Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The RunRio Timing Card Sweet Launch

Running is the most popular sport in the country today. As the country's leading race organizer, RunRio Inc. wants to get the excitement to a higher level and once again brought us a great innovation in timing our races plus making registration easier and adding perks for the loyal runners! Introducing, The RunRio Timing Card!

The official launching happened last Saturday, June 18, 2011 and I am so honored to be invited as one of the guests bloggers, together with my other blogger friends, media and people from the running community. In this event, Coach Rio dela Cruz, the RunRio President himself explained what the RunRio Timing Card is all about.

What is a RunRio Timing Card?

It is a plastic card, much like the size of a half credit card with four holes in the middle. Powered by BDO. Using RFID Technology to capture your basic registration information and time during the registration process and races. The same thing that was used in races like Vienna and Tokyo Marathon. It's reusable so it's eco-friendly compared to the old D-Tag that we're used to wear plus, It can also be used as a Road ID for emergency purposes if in any case something happens to us on the road while running.

Main Features:
  • Record and helps you track your performance during races.
  • Re-usable timing card for all RunRio races.
  • Helps you compare your time against other runners.
  • Helps you determine your level or category among the race participants.

Additional Benefits:
  • Discounts in selected outlets once you present your RunRio Timing Card (TBA).
  • Can earn premium items and prizes because of The Reward Points/Loyalty Program (TBA).
  • Priority on Unilab Run United 2 on August 21.
  • Cardholders have 1 week priority lanes in all RunRio registration sites.

How To Get RunRio Timing Card:
  • It will be given for FREE once you registered at Rexona Run & Unilab Run United 2.
  • After the Rexona Run & Unilab Run United 2, cards will be available in all on-site registration with a selling price of Php 300.00.

How To Use RunRio Timing Card

On-site Registration:
  • Just Present your card to RunRio personnel and say your preferred  race category and singlet size. Personnel will update it then you are registered.

On-line Registration:
  • No need to fill up all the field required, just write your RunRio Card number on the "card number" field and all your information will be reflected. Then click on which race category and singlet size you desire. Click "Submit" and wait for your race kits at the delivery address submitted.

On Race Day (RunRio Races):
  • Bring your card and place it in your running shoes. (Terms and Conditions apply).

Additional Information:
  • The cost of card replacement is Php 300 each. RunRio personnel will only replace the card for FREE if it is defective. If you broke or lost it, the cost applies.
  • Please bring a photocopy of your Valid ID during the Rexona registration for validation purposes.
Check out the AVP!


Some pictures from the launch...

Before the launch starts

Coach Rio showing the Timing Card on his shoes

with the runner/blogger boys

Coach Rio promised he will coach me! Got super duper excited to come back to running again!!! ^_^
For more information, please contact the RunRio Team at 0915-7827126 or 0927-3990043. You can also visit their website http://www.runrio.com.

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^


Carla @ I Run, You Run said...

It's odd, because in the US, that's the OLD timing card, that you only really see it anymore for smaller races. It was replaced by the D tag years ago, which now has been replaced by a newer tag, that's attached to your bib, and doesn't need removal and placement, so no chance of forgetting it.

I find these old tags (the ones that are "new" here) to be a pain in the ass, much harder to fix it to your shoes on sleepy race mornings, and one more thing to remember to carry with you.

The Sweet Life Runner said...

Hi Carla! Really? Hmm... I am not aware of that. I just hope it'll work here though.