sizing chart below so that the correct size will be indicated during registration.
    - Requests for changes in sizes will not be entertained.
    - Note that any kind of modification to the race tee will not be permitted.
    - Participants without or who have modified the official race tee will not be allowed to race.


    T-Shirt Measurements
    Shoulder Width
    Body Width
    Body Length


    T-Shirt Measurements
    Shoulder Width
    Body Width
    Waist Width
    Body Length


    Runrio Inc. plotted a new route that runners will sure to enjoy and also a great refresher from the usual route that we do. The Start and Finish will be located at the 9th Avenue, in between 32dn and 34th Street in BGC, the area around Mercato Centrale. Route maps will be posted as soon as it is finalized so kindly check back again soon!


    Participants will need to finish the race within two and a half hours from the flag off time. Those who will fail to meet this cut-off time will not be entitled to receive the finisher’s kit.


    At the end of the race, there's a party waiting for all the finishers! Performances by Chicosci and Parokya ni Edgar will sure to get you entertained for the rest of the night.


    In the spirit of WE RUN, Nike will launch the Run Buddy Run Nike+ Challenge to celebrate the motivational aspect of running with a buddy! Running has long been referred to as a personal endeavor, but despite the individual nature of the sport, running is an intensely communal pursuit too. The Run Buddy Run Nike+ Challenge takes on the idea of run clubs, training groups and community to broaden the appeal of physical running into the virtual world. Driven through Nike Running Philippines Facebook page and the Nike+ platform, the challenge will see pairs of run buddies race it out to win a VIP Race Day Experience at the We Run Manila 10K, and other Nike prizes.

    Challenge mechanics: 
    1. Visit Nike Running Philippines Facebook page at and check out the WE RUN MANILA 10K tab.
    2. Click on RUN BUDDY RUN and sign up with your run buddy.
    3. Once you’ve joined the challenge with your run buddy, lace up your running shoes and hit the road!
    4. Sync your KMs to Nike+ and follow the daily leader board updates on the Nike Running Philippines Facebook page.


    Visit for more information.


    Nike City 10K Manila Running Clinics were already ongoing in select Universities. The aim of this is to encourage students to participate and prepare for races. Running clinics will also be held at the Bonifacio High Street for runners.

    Join us at the Nike We Run Manila 10K race to run for yourselves, for buddies, for fitness and for fun and when it’s all done, join us at the Race Village for a host of music and entertainment to celebrate being a runner.

    For more information and for race updates, visit or follow us on twitter via @NikePH.

    (Other infos courtesy of Kulitrunner:

    "It's your City, Run it!" -Nike Running PH

    Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^