Sunday, September 18, 2011

Skechers Prospeed Launch

Skechers Prospeed Shoe - The Speed of Science!

Last September 16, I attended the Sketchers Prospeed Launch at Sketchers Store in Market Market, Taguig. I am really so curious about this new racing shoe. I was notified about this a few months back and now it’s time to meet the shoe that I have been waiting for!

When I arrived, I was asked to try out the shoe and ofcourse I would not pass up the chance. When it was handed to me I thought that the shoe won’t fit because it looks so slim, it could be constricted but surprisingly when I slid my feet in it just fits like Cinderella with her glass slippers on! I tried to walk with it and wiggle my toes in it and it feels great.

I also tried it on the treadmill and I must say I had the most comfortable, pain-free 5-minute sprint in my entire life!

The designs are great as well. You won't feel awkward walking with them in the malls.

Women's Line:
This is the cutest! ^_^

Men's Line:

What I found out about the shoe is that:

  • The bottom is arched, but not like the SRR Resistance Trainers that is arched really high. It may look like you'll be balancing yourself when you wear this but actually it just feels like a flat shoe.
  • No matter how I try to land forefoot or do the heel strike, I always get to the ground midfoot. Heel strikers will love this feature!
  • Believe it or not, it only weights 10oz (12oz for the bigger sizes) but you won't be convinced by just looking at it. But I swear it feels so light though it doesn't look like it, surprisingly!
  • The shoe has a hole in the middle that serves a purpose. It is the one that gives you a springy push back when you hit the ground. They call it "Kinetic Return System". Less ground time, less tension, less energy consumed equals faster pace and faster finish in the race!
  • The velcro lock design prevents the tongue of the shoe from going anywhere so no need to stop and fix it when running. It'll also keep the laces in place so no tying in the middle of the race.

Looking at the shoe, and yes, I am impressed!
What can I say about Skechers Prospeed? Well, after fitting it and running on the treadmill with it, I must say that it impressed me. The comfort it gives is really amazing. It is good for those who have wide foot, those who tend to heel strike and those who run on the treadmill but I cannot really say if it will be good on the road since I haven't tried hitting the pavement with it.

I consider buying a pair for myself so I can give this shoe a full review.

(FYI: The shoe retails for Php5,300 to Php5,500)

With runner friends and the Chummies! ^_^

Special thanks to Mr. Jeff Paulino, Ms. Katrina Ong, Ms. Bernice Almonte-Bobadilla, Ms. Chinggay Andrada and the rest of the Skechers Philippines Team for inviting me and letting me experience this great shoe!

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^

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