Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chevrolet - New Balance Power Run 2011

The legacy races through as New Balance brings back the Chevrolet – New Balance Power Run 2011. A very interesting  mechanics of a race will be set on this event, and get a chance to win a brand new Chevy! Mark your calendars and pace yourselves for November 6, 2011 at the Bonifacio Global City.


You can register ON LINE from August 24, 2011 – October 16, 2011 through

You can also register IN-STORE through the outlet listed below from September 1 – October 16, 2011 (12:00 nn – 8:00 pm)

New Balance
- 5/F Shangri-La Plaza Mall, EDSA cor. Shaw Blvd., Ortigas Center.

Planet Sports
- 2/F Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City.
- 2/F Trinoma Mall, North Ave., cor. Pagasa, Quezon City.

The Athlete’s Foot
- 3/F Robinson’s Galleria, EDSA cor. Ortigas Ave., Quezon City.
- 2/F Robinson’s Place Manila, Ermita Manila.
- 2/F Twin Cinema Arcade, Alabang Town Center, Alabang.

- B1 R.O.X. Bldg Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City.

* Registration may end earlier than announced deadline therefore; race kits may run out before October 16, 2011.
* A valid ID must be presented upon registration. For group registration, a photocopy of any valid ID must be presented by the representative.
* Singlet size availability will be on a first come first serve basis.
* A timing device will be used by all participants during the race.

September 1 to 8, 2011: Registration will be open for 5k and 10k Race Categories only
September 9 to October 16, 2011: Registration will be open for ALL Categories


Race Category
Registration Fee
Race Inclusions
New Balance Shirt, Bag, Race Bib with Timing Chip, Php 1,000 New Balance Cash Voucher and Runner’s Guide.
New Balance Shirt, Bag, Race Bib with Timing Chip, Php 1,000 New Balance Cash Voucher and Runner’s Guide.
New Balance Shirt, Bag, Race Bib with Timing Chip, Php 1,000 New Balance Cash Voucher Runner’s Guide and Souvenir Medallion.


Race Category
Assembly Time
Gun Start
Cut Off Time
1 hour after official gunstart
2 hours after official gunstart
3 hours 45 minutes after official gunstart



1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
P30,000 worth of Cash and GC plus medal, 32” Devant LED TV
P22,000 worth of Cash and GC plus medal
P15,000 worth of Cash and GC plus medal
P22,000 worth of Cash and GC plus medal, 24” Devant LED TV
P15,000 worth of Cash and GC plus medal
P10,000 worth of Cash and GC plus medal
P15,000 worth of Cash and GC plus medal, 19” Devant LED TV
P10,000 worth of Cash and GC plus medal
P7,000 worth of Cash and GC plus medal
*All Categories are divided in to two: Male and Female.

5KM – Chevrolet Centennial Swatch watch for the 100th Finisher.
10KM – Chevrolet Centennial Swatch watch for the 100th Finisher.
25KM – Chevrolet Centennial Swatch watch for the 100th Finisher.

* Medals, Cash and New Balance Gift Certificates will be given to the top 3 Male & Female finishers for the three race categories.
* Winners must be physically present to receive their awards during the award cerem


1. All participants of the Chevrolet – New Balance Power Run 2011 who have completed the following requirements are automatically qualified to join the raffle: a. Fully paid registration fee b. Start, split and finish time.
2. One entry per registered runner.
3. The Chevrolet – New Balance Power Run 2011 will be held on November 6, 2011 at Bonifacio Global City.
4. The raffle promo is valid on November 6, 2011 only.
5. The raffle stub on the race bib will serve as their entry. Participants must detach the stub found on their bib and drop at the designated drop boxes found at the following areas: a. Stage area b. New Balance tent c. Chevrolet tent
6. The drop boxes will be opened on November 6, 2011 and will placed in a central drop box on stage in the presence of a DTI representative.
7. The draw will be held during the race awarding ceremony on November 6, 2011 at Bonifacio Global City in the presence of a DTI representative.
8. If the drawn number does not appear on the list of runners who has a start/ split and finish time for the race, another raffle stub will be drawn and will be checked against the list of finishers.
9. The winner must be physically present on stage during the raffle draw to claim his/her prize. No proxy will be allowed.
10. The winner is required to present his/her un-tampered race bib and two (2) valid ID’s with photos. Valid ID’s are as follows: local driver’s license, passport, school ID, company ID, SSS, GSIS, professional license, Philippine Government issued local residency/ working/ student papers or permits (for foreigners).
11. In the event that a minor (17 years old & below) wins the prize, the winner should present his/her birth certificate upon claiming the prize.
12. The raffle is open to runners of all nationalities and citizenship.
13. The winner shall pay the 30% final tax of the prize.
14. The prize is not convertible to cash.
15. The winner will be given sixty (60) days to claim the prize.
16. In the event the winner does not claim the prize within sixty (60) days of awarding, the prize will be forfeited in favor of Chevrolet Philippines (The Covenant Car Company Inc.) with prior approval of DTI.
17. Officers, directors and employees of The Covenant Car Company Inc, Planet Sports Inc., Event King Corp. and Runrio Inc, its subsidiaries and affiliate companies, organizers of the run, as well as their families up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity and household members are not eligible to join the raffle promo.

Winners Requirements:
1. Upon awarding of the prize, the winner will be given a prize certificate issued by Chevrolet. This certificate will be presented by the winner in person at the dealership stated on the certificate to claim the car.
2. The car shall be claimed from an appointed dealer of THE COVENANT CAR COMPANY INC. The car shall be released by the dealer only after presentation of the certificate issued by Chevrolet, as well as proof of payment of the 30% withholding tax on the prize.
3. No proxy will be entertained when claiming the car.
4. The Chevrolet dealership will be given photo copies of the race bib and valid IDs presented by the winner during the awarding on November 6, 2011
5. The winner will be given sixty (60) days to claim the car after awarding of the prize certificate.
6. Complimentary race kits are not valid to join the raffle. Raffle stubs on the race bibs will be removed from the complimentary race numbers.
*Raffle mechanics may change without prior notice with DTI approval.


A. Registration
a. Registration is open to all Filipinos and Foreigners.
b. Runners must complete an iPad registration or submit an accomplished and signed registration form with a non-refundable fee to participate in the race. See race announcemements for the detailed list of fees.
c. Registration is on a first come first serve basis.
d. Children 12 years old and below are not allowed to run.
e. Children who are 13 – 17 years old on race day are qualified to join the 5K category. They are required to have their entry form and waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Race organizer has the option to request for a photocopy of their NSO certificate or current school ID.
f. Runners in the 5K category and up must be 13 years old or older on race day. g. Runners may claim their registration kit (containing the official bib number with timing tag attached and safety pins) upon completing the registration process. Bib number with timing tag attached is non-transferable.
h. For online registration, runners must completely fill-up all the fields in the page and are required to electronically sign the waiver.

B. Race Proper
a. The reverse side of the bib number must be dully filled-up. Runners must wear the assigned bib number on his/her chest and use the timing tag properly. Runners not wearing a bib number and/or using the timing tag may be asked to leave the course by the race marshalls.
b. Pets, motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards, vehicles and any other similar machines are not allowed on the course other than the official race and medical vehicles.
c. Runners who begin before the actual start time of his/her race category will be disqualified. Runners who do not start within 10 minutes from respective flag off will be disqualified and may not be allowed to start. No result will be given to disqualified runners.
d. “Gun Time” will be considered to determine the winners. Elite runners are advised to stay in the front.
e. Runner/s must discontinue the race immediately if asked by any member of the race organizer. Race officials, marshals, medical staff, and security personnel have the right to pull-out any runner found not physically fit to continue the race.
f. The race organizer reserves the right to reject any entrant or disqualify any runner who is suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or having taken banned substances and any runner who is found to have misrepresented himself/ herself. If his/her identity of eligibility is challenged, it is the responsibility of the runner to prove who he/she really is. Runner/s found to have been dishonest are immediately disqualified and subjected to disciplinary sanctions by the race organizer.
g. In order to ensure timely re-opening of roads to normal traffic, the race organizer will designate time limits at specified distances. Runners failing to reach these specific distances within the times specified must stop running and board the official vehicle. They are automatically disqualified to compete in the race and will be taken directly to the finish venue. Time limit for 25KM is 3 hours 45 minutes, 10KM is 2 hours and 1 hour for 5KM distance.

C. Determining the winners of the race
a. As soon as the leading runner crosses the finish line, a spotter will ask him/her for his/her name.
b. The finish line marshal keeps a manual record of who actually arrived at the finish line first, second, third and so on. This is to make sure that there is a back up on the record of who the top finisher of the race and the names of the winner are known.
c. This record is now compared with the actual timing systems results. Any discrepancy is checked with the timing data, database entry, interview results and course marshal observation. Timing data, spotter interview and course marshal inputs in this order are the priorities being considered to make the final decision.
d. The result is then finalized based on the findings.
e. The officials decision is considered final.

D. Eligibility to win the prizes
a. If runner is an officially registered participant on the particular race distance he/she finished.
b. Runner finished the complete race course without help from any vehicle, motorized or mechanical.
c. Runner started the race with the correct group and start location.
d. If runner has a start, split and finish time.
e. Sponsors have the option to reward the winners with cash and/or non-cash prizes.

E. Protest
a. All protest related to results must be made in writing and submitted within 30 minutes after the official announcement of winners.
b. The race organizer may change without prior notice any of the rules and regulations that they deem necessary to ensure the success of the race.
c. The race organizer’s decision is final.


For inquiries you may contact the following hotline details
Monday to Friday between 10:00am – 6:00pm.


Globe: 0916 – 570-9220 or 0906 – 223-7330
Smart: 0929 – 717-8164 or 0947 – 532-3737
Landline: (632) 703-1736




Saturday, August 13, 2011

A 7-7-11 Accident at Lawton Avenue, McKinley

They say 7 and 11 are lucky numbers, but I guess I wasn't included on the lucky ones on the day of 7-7-11...

I had a horrible accident last July 7. It has been a while then since I planned my recovery run but because of the bad weather and some procrastinating moments I had I always cancel them. But this time I said to myself "No more excuses lazy girl! rain or storm you should run!" and I did.

I arrived earlier at BGC and I prepped up for our usual training run. I was surprised when Coach Carina said we'll do endurance training, BGC to McKinley and back on easy pace. I got excited! I miss that route so even if I am running for recovery I still joined the group who ran going there. I initially did 2 loops warm up so I am sure I can finish the route with them.

It was a nice run with my fellow runners, some are old, and some are new. I am trying to catch up with their pace and I am happy that I now can. At Lawton Avenue going to McKinley hills, we noticed that there are some "Holes" at the pedestrian sidewalk that are not visible. We managed to avert them while going to McKinley.

I broke away from the group at the Venice Piazza going back to BGC. I was about to have hypoglycemia so I need to go to a convenience store to grab some electrolyte drink to replenish it and my thirst as well since I almost finish the water on my hydration belt. I skipped the part where they have to go around Accenture Building. After that I was running alone back to base.

I was gradually increasing my pace when suddenly, a bright light coming from a vehicle blinded my sight and at a split second, I find myself hanging on a stone with my left arm, my foot were hanging on an open hole on the sidewalk, and I was barely breathing.

I was hanging on much like this, but my stomach was on the edge of the hole and my right arm was stuck so it was my left arm who saved me. (Image from

After a few seconds I managed to get myself out of the hole. I stopped and checked on myself, if I have deep wounds or scars. I found a very deep wound on my right leg and a huge bruise on my left arm. Surprisingly, it is not painful. I even managed to get back to BGC by walking.

One skin layer is the only thing left that covers the bone.
The skin on my elbows were scraped on the pavement. It's the most painful of all. Ouchies!!!
The shirt I used. So filthy!

My runner friends suggested I should go to the hospital the soonest. But since I don't feel pain yet (Self confessed hard headed!) I just went home to rest. Now I proved that the rumors are true. The most painful part of the accident is the next day. When I opened my eyes I felt the extreme pain from my left arm, it's broken!
I used my bib belt as a temporary support to my broken arm. Now that's being resourceful!

I went to the hospital later that day to have everything checked. The Doctor scolded me because I should have came in immediately after the incident because I might acquired Tetanus...

What is Tetanus?

According to, Tetanus, also known as lockjaw, is a serious but preventable disease that affects the body's muscles and nerves. It typically arises from a skin wound that becomes contaminated by a bacterium called Clostridium tetani, which is often found in soil.

Once the bacteria are in the body, they produce a neurotoxin (a protein that acts as a poison to the body's nervous system) known as tetanospasmin that causes muscle spasms. The toxin can travel throughout the body via the bloodstream and lymph system. As it circulates more widely, the toxin interferes with the normal activity of nerves throughout the body, leading to generalized muscle spasms. Without treatment, tetanus can be fatal.

Now that it has been a month after I reported the incident to the City Government of Taguig, they have already took action and filled up the hole but still it is open.

If there is one good thing that this accident has taught me, it is to take care and take extra precautions when running at night. I have been so comfortable running I forgot to pay attention to the road. This is where running with a mate is very much encouraged. I wonder what would happen if I fell inside the hole and I was with no one...

Another thing I discovered is that my wound healing is now faster. Unlike before that it took weeks for a small cut to heal completely. At this moment, my arm wounds are completely healed and my leg wound is healing in progress. There just this little pain on my shoulder that I feel whenever I lift heavy weights but it is gradually decreasing over time.

Since accidents do happen no matter how much we try to avert it, here are some of my tips:

1. Always bring a mobile phone.
2. Wear a reflective clothing.
3. Let your family/friends know where you will run.
4. Run with a group/buddy and stay close to them!
5. Wear a Smart ID or anything that will be used for your identification and information.
A Smart ID contains your personal information and medical conditions. Just clip it on your shoe. It is reflectorized! You can get one at A Runner's Circle Store. Thanks Sir Raul of ARC! ^_^ (Sorry my Empress is dirty!)

6. Tone down your mp3 players, low enough to hear the noise from the environment.
7. Always be alert.

I am so thank God that nothing major has happened to me.

I do hope that this incident won't happen to anyone ever again. Wishing you all a safe and happy weekend run!

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^

Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's Not Sweet If You're Running Late

Have you experienced preparing for a race and you're so excited looking forward to it then suddenly, everything will rely on your adrenalin rush just because you did not wake up on time? Well, I just did...

I wasn't even smiling like this...

I was all prepared for my comeback 10K race at Yamaha Run For Heroes last July 3. I was so looking forward to that race since it's been a month that I was prohibited to run. I also want to see if my Resistance Training really works.

What happened? Let me do a detailed report on all my activities 3 days prior to the race day...

June 30 (Thursday)- My last day at the gym. I did a hardcore resistance training and then I tried running on the treadmill, 5K for 30 minutes. I felt so dizzy. I stayed at the treadmill for a few minutes before I can walk away from it.

July 1 (Friday)- I was about to go out but I cancelled it for some reason. I tested the home gym I made for a month, I have 6pcs. 10lb. weights, 2 short handle bars, and an ab rocker. I did my own circuit training and I was so dead tired afterwards. I really should have gotten a 5lb. weights, 10lb. weights feels too much for me, but still, I used it.

July 2 (Saturday) - I plan to rest but seeing those weights on the other side of my room tempted me to lift them up. So yes, I gave in to the temptation and did a full circuit training. I was so tired after...

So on July 3 (Sunday), The race day. Yes, I woke up late. My trusty alarm did not do it's job. I was really cramming up to fix myself. I just took a quick shower, grabbed everything I can and put it inside my bag and then I went off to the race grounds. At 3 Kilometers from the starting line I heard the gunstart of the 10K race. My heart was pounding super fast. I was running so fast so I can still manage to get into the pack of the 10K runners.

Was talking to Kuya KB at the starting line: "Late ako!!!" :(
I'm so glad the baggage counter peeps were so fast it only took me around 15 seconds to check my things in and then I hurried up to the race. No breakfast, no warm ups, what do you expect? the 10K run became a 10K struggle to survive. I was depending on the sports drink for energy and sugar supply and I'm so thankful for the abundance of it at the hydration stations. At around 6K my stomach started growling and it gives a very uneasy feeling. At Kilometer 9 I just want to stop and walk to the finish, but seeing the festive sight a few meters to the finish line pumped me up to do my strong finish stint (I didn't have the strength to do the "ogre growl!"). I finished the race at around 1:22, so far from my fastest 10K which was 1:17.

What went wrong? The time I was setting my alarm I didn't double check it, which is very unusual of me. After the run when I looked at it I set it at 3:00 o'clock... PM! I was tired the time I set it. Yes, it's because of my addiction to weight training. I was tired also that I did not prepare my race thingies the night before the race, which is again another unusual of me. I went to bed a little late than usual because of my excitement.

Lesson learned the hard way indeed, but still a learning experience. So just not to end up having to experience this, I'm sharing this little advise to you.

1. Make sure you set your alarm clock properly - It pays off to double check!
2. Prepare all the things you will wear and will bring the night before the race.
4. Sleep early.
5. Stop thinking about the race to avoid getting too excited or nervous.

I'm so glad I haven't experienced any major major injuries (just a strained calf muscle and a very tired body). I found out that what I did was very dangerous for someone like me who has Diabetes. Running without sufficient supply of energy, especially sugar can trigger hypoglycemia. I should thank my body for doing a good job in making me last until the finish. But I doubt I will not last if I went beyond the distance.

So, to avoid being late, always prepare and be ready. Be a Girl Scout/Boy Scout: "Laging Handa!"

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summit Camsur Marathon 2011

On September 25, 2011, brace yourselves as Summit brings to us once again the Camsur Marathon 2011 – Race To A Green Philippines at CWC (Camsur Watersports Complex) with distances of 3K, 5K, 10K, 21K and 42K.

*CWC (Camsur Watersports Complex)


Race Category
Registration Fee
Race Inclusions
Race Kits: Race Bib, D-Tag Timing Device and Singlet.
Post-Race Goodies: Loot Bag
Race Kits: Race Bib, D-Tag Timing Device and Singlet.
Post-Race Goodies: Loot Bag
Race Kits: Race Bib, D-Tag Timing Device and Singlet.
Post-Race Goodies: Loot Bag
21K Local
Race Kits: Race Bib, D-Tag Timing Device and Singlet.
Post-Race Goodies: Loot Bag and Finisher’s Medal
21K Foreign
Race Kits: Race Bib, D-Tag Timing Device and Singlet.
Post-Race Goodies: Loot Bag and Finisher’s Medal
Race Kits: Race Bib, D-Tag Timing Device and Singlet.
Post-Race Goodies: Loot Bag and Finisher’s Medal
42K Foreign
Race Kits: Race Bib, D-Tag Timing Device and Singlet.
Post-Race Goodies: Loot Bag and Finisher’s Medal



The race is an AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races) accredited race, therefore it is a qualifier to all AIMS races (including the prestigious Boston Marathon!)

The event’s race route/course is an IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federation) certified race course.
There are 20,000 Target Participants. For each registered runner, CamSur Gov. LRay Villafuerte will plant 10 trees!

This race will be brought by the tandem of Event King (over–all organization) and Runrio, Inc. (technical organization).


This is probably the race that gives the biggest prize money!


> Newest landmark in the bustling metropolis of Naga City.
> A commanding 6,000 square meters multi-facility which blends together world-class accommodation, first-rate tourism, rich culture heritage as well as warm Filipino hospitality.

> Located at Magsaysay Avenue, along Naga City's famous entertainment and dining strip.

> "The Gem of Bicolandia"

> Host Venue

> The Camarines Watersports Complex (CWC) is a unique watersports park designed for wakeboarding, wakeskating and waterskiing. Further, the complex is capable of hosting extreme sports such as triathlon.


1. What is the date of the 2011 CamSur Marathon?
The 2011 CamSur Marathon will be held on Sunday, September 25, 2011.

2. What do I do if I cannot participate once I have registered?
Unfortunately numbers are non-transferable and entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. You may not give your number to someone else.

3. Are headphones permitted?
Although the CamSur Marathon discourages the use of iPods and headphones, they are allowed. As most valuable items such as jewelry, cellular phones, and laptops, are discouraged from being brought to the event.

4. Can I run the race as an unofficial or “bandit” runner?
No, please do not run if you have not officially entered in the race. Race amenities along the course and at the finish, such as fluids, medical care, and traffic safety, are provided based on the number of official entrants.

Any addition to this by way of unofficial participants, adversely affects our ability to ensure a safe race for everyone.

5. Where are the portalets and water stations? How many are there?
There will be 120 portalets all over the site during the race. Drinking water will be provided at the finish line and at every 2.5km.

6. What if I need medical attention?
First, please have clearance from your doctor before you run. Second, train yourself sufficiently for the event. Third, do not over exert yourself beyond your fitness level during the run. Lastly, be sure to properly hydrate yourself before, during and after the event.

There will be medical stations at certain points throughout the race and at the finish line. Medical teams will be ready to attend to emergencies that may occur during the race.

7. Is there anything else to do in CamSur after the Marathon?
CWC, the host venue, is a unique watersports park designed for wakeboarding, wakeskating and waterskiing. For beginner riders to the professional wakeboarders and skiiers from all over the world, CWC offers a 6-point cable ski system, coupled with restaurants, sand bars, spas, pro-shop and grand stands to hold guests. Riders can also enjoy their favorite water sports at night as the park will be equipped with spotlights that allow for it even to be open on

Lago del Rey is a facility expected to be fit for royalty as its name infers will however offer very affordable wholesome family watersports entertainment including giant water slides, aqua wall climbing, water polo, water volleyball, kayaking, aqua obstacle course, paddle surfing, boat-towed wakeboarding and skiing, dragonboating and, of course, pure and simple

Camsur Skate Park

The Camsur Skate Park is open to the public and is currently free. All you need to do is to sign the waiver and you’re ready to skate. It features a 6 ft. half pipe, transitions and some street style stuff.

Swimming Pool

Getting a little too hot for your liking? Well, splash around in the swimming pool and cool yourself off. Swimming is a great exercise and a lot of fun! Remember to take out your valuables before jumping in!

8. What is the climate like in CamSur?
March to May is hot and dry. June to October is rainy. November to February is cool.

Average temperatures: 78°F / 25°C to 90°F / 32°C

Humidity: 77%

9. Where can my family and friends cheer and assist me?
There will be a spectator zone where your family and friends may cheer and assist you.

10. When can I claim my race kit?
Race kits are given upon registration.

For online registration – race kits will be delivered within 5 working days after registration.
For international participants – race kits may be claimed only at CWC from Sept. 19-24, 2011.

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^

Monday, August 1, 2011

2nd Avenue Earth Run Manila 2011

2nd Avenue EARTH RUN MANILA will happen on August 28, 2011 at Bonifacio Global City with distances of 3K, 5K, 10K and 21K.


  • R.O.X July 10 to August 21, 2011, from 4pm until 9:00 pm Tuesdays to Sundays (Pls proceed to Runner's Runner Booth) Bonifacio High-Street, Global City, Taguig 8564639
  • CHRIS SPORTS July 10 to August 21, 2011 , 12nn to 8:00pm Glorietta 3, 2nd Floor Ayala Center Makati TEL: (02) 818-6124
  • SM City North The Annex 3/F U-329 SM City Annex, SM North Edsa TEL: (02) 441-1889
  • SM Megamall 2nd Floor, Building B TEL: (02) 633-1659
  • JRS EXPRESS DELIVERY (July 10 to August 21, 2011)


Race Category
Registration Fee
Race Features
Timing chip, official race shirt, race bib belt and race details
Timing chip, official race shirt, race bib belt and race details
Timing chip, official race shirt, race bib belt and race details
Timing chip, official race shirt, race bib belt and race details


Registration Form can be downloaded HERE

Each race finisher shall receive a special Earth Run sling bag, finisher’s certificate and sponsor giveaways. Trophies will be given to the Top 3 male and female finishers of each distance category courtesy of Cherifer Premium Capsule, while medals shall be given out to all finishers of the 21k race.

For the 3rd consecutive year, Earth Run has chosen GREENPEACE as its beneficiary. Greenpeace, is an international environmental organization that acts to change attitudes and behavior, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace. Here in the Philippines, the organization and its supporters are focused on promoting renewable energy and energy efficiency, a nuclear-free Pilipinas, and keeping waterways clean.


For those living in Davao and Cebu, they can look forward to Jack TV: Earth Run 2011 on October 9, Sunday and ETC: Earth Run 2011 happening on December 11, Sunday respectively.

This is your chance to take part in standing up for Mother Nature not to mention an enjoyable way to stay fit and healthy. Starting July 10, sign up and be one of the thousands to join Solar Entertainment Network’s Earth Run 2011.

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^