Thursday, June 30, 2011

35th National Milo Marathon Manila Eliminations - Sweet!

Milo Marathon - who hasn't heard about it? I remember it was so popular in our school during my college days.

One afternoon while I was cleaning up my closet, I saw a green shirt with a yellow lining. When I spread it out on the floor it says on the print "32nd Milo Marathon". I smiled. It brought back a nice memory. I was wrong when I said that Nike Run Manila was my first race, it was Milo Marathon!

My professor in P.E. 4 class required us to join this race and everyone should run the 5K distance. Back then, I have no idea how far was that but thinking it is a one digit number I thought to myself that this would be easy, but I was so wrong! This was the race that I got sick after because I was so dead tired and it was raining so hard. I was sickly back then...

Since its first run in 1974, the National MILO® Marathon has now become the biggest running event in the country.  It's immense popularity has attracted runners from all age groups to participate, including children.  However, a lot of these driven young runners don’t have shoes.  Imagine seeing a little boy run kilometer after kilometer of rough cement barefooted.  This moving scene inspired us to make this year’s run more meaningful, by giving out running shoes to thousands of underprivileged school children.



Runners in the 21K provincial elimination races will have two ways to qualify and compete
in the 42.195K national finals:

a. Male finishing the race within 1:15:00 and female finishing the race within 1:35:00 will qualify and get an all-expense paid trip to Manila. It is their responsibility to contact the race organizer on or before November 15, 2011 to coordinate their trip to Manila. Those who will not compete in the national finals forfeit all their privileges.

b. Runners finishing the race within the specified age-bracket and time below will qualify. All expenses related to their participation will be shouldered by the qualifier.

To qualify and compete in the national finals, runners in the 42.195K Manila elimination race will have to finish the race within the specified age-bracket and time below:

All expenses related to their participation will be shouldered by the qualifier.

All qualifiers are entitled to the following:
a. free registration fee
b. free ticket to the carbo loading party
c. free running singlets & shorts


Trophies, medals, and cash prizes will be given to the top 10 finishers of the seventeen elimination races and the national finals.

Bonus Prizes for Local Runners

• P50,000 bonus for the first runner who breaks the 2:15:00 invisible time barrier
• P20,000 bonus for the first runner who breaks the 2:18:53 men’s course record of Eduardo Buenavista
• P20,000 bonus for the first female runner who breaks the 2:48:16 women’s course record of Jhoan Banayag

* Finishers in all categories within the cut-off time will receive a certificate of finish.
* Winners must be physically present to receive their awards during the awarding ceremony.


Display your bib number clearly on the front of your singlet at all times during the race. Failure to
do so will result to disqualification.
• The bib color indicates the race category that you are in.
• Please run in the race category for which you are registered.
• If you do not run in your registered race category, your timing will not be considered/counted. It will be deemed that you did not run and you will not receive any medal or certificate of achievement.
• Enter your personal details on the reverse side of the bib (eg. name, emergency, contact number, blood type) with a ballpoint pen or permanent marker. This is essential in the event of any emergency.


• The timing chip is attached to your number bib. If your bib is not attached properly, your time will not be registered.
• Do not fold your number bib otherwise it will damage your timing chip.
• Please step on the electric timing mats at the Start Area and along the race route as this will determine if you have passed through your designated route. Failure to do so will be assumed that you have not completed your full distance, and will result to disqualification.


1. A non-refundable entry fee plus one (1) MILO® sachet empty pack must accompany each accomplished and signed Official Registration Form. RUNNERS WILL RECEIVE THEIR RACE SINGLETS UPON REGISTRATION AND SUBMISSION OF MILO® SACHET.


2. Children who are 7 to 12 years old on RACE DAY are qualified to join the 3K Kiddie Run. They are
required to have their entry form signed by a parent/guardian. They must also submit a photocopy of
their NSO birth certificate or current school ID.

3. Participants in the 5K race categories who are below 18 years old must have their entry form signed by
a parent/guardian.

4. Runners in the 10K, 21K & 42.195K race categories must be 18 years old on race day.

5. Participants may claim their Official Race Packets (containing the official race number with timing chip
attached, safety pins, and route map) upon complete registration. Race number with timing chip
attached is non-transferable.

6. The reverse side of the race number must be duly filled up. Participants must wear the assigned race
number on his/her chest. Participants not wearing a race number will be taken off the course by the race

7. Pets, bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles and any other wheel-run objects are not allowed on the course
other than the official race and medical vehicles.

8. Participants being paced during the race by a person who is not officially registered in the 35th
National MILO® Marathon and accepting assistance from non-race participants will be disqualified.

9. Participants who begin before the actual start time of his/her race category will be disqualified.
Participants who do not start within 10 minutes from respective flag off will be disqualified and may
not be allowed to start. No result will be given to disqualified runners.

10. “Gun Time” will be considered to determine the winners. Elite runners are advised to stay in front.

11. Participants must retire from the race immediately if asked or requested to do so by any member of
the organizing committee. Race officials, marshals, medical staff, and security officers have the right to
pull-out any runner found not physically fit to continue the race.

12. METRO MANILA QUALIFIERS in the 42.195K race AND PROVINCIAL QUALIFIERS in the 21K race CAN NO LONGER COMPETE IN ANY OF THE ELIMINATION RACES. They will not be accepted even in the shorter distance races. They may only compete in the full marathon national finals.

13. ALL WINNERS IN THE 21K, 10K, 5K, AND 3K RACES (top 10 male and female) CAN NO LONGER COMPETE IN ANY SUCCEEDING MILO® MARATHON ELIMINATION RACES. However, they (excluding the qualifiers) can compete in the 21K, 10K, 5K, and 3K races of the national finals.

14. The organizers reserves the right to reject any entrant or disqualify any participant who is suspected to
be under the influence of alcohol or having taken banned substances and any participant who is found to have misrepresented himself/herself. If his/her identity of eligibility is challenged, it is the responsibility of the participant to prove who he/she really is. Participants found to have been dishonest are immediately disqualified and subjected to disciplinary sanctions by the race organizer.

12. All protests related to results must be made in writing and submitted within one (1) hour after the end
of the race to the race organizer. A non-refundable protest fee amounting to P5,000 is required. Verbal
protests will not be entertained.

13. The organizer may change without prior notice any of the rules and regulations that they deem
necessary to ensure the success of the race.

14. The organizer’s decision is final.


Water Stations
Water is available at the Start Area, every 2km mark and at the Finish Area.

Fruit Stations
Bananas are available along Buendia and Macapagal Avenue.

Portalets are found at the Start/Finish area and along the race route.

Health Advise
Runners are advised to seek for medical help if they feel unwell during the race. Please do not leave the race area. Approach any race course official and an ambulance will arrive shortly.

Baggage Deposit (for 10K/21K/42K)
For baggage deposit services, present your baggage tag found at your number bib. The baggage deposit area will be at the activity area near the Start/Finish area. Please do not deposit any valuable items. The race organizers will not be liable for any loss or damage. The baggage area will close at exactly 3:00pm.

Parking Notice
Runners can park at designated parking areas around the Mall of Asia grounds.

Special Drink Stations
Special drinks are available at every 2km mark exclusive for 10k, 21k and 42k runners.

Medical Stations / Ambulances
Medical aid is available at every 2km mark and at the Finish Area. Ambulances will also be patrolling along the race route to ensure the welfare of the runners.

KM Markers
Markers are placed alongside every water station.

Sponge Stations
Sponges are available along Roxas Boulevard, Buendia, Lawton and Macapagal Avenue.

Weather: Temperature
Manila temperature forecast on July 31 will range from 240 - 300C, while on December 11 it will range from 220 - 290C. Please stay tuned on local news broadcasts the night before the race for possible changes in weather.

Side Events
To keep the runners entertained, a cheer dance competition and other fun-filled activities will be held at the activity area after the race. Participating schools will also get the chance to win cash prizes at the Biggest School Delegation Competition and the Inter-school Running Competition.



Runners in all categories who cross the
finish line within the time limit will
receive a finisher’s certificate.

Upon completion of the race, runners in
the 21K and 42K category will receive a
finisher’s medal.

Runners who complete the 42K race will
receive a specially designed finisher’s

Finishers in the 21K and 42K race will
also receive special lootbags from Milo.


Full race results will be posted on the MILO® website 2 days after the race. Visit


The night before the race

• Prepare your running clothes and equipment (iPod, cap, gels, water bottle, etc.) the night before to make sure you have everything ready already.
• Check your running shoes to make sure they are ok and that your laces are good as well.
• Trim your toenails the night before to make sure they don't become a problem on race day!
• Drink plenty of water the day before the race -- enough so you need to urinate before you go to bed.
• Make sure to get enough sleep to keep your energy during the race. Running on just a few hours of sleep is NOT RECOMMENDED (think low-bat)! All the race preparation and training will be wasted if you don't get enough sleep before race day.

The day of the race

• Wake up early enough to take care of everything you must do (eat and drink, visit the bathroom, dress, etc.)
• Use a lubricant product like petroleum jelly and cover body areas susceptible to chafing.
• Double check that you have your race kit.
• Leave early for the race so you’ll have enough time to park and do last minute preparations. You can expect parking to be far from the race venue so plan the walking time from the parking to the starting line.
• Warm up and loosen up well before the race.

Food and hydration

• Eat a light meal an hour to an hour and a half before the race. Bread, pasta, rice, water and non-acidic fruit like bananas are good choices.
• Avoid dairy products, fried foods, fiber rich foods or anything your are not used to. A good rule of thumb is -- DO NOT EAT OR DRINK SOMETHING YOU HAVE NEVER TRIED BEFORE. This includes electrolyte drinks or energy gels that are given out for free.
• You can eat a light snack like crackers or a piece of bread or fruit up to 30 minutes before the race. Be sure to wash it down with water.
• You can pre-hydrate yourself until 15 minutes before the race starts. Just be sure to go to the restroom before the start and flush it out.


• Avoid the urge to “sprint with the pack” during the start of the race. Stick to your regular or planned pace.
• If you can find a running “buddy” that will run with the same pace as you, go ahead and do so. Runners with “pace buddies” have a higher chance of success in accomplishing their goal.

Water Stations

• Try not to pass up any water stations. Drink or take a sip even if you are not thirsty. Feeling “thirsty” is the body’s way of telling you that IT IS ALREADY dehydrated.


• Unless you are doing a half or full marathon, you don’t need to take energy gels, bars or the like. If you do take energy supplements, make sure to chase it down with a sip of water.

Stay Loose and Relaxed

• Be sure to shake out your arms and shoulders every now and then to avoid upper body muscle tightness. Be conscious of your posture as well as avoid slouching during the latter part of the race.

Don't Forget to Enjoy the Run!

• Sometimes we get caught up on establishing a personal record (PR) or a target time that we forget to enjoy the run! Take time to enjoy the spectators, participants, and the scenery. Stop negative thoughts dead on their tracks and change them to positive affirmations. Think about how proud family members and friends will be of you and your accomplishment. If you encounter a difficullt hill in the race, look at it in a positive light. See the hill as an opportunity to exercise different muscles, giving tired ones a breather.


• If you feel some form of pain during your run, slow down and have a feel of how bad it really is. If it seems to be going away, then go ahead and resume your pace. However, of the pain persists and/or even increases in pain as you continue to run, seriously consider stopping and getting some help. Pain is the body’s way of letting us know something is wrong. No race is worth the risk of hurting yourself by continuing to run and causing a minor injury to turn into a major setback.

Post Race Considerations

• Immediately hydrate after you cross the finish line.
• Decide if you need to see a medical specialist if you feel something “off” with your body.
• Take care of blisters, wounds, cramping or any other injuries right away.
• Immediately restore your glycogen stores with a healthy and nutritious meal, preferably good in carbs.
• DO NOT DRINK BEER OR ALCOHOL RIGHT AWAY! After pushing your body, what it needs right away is a nutritious meal and water to replenish all that it lost during the race.
• Stretch thoroughly (Cool Down) within 20 minutes of completing your event to avoid lactic acid build up and Delayed Onset Muscular Soreness (DOMS).

Who is Coach Jim Saret?

  • Sports and Fitness Science Specialist
  • Olympic Athletic Trainer
  • Performance Enhancement Specialist
  • Speed, Agility and Quickness Coach
  • Sports Medicine Specialist
  • Fitness Writer / Columnist
  • Sports and Fitness Radio and T.V. Host
Notable info:
  • Athletic Consultant, Department of Education, Culture and Sports – BPESS
  • Sports and Fitness Writer, Philippine Daily Inquirer
  • Fitness Host, Ch. 2’s “Ala Sinco y Medya” Weekend Edition
  • Fitness – Conditioning Tips Host, Ch. 9’s “The Basketball Show”
  • Elite Athletic Performance Enhancement (trained and worked with Elite Olympic, Professional and NCAA Division 1Athletes in the U.S; worked with the Utah Jazz; Sports Medicine Team Member at BYU, USA (NCAA Div 1); Biomechanical Thesis Published in the U.S. Journal of Athletic Training; Certified and trained in the latest techniques in training Olympic Level Athletes; considered as the MasterTrainer in the Philippines (trainer of trainers) by Men’s Health Magazine, Manila Standard Today, DZ Sports Radio, DZMM, ABS-CBN, etc.)
  • Biomechanical Movement Anaylsis
  • Injury Prevention
  • Sports Medicine
  • Exercise Physiology (VO2max, Lactic Acid, etc)
  • Posture Analysis (muscle imbalance)
  • Pre / Post -Testing
  • Speed, Agility and Quickness Training
  • Functional Strength Training
  • Power Training
  • Scientific Sports Training
  • Emergency Care
  • Injury Rehabilitation


(Philipppines) B.S. UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILIPPINES, Manila. 1992
Major: PRE-MED

TENNIS PROFILE: Tennis Scholarship, Brigham Young University (NCAA Division 1)
  • Champion, Various Open tournaments in the U.S.
  • Member, Philippine Junior Tennis Team
  • Ranked in the top 4, Philippine Juniors
  • Ranked in the Top-16, Philippine Men’s Open
  • National Tennis Champion
  • Competed in Various International Tennis Tournaments
  • Member, UP Diliman UAAP Team
  • National UAAP Champions 1989


National Academy for Sports Medicine
National Endurance and Sports Trainers Association

National Endurance and Sports Trainers Association

  • Athletic Scholarship (Tennis), Brigham Young University, 1994
  • Dean’s List of Highest Honors, GPA of 4.0, Utah Valley State College, 1993
  • UAAP Champions (Men’s Lawn Tennis) 1990
  • Philippine Tennis Team, Juniors (Top-4 in Philippine Juniors)

For more info and for registration details, please visit

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sweet Thoughts on Running in the Rain!

It's raining and you want to run outside. What are you going to do? Will you go or will you say no?

I have been into the same situation before and believe me it's a tough decision. Having a health concern I am always wary of what I am going to do, if it will affect me in some ways. It's not that I am being very meticulous but it's just that as a person with Diabetes, I have longer sick days than normal people and oftentimes, it's accompanied by another sickness.

When a person with Diabetes acquires sickness, his/her blood sugar will become unstable, usually it shoots up. If this happens, the insulin requirement will rise and it will be very difficult to monitor, causing the person to feel more sickly. Believe me there are times that even a simple fever can be an emergency situation if not properly attended to. That's how serious Diabetes can be!

Does it stop me from running in the rain? NO! I still do run in the rain, and I love it. Yes, I admit I am hard headed at times but I cannot resist the temptation when I see it outside the window.

He looks so cool right? ^_^

What makes me love running in the rain?

1. It leashes out the inner child in me. It's fun jumping on the puddles and laughing out loud while doing so!
2. I feel like I own the streets!
3. Its a test of my resistance to sickness.
4. It feels so cool, no need for much hydration.
5. I can cry and no one will notice. Haha! Dramatic! ^_^
6. My skin feels softer and smoother.
7. People who sees thinks I am crazy! and I love the look on their faces. Haha! ^_^
8. The air seems to be purified.
7. I need to run faster to keep my temperature warm or else I'll end up getting cold.
10. The warm shower after the run feels so great!

Kids love playing in the rain, and I do too! ^_^

But before you get too excited, here are some tips I want to share and you might find helpful if you really consider running in the rain...

1. Be Chafe-free! - Rub lubricants on areas which usually are prone to chaffing like the underarms and the skin that are on the end of the garments you are wearing. I suggest use body oil all over so you can also wick away the water.

2. Wear Spandex - No to cotton this time as it will just absorb water and will eventually weight you down. Synthetics are the way to go at the pouring rain.

3. Waterproof your gadgets! - This is very crucial! Your mobile phones and mp3 players are not waterproof, unless stated otherwise, but I doubt. I always bring a few ziplock packets (just the right size for my phone) on my hydration belt so when it rains, I can put my mobile phone inside. No problem with my mp3 player, I have a waterproof Sony Walkman.

You can even text in the rain. Sweet! ^_^
The same Sony player I have. I don't worry when it rains. It's waterproof! ^_^

4. Wear your less favorite shoe, or go barefoot! - I know you have shoes that you love most and don't want to get all dirty and wet, don't use that. Instead, wear your older shoes or if you have plenty of cash to spend, buy shoes that has little cushioning, preferably racing or trail shoes. You can also opt for barefoot shoes or, if you want it to be more exciting, try running totally barefoot! I did this a few times already and I must say I liked it!

5. Be very Alert! - Especially on instances where the rain is pouring hard, visibility becomes less and less. Be careful when running on the streets at this time. Motorist are also having a hard time seeing so I suggest stay on the walkways while running. Never ever cross the streets when the go signal for the vehicles is on, even if there's no cars around. Don't be a thrill seeker this time!

Now that the rainy season is on, we should still continue running and training. Rain is not an excuse to do what you love. It's just the matter of how you will adjust to the situation and who knows, maybe after your first try you'll enjoy the experience.

Come on! Let's run in the rain? I bet you'll say yes! ^_^

(Image from and

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The RunRio Timing Card Sweet Launch

Running is the most popular sport in the country today. As the country's leading race organizer, RunRio Inc. wants to get the excitement to a higher level and once again brought us a great innovation in timing our races plus making registration easier and adding perks for the loyal runners! Introducing, The RunRio Timing Card!

The official launching happened last Saturday, June 18, 2011 and I am so honored to be invited as one of the guests bloggers, together with my other blogger friends, media and people from the running community. In this event, Coach Rio dela Cruz, the RunRio President himself explained what the RunRio Timing Card is all about.

What is a RunRio Timing Card?

It is a plastic card, much like the size of a half credit card with four holes in the middle. Powered by BDO. Using RFID Technology to capture your basic registration information and time during the registration process and races. The same thing that was used in races like Vienna and Tokyo Marathon. It's reusable so it's eco-friendly compared to the old D-Tag that we're used to wear plus, It can also be used as a Road ID for emergency purposes if in any case something happens to us on the road while running.

Main Features:
  • Record and helps you track your performance during races.
  • Re-usable timing card for all RunRio races.
  • Helps you compare your time against other runners.
  • Helps you determine your level or category among the race participants.

Additional Benefits:
  • Discounts in selected outlets once you present your RunRio Timing Card (TBA).
  • Can earn premium items and prizes because of The Reward Points/Loyalty Program (TBA).
  • Priority on Unilab Run United 2 on August 21.
  • Cardholders have 1 week priority lanes in all RunRio registration sites.

How To Get RunRio Timing Card:
  • It will be given for FREE once you registered at Rexona Run & Unilab Run United 2.
  • After the Rexona Run & Unilab Run United 2, cards will be available in all on-site registration with a selling price of Php 300.00.

How To Use RunRio Timing Card

On-site Registration:
  • Just Present your card to RunRio personnel and say your preferred  race category and singlet size. Personnel will update it then you are registered.

On-line Registration:
  • No need to fill up all the field required, just write your RunRio Card number on the "card number" field and all your information will be reflected. Then click on which race category and singlet size you desire. Click "Submit" and wait for your race kits at the delivery address submitted.

On Race Day (RunRio Races):
  • Bring your card and place it in your running shoes. (Terms and Conditions apply).

Additional Information:
  • The cost of card replacement is Php 300 each. RunRio personnel will only replace the card for FREE if it is defective. If you broke or lost it, the cost applies.
  • Please bring a photocopy of your Valid ID during the Rexona registration for validation purposes.
Check out the AVP!


Some pictures from the launch...

Before the launch starts

Coach Rio showing the Timing Card on his shoes

with the runner/blogger boys

Coach Rio promised he will coach me! Got super duper excited to come back to running again!!! ^_^
For more information, please contact the RunRio Team at 0915-7827126 or 0927-3990043. You can also visit their website

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bhoy Runner's Runner at R.O.X. Sweet Launch

If you see a man running on a red attire, with a read hair and a red mask, who comes into your mind? It's Bhoy Runner's Runner!

Bhoy at Condura Skyway Marathon 2011

He never fails to make the race a happier one with his presence. Runners are always on the look for him, taking pictures with him doing the famous Runner's Runner pose. He is also labeled as "Mascot ng Runners".

What is Runner's Runner all about?
  • Runners’ Runner is all about taking away the tedious leg-work of joining runs.
  • Runners’ Runner takes away the hassle travelling an hour or more to a store, handwriting on registration forms, and making the trip again a week or two later just to retrieve your racepack.
  • Runners’ Runner saves you time and energy by enabling you to register and pay for a run within just a few mouse-clicks.
  • We’ll even deliver your racepack right at your doorstep! We run the errands for you. So you can concentrate on your run. Fun!

Last June 17, 2011 I was honored to be invited by Edwin Soriano, together with the other bloggers, race organizers and media for the launch of Runners Runner at R.O.X. and the introduction of what's new about the website.

Edwin presenting the new things on his website

So, what's new at
  1. Runner's Runner is now at R.O.X., at your service on the 2nd Floor.
  2. New payment service! Credit Card payments now accepted.
  3. Optimized Hotline, Textline and Online Support.

Event Sponsors and Partners

Want a hassle-free registration for your next run? Let Runner's Runner take care of it for you!

For more information, please visit

(Photos and info courtesy of and Edwin Soriano)

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rexona Adventure Run 2011 - 4th Runrio Series Manila

 Rexona Run 2011 – The 4th Runrio Series Manila will be held on July 24, 2011 at SM Mall of Asia. This event features 4 race categories 3k, 5K, 10K and 21K.


Online registration period is from June 8, 2011 to July 3, 2011 only. Delivery of race kits will start on June 17, 2011.

Regular In-store registration period is from June 8, to July 3, 2011 only at the following venues:
• RUNNR – G/F Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City (12nn – 8pm,Tel # 4031787)
• Toby’s SM Mall of Asia – G/F Entertainment Mall, Roxas Blvd., Manila(12nn–8pm, Tel # 556-0445)
• Planet Sports Glorietta – 2F Glorietta 3, Makati City (12nn – 8pm, Tel # 8177896)
• The Athletes Foot Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City
• Planet Sports Trinoma – 2nd level, Trinoma cor. North EDSA, Quezon City(12nn – 8pm, Tel# 9167451)
• The Athlete’s Foot Robinsons Galleria – 3F Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas Pasig City(12nn – 8pm, Tel# 6363162)

Late registration period is from July 4, to July 10, 2011 at the following venues:
• RUNNR, Bonifacio Global City
• Toby’s SM Mall of Asia
• The Athletes Foot, Robinsons Galleria.

*Delivery of race kits will start on June 17, 2011.


Race Category
Registration Fee
Race Features
Race Kit, (Singlet, Timing Chip, Bib Number, 20% Off Coupon from Planet Sports & Athlete’s Foot Stores & 10% Off Coupon from Toby’s / Runnr Store), Race Analysis, Finishers Kit, Certificate,Free photo
Race Kit, (Singlet, Timing Chip, Bib Number, 20% Off Coupon from Planet Sports & Athlete’s Foot Stores & 10% Off Coupon from Toby’s / Runnr Store), Race Analysis, Finishers Kit, Certificate,Free photo
Race Kit, (Singlet, D-tag, Timing Chip, Bib Number, 20% Off Coupon from Planet Sports & Athlete’s Foot Stores & 10% Off Coupon from Toby’s / Runnr Store), Race Analysis, Finishers Kit, Certificate. Free photo
Race Kit, (Singlet, Timing Chip, Bib Number, 20% Off Coupon from Planet Sports & Athlete’s Foot Stores & 10% Off Coupon from Toby’s / Runnr Store), Race Analysis, Finishers Kit, Finisher’s Shirt, Finisher’s Medal, Certificate, Free photo





Race Category
Assembly Time
Gun Start



3rd Place
2nd Place
1st Place
P5,000 worth of prizes
P7,000 worth of prizes
P10,000 worth of prizes
P3,000 worth of prizes
P5,000 worth of prizes
P7,000 worth of prizes
P3,000 worth of prizes
P4,000 worth of prizes
P5,000 worth of prizes
P1,000 worth of prizes
P2,000 worth of prizes
P3,000 worth of prizes


Rexona and Runrio Inc. admits that because of the huge success of the Rexona Run last year, it's gonna be hard to raise the bar. But ofcourse they'll still do it!

In this event, Coach Rio Dela Cruz introduced the RunRio Reusable Timing Card. Everyone who will register on this event will get one for FREE!

Want more than just running? Feeling more adventurous? Here's the thing for you!

Enjoy other fun activities by trooping to the Rexona Adventure Hub to be held on July 23-24. To get free access to all thrills the hub has to offer, all you need to do is bring proof of purchase of a Rexona Men Adventure stick, spray or roll on. Add to that, you also get a chance to win all-expense paid adventure packages to Banaue, Bohol or Cagayan de Oro!

Enjoy the thrills of white water river rafting at CDO!
Try a new adventure by root climbing at Bohol!
Enjoy the sprawling beauty of the terraxces at Banaue!

  • Registration may end earlier than announced deadline therefore; race kits may run out before July 10, 2010.
  • A valid ID must be presented upon registration. For group registration, a photocopy of any valid ID must be presented by the representative.
  • Singlet size availability will be on a first come first served basis.
  • A reusable timing device will be used by all participants during the race.
  • Medals and Finisher’s shirt will be given to all 21km finishers only.
  • Finisher’s kits will be given upon finishing the race.
  • For questions and inquiries please contact (call only) any of the following Runrio hotline numbers from Monday to Friday (9:00am – 6:00pm).
Landline 02-7031736
Globe 0915-7827126
Globe 0927-3990043

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My First Sweet Pacer Experience

When I was barely new in running races, I overheard two runners chatting about getting a "pacer". The other one said he wants a decent time on his first marathon and to achieve that, he will get someone to pace him. I got curious then...

I started asking runner friends what's a pacer all about, but before that, being an inquirer that I am, I researched for it myself first.

According to Wikipedia, "A pacemaker or pace-setter (sometimes colloquially called a rabbit) is a runner who leads a middle- or long distance running event for the first section to ensure a fast time and avoid excessive tactical racing. Pacemakers are frequently employed by race organisers for world record attempts with specific instructions for lap times. Some athletes have become essentially professional pacemakers. A competitor who chooses the tactic of leading in order to win is called a front-runner rather than a pacemaker."

Even seasoned athletes like Haile Gebrselassie hires pacers for his races
What I have noticed from articles and available sources over the internet, these so called "pacers" usually do it in groups, more of they want to make it look like they are competing with the runner they are pacing. They also use pacers to avoid the tactic of deception from other competitors that starts slow, making the impression that they are far behind and then push it to the maximum once they are near the finish line. They are also used to condition the runner so he will push more to keep up with the pace they are setting. For some, it has become a profession.

But for ordinary runners like me, getting a pacer is not more of a plan to win the race.

I was very excited when I got the chance to become a pacer for a first timer in a 10K race. She is not an elite runner but she wants a pacer because she wants to be sure she can finish the race. She have never experienced running the distance and she feels comfortable if I will be doing the job for her. Well, I am much honored.

We decided to stage her first 10K at AKTV Run last June 5, 2011 at MOA Grounds.

How did I prepare her for the race? Here are some of the things I did:

1. Ask for the PR on that distance and when did it happen - This will give you an idea on how fast the runner can be if you ask his/her PR (Personal Record) on that race. The time frame will give you the accuracy if he/she can attain or break the PR that he/she sets. Since she's new in the 10K race, I asked her PR on the 5K race. She said she clocked 40 minutes last month. With her continuous training and still a month to prepare, I presumed we can hit a new PR of 1:20 for the race.

2. Study the staging race very well - One tactic that is so important is to determine which race it will be. It's important to know where it will be held, who is the organizer, what other distances are available, the assembly and gun start times, and most especially, the map. As a pacer, I feel it is a part of my responsibility to orient her about it since I am much experienced in regards to this matters. Share what you know about the place or research about it so you will have an idea if there are routes in which it will be hilly. Also, consider the season and the weather conditions on that day.

3. Run/train together - We tried to run and train together so that I could understand how she runs: how fast she can go, how long she can keep her speed and when does she usually stop and how she copes up to running back again. This part is crucial so that I can have an idea if the target time I am setting is attainable.

4. Make an attainable and personalized fight plan -  Based from the data I have gathered, I planned a method that will best suite the runner so to be sure we can hit the target time easily. As for her, she is used to the run-walk-run routine so I planned a Galloway method for her.

5. Keep a record of his/her trainings and condition - This is important especially on the week before the race. Every plan can change in a jiffy. You must be sensitive enough for the needs of the runner. If you feel that a certain situation will prevent him/her to reach the target time that you set like getting sick, lack of training, sleep or a sudden depression, say it early on. By giving him/her a heads up, he won't be expecting too much and you will avert any possible serious injuries he/she may get because of pushing with the plan. Offer a new target time and a new strategy. It really depends on your approach on how things will turn out.

6. Finalize everything and give the best conditioning tips days before the race - Where and what time you will meet on race day should be set at least two days before the big day. Share your best advices on conditioning before the race like hydration, nutrition and rest. Try to not discuss the race details a day before since it might create further anxiety to the runner, especially if its gonna be his/her first time. Always open the line of communication like mobile phones for easy emergency access or last minute reminders. Check the things that you need to bring like energy gels, sports drink, power bars and most especially, the race paraphernalia. Be sure to set the alarm to wake up early for tomorrow.

7. Stick with the plan, be supportive and run happy! - A plan will not prosper if it is not executed properly. Do your very best to stick with the original plan. Try to be very encouraging especially at the times when the runner feels he/she is already maxed out. Be sensitive enough to observe him/her. Always ask the runner how he/she feels about the pace or if he/she feels some pain and adjust accordingly. One great way I discovered to take away the feeling of giving up is to talk about the things he/she is interested about. Open a topic that will catch his/her attention. This way, you will distract him/her from the run and it will be like a chatting moment, and I call it "Chika Run". Another thing I did is I run past her and I danced from there, showing her that this run is easy, and she needs to keep up with the distance I made. Before you know it, there's the finish line!

8. Don't forget to praise him/her for a job well done - A good job deserves a high five and a great compliment. May you hit the target or not, the important thing here is that you finished the race together. Remember, there are tons of races waiting there for you. You can always come back for a sweet revenge!

Ate Amor running side by side with me. We were sprinting the last meters to beat the clock, and I'm so happy we did! (photo courtesy of Run Philippines) 

Our official time! ^_^

My pacer experience was indeed a great one. This also is one way of giving back to the running community. We should always support fellow runners to the best of our abilities. Everyone is running their own race and it is nice to know that someone is there to back up. Always remember that it is much rewarding to give than to receive.

Me and Ate Amor after finishing the race, hitting our target PR! ^_^ (photo courtesy of Jackie Gutierrez)

After this pacer job I had, will I go for more? You bet I will. So, who needs a sweet pacer? takers anyone? ^_^

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^