Saturday, June 4, 2011

On Training For My First Sweet Pikermi

Pikermi, Half Mary, 16-Miler or famously known as 21K - The distance category that I am so excited to join on in a race. This is considered serious by runners joining this distance and I think I should be too.

How long is 21 Kilometers? Just to give you an idea, according to my experience when I joined my Team Kamote Runners Family on an LSD Run from Luneta Kilometer 0 mark to Tagaytay Kilometer 56 mark. Kilometer 21 mark can be found in the middle of Imus, Cavite. I did not run the whole stretch. I only finished 19K on that run as a preparation for my first 16K at Condura Skyway Marathon and after that I rode a bus to Tagaytay to wait for them. So imagine if you frequent Cavite going by bus you'll spend more than an hour to get to Imus. How about by running?

So you see, 21 Kilometers is no joke. I won't even categorize it as "Fun Run". This is a serious race that you won't dare be joining without proper training and preparation. Its so serious that at this distance, anything can happen, at worst, even death.

Now that I have been running 10K races for long, I think it's high time to get out of my comfort zone and leap a distance. I am now preparing for my first 21K race.

How am I preparing for it? I made a training plan for myself since I cannot follow training programs because of my condition (Peripheral Arterial Disease or PAD). I just incorporate training programs and customize them to jive with my low fitness level. Just to give you an idea here's what I do:

  • Monday -Rest Day
  • Tuesday - Recovery Run of 5K-8K in an hour
  • Wednesday - Rest Day
  • Thursday - Drills/Speed Training
  • Friday - Rest Day
  • Saturday - Swim mileage of 300m
  • Sunday - 10K Race or LSD of 20K and beyond for 3 hours
When can I have a kick ass body like hers? *drools*
*I also do 2 repetitions, 100 counts of sit-ups everyday and 20 squats in the morning before I take a bath and at the evening before I go to bed.

I plan to intensify this training plan a little on June since I'll be enrolling on a Gym and more on the succeeding months thereafter when I get comfortable with it. I will add more repetitions, mileage and time. Probably a few weightlifting workouts as well.

I also watch what I eat since diet is a crucial part of training. My everyday meal would be...

  • Breakfast - 2 slices of wheat bread
  • Lunch - 1 cup red rice and meat/fish/vegetables
  • Afternoon Snack - whole wheat crackers
  • Dinner - wheat bread with cheese or a power bar

*If you feel hungry in between, munch some less grease or roasted peanuts. It'll keep you full for longer.

Wish it'll be this friendly, but its not!
I also have Cheat Days. usually that's every after a Sunday long run or once a week if I dine out. Cheat days are not pig out days. It's just a day for giving in to your cravings, not to get yourself stuffed with so much food. Moderation is the key.

Where will I do my first Pikermi? I commit to stage it at the Adidas King Of The Road Race this coming October 23, 2011. You might think that It sound like a long time to prepare and yes you're right. Given my predicament, I'm gonna be needing an ample amount of time to condition my body. I want to set a decent time on the race. A sub 2:30 will be great but moreover, to finish it pain and injury free is the best result that I want to achieve.

How about running with a Pacer? Yes, I will get a pacer to accompany me on the race to give me boost and support but since this will be a special moment and a running milestone for me, I want my pacer to be the one who's closest to my heart. The one I can be very comfortable with. The one who can give me the utmost support and encouragement. As of now, I haven't got any but I've got someone in mind. But then again, it's still too early to decide on who will the lucky one be. lol!

I guess having a goal is a good way to strive for more. To be able to go further distances, you have to work your way there. It's a challenge to oneself on how far you can reach. As a person with Diabetes, having a frail body and a weak heart, I've never imagined going up to this far, but I am determined to race this to the finish. Having a health concern won't hinder me from running the distance. We should not stop because we think we cannot. Who knows? by mere focus, hard work and determination you'll get to reach your dreams and aspirations. Like what I always say, "If you want something, you got to do something!..."

Five more months to go and I am so very excited! Wish me luck!

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^

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