Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's Not Sweet If You're Running Late

Have you experienced preparing for a race and you're so excited looking forward to it then suddenly, everything will rely on your adrenalin rush just because you did not wake up on time? Well, I just did...

I wasn't even smiling like this...

I was all prepared for my comeback 10K race at Yamaha Run For Heroes last July 3. I was so looking forward to that race since it's been a month that I was prohibited to run. I also want to see if my Resistance Training really works.

What happened? Let me do a detailed report on all my activities 3 days prior to the race day...

June 30 (Thursday)- My last day at the gym. I did a hardcore resistance training and then I tried running on the treadmill, 5K for 30 minutes. I felt so dizzy. I stayed at the treadmill for a few minutes before I can walk away from it.

July 1 (Friday)- I was about to go out but I cancelled it for some reason. I tested the home gym I made for a month, I have 6pcs. 10lb. weights, 2 short handle bars, and an ab rocker. I did my own circuit training and I was so dead tired afterwards. I really should have gotten a 5lb. weights, 10lb. weights feels too much for me, but still, I used it.

July 2 (Saturday) - I plan to rest but seeing those weights on the other side of my room tempted me to lift them up. So yes, I gave in to the temptation and did a full circuit training. I was so tired after...

So on July 3 (Sunday), The race day. Yes, I woke up late. My trusty alarm did not do it's job. I was really cramming up to fix myself. I just took a quick shower, grabbed everything I can and put it inside my bag and then I went off to the race grounds. At 3 Kilometers from the starting line I heard the gunstart of the 10K race. My heart was pounding super fast. I was running so fast so I can still manage to get into the pack of the 10K runners.

Was talking to Kuya KB at the starting line: "Late ako!!!" :(
I'm so glad the baggage counter peeps were so fast it only took me around 15 seconds to check my things in and then I hurried up to the race. No breakfast, no warm ups, what do you expect? the 10K run became a 10K struggle to survive. I was depending on the sports drink for energy and sugar supply and I'm so thankful for the abundance of it at the hydration stations. At around 6K my stomach started growling and it gives a very uneasy feeling. At Kilometer 9 I just want to stop and walk to the finish, but seeing the festive sight a few meters to the finish line pumped me up to do my strong finish stint (I didn't have the strength to do the "ogre growl!"). I finished the race at around 1:22, so far from my fastest 10K which was 1:17.

What went wrong? The time I was setting my alarm I didn't double check it, which is very unusual of me. After the run when I looked at it I set it at 3:00 o'clock... PM! I was tired the time I set it. Yes, it's because of my addiction to weight training. I was tired also that I did not prepare my race thingies the night before the race, which is again another unusual of me. I went to bed a little late than usual because of my excitement.

Lesson learned the hard way indeed, but still a learning experience. So just not to end up having to experience this, I'm sharing this little advise to you.

1. Make sure you set your alarm clock properly - It pays off to double check!
2. Prepare all the things you will wear and will bring the night before the race.
4. Sleep early.
5. Stop thinking about the race to avoid getting too excited or nervous.

I'm so glad I haven't experienced any major major injuries (just a strained calf muscle and a very tired body). I found out that what I did was very dangerous for someone like me who has Diabetes. Running without sufficient supply of energy, especially sugar can trigger hypoglycemia. I should thank my body for doing a good job in making me last until the finish. But I doubt I will not last if I went beyond the distance.

So, to avoid being late, always prepare and be ready. Be a Girl Scout/Boy Scout: "Laging Handa!"

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^


Carla @ I Run, You Run said...

My runs are always harder the day after lifting!

By the way, this book is great if you want a workout routine (it gives you enough for 6 months, 3 times a week).

The Sweet Life Runner said...

Thanks Carla! Will look into it.

juvy said...

su7ch inspiring blogs..i learned a lot for it..goodluck and more power!

Juvy said...

i learned a lot from here..such inspiring blogs..goodluck n more power!

eatandrun said...

also woke up late for yamaha run. wasn't able to run though cause gf takes time to prepare. we did not hear our alarms. missed the run and wasted money and excitement. good for you na nakahabol ka pa

The Sweet Life Runner said...

Hi Juvy! Thanks so much! ^_^

Hi Eatandrun! Oo nga, haven't experienced that yet, and I wish I will not. Anyways, bawi ka nalang sa next race madami pa naman dyan.

God bless and Sweet Running!