Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sweet Thoughts on Running in the Rain!

It's raining and you want to run outside. What are you going to do? Will you go or will you say no?

I have been into the same situation before and believe me it's a tough decision. Having a health concern I am always wary of what I am going to do, if it will affect me in some ways. It's not that I am being very meticulous but it's just that as a person with Diabetes, I have longer sick days than normal people and oftentimes, it's accompanied by another sickness.

When a person with Diabetes acquires sickness, his/her blood sugar will become unstable, usually it shoots up. If this happens, the insulin requirement will rise and it will be very difficult to monitor, causing the person to feel more sickly. Believe me there are times that even a simple fever can be an emergency situation if not properly attended to. That's how serious Diabetes can be!

Does it stop me from running in the rain? NO! I still do run in the rain, and I love it. Yes, I admit I am hard headed at times but I cannot resist the temptation when I see it outside the window.

He looks so cool right? ^_^

What makes me love running in the rain?

1. It leashes out the inner child in me. It's fun jumping on the puddles and laughing out loud while doing so!
2. I feel like I own the streets!
3. Its a test of my resistance to sickness.
4. It feels so cool, no need for much hydration.
5. I can cry and no one will notice. Haha! Dramatic! ^_^
6. My skin feels softer and smoother.
7. People who sees thinks I am crazy! and I love the look on their faces. Haha! ^_^
8. The air seems to be purified.
7. I need to run faster to keep my temperature warm or else I'll end up getting cold.
10. The warm shower after the run feels so great!

Kids love playing in the rain, and I do too! ^_^

But before you get too excited, here are some tips I want to share and you might find helpful if you really consider running in the rain...

1. Be Chafe-free! - Rub lubricants on areas which usually are prone to chaffing like the underarms and the skin that are on the end of the garments you are wearing. I suggest use body oil all over so you can also wick away the water.

2. Wear Spandex - No to cotton this time as it will just absorb water and will eventually weight you down. Synthetics are the way to go at the pouring rain.

3. Waterproof your gadgets! - This is very crucial! Your mobile phones and mp3 players are not waterproof, unless stated otherwise, but I doubt. I always bring a few ziplock packets (just the right size for my phone) on my hydration belt so when it rains, I can put my mobile phone inside. No problem with my mp3 player, I have a waterproof Sony Walkman.

You can even text in the rain. Sweet! ^_^
The same Sony player I have. I don't worry when it rains. It's waterproof! ^_^

4. Wear your less favorite shoe, or go barefoot! - I know you have shoes that you love most and don't want to get all dirty and wet, don't use that. Instead, wear your older shoes or if you have plenty of cash to spend, buy shoes that has little cushioning, preferably racing or trail shoes. You can also opt for barefoot shoes or, if you want it to be more exciting, try running totally barefoot! I did this a few times already and I must say I liked it!

5. Be very Alert! - Especially on instances where the rain is pouring hard, visibility becomes less and less. Be careful when running on the streets at this time. Motorist are also having a hard time seeing so I suggest stay on the walkways while running. Never ever cross the streets when the go signal for the vehicles is on, even if there's no cars around. Don't be a thrill seeker this time!

Now that the rainy season is on, we should still continue running and training. Rain is not an excuse to do what you love. It's just the matter of how you will adjust to the situation and who knows, maybe after your first try you'll enjoy the experience.

Come on! Let's run in the rain? I bet you'll say yes! ^_^

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Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^


Chikoy Wuhoi said...

Hi, this post is great it has been 4 days now and I want to jog outside but the rain is really heavy. It didn't occur to me that I could still run. Anyways,I hope you make more blogs about running because I learne alot from your blog especially that I'm just starting to try this new sport (and I also have a high blood sugar level). more powers!

The Sweet Life Runner said...

Hi Sir Chikoy!

I was touched by your comment. I am so happy that someone benefits from my blog posts. Rest assured I'll write more for the benefit of the runners. Oh, I hope that your blood sugar will stabilize soon. It's hard to have Diabetes. Once you get it, its forever. God bless! Good vibes and Sweet Running! ^_^