Monday, July 9, 2012

My Run United 2 2012 Experience

After my Run United 1 race and getting the first part of the Medal, it is expected that I'll be joining the next race to get the second one, and the expectation was ofcourse right.

Hitting 3:12 on a 21K distance on RU1 2012 inspired me to do better on the next. So I used the time I had to train for it. After my day job every Tuesdays and Thursdays, I head straight to our company gym to run on the treadmill and do some strengthening exercises. I even did change my diet to lose some water and fat weight and gain more mass. I tried my very best to stick to it. Though sometimes in some inevitable circumstances I need to pass from training but I always make sure I make up for it on the following days.

Ethan put the bibs on the belts and he's so excited for the run!

Two weeks prior to the event, I was involved in a mugging incident that took most of my important stuff, including my Soleus 3.0 HRM strap that I use for trainings so I have to continue training without it. Glad the watch was in my wrist that the muggers where so hurrying up they did not ask me to take it off. In a way I was affected because it was a tedious and time consuming job getting replacement cards and ids especially if you are busy and almost have no time for it. I did my best to still train despite what happened.

Last week, I felt something weird on my left knee. It grew painful as I train. I don't know what am I doing wrong. I just ice it away to get the pain off but when I walk I feel that something is loose inside. But the condition gets better as the event comes nearer.

Friday, I get to have a extra servings of meal to consider as carbo-loading but I just felt bad and had difficulties digesting the food. I guess I am now used to eating minimal servings now. Good news for me I don't have to worry about overeating.

My power dinner. Shrimp and Tomato Pasta. It's what I eat before a race.

I tried my best to rest and relax but it seems that excitement is taking over me. I even missed an appointment. I had a good meal but I failed to get a good night sleep. So when I woke up I felt heavy, but I need to do this. I need to finish the race.

I arrived at the venue late because I am afraid to go out alone I needed to hire a tricycle to get me to the venue. The baggage counter was slow so I was late for the first wave of 21K gunstart. This was not the situation the last time. What I noticed is that their system now seems to slow down the process. Nevertheless, we still got our bags in and got in just in time for the 21K second wave gunstart.

We had a good start until I sprained my right ankles. It hurts so bad I need to sit and massage it at around kilometer 3. From then on, I started struggling. I still tried running despite the condition. Whenever I do there is an extreme sharp pain that feels like it was being slit by a blade.

Me and Tessa a few meters away from the finishline. (Photo By Angelo Photography)

After kilometer 9 things started to get better. The pain subsided for a reason I don't know. That's when I tried to catch up for the lost time. An effective plan for me is what I called "Shadowing" in which you imitate the footsteps of your pacer and focus on it instead of looking on the road. I was able to run up to kilometer 15 until the pain says hello again, but now he brought a friend with him, a runner's knee on the left leg!

At this time, I was exhausted. My body just wants to stop from all the beating, then Tessa, my good friend came along and I now have two pacers. They squeezed the last energy I had to run until the finish line. I can't believe I was still running in the few kilometers because I thought I wont be able to and I'll just walk it.

From my watch, the map was so accurate. I finished with the time of 2 hours 58 minutes. I was 10 minutes short to beat my best PR but its better than not finishing at all.

I checked out my name on the official timing and here's what I got:

In due fairness, the weather that time was immensely changing since it was forcasted that there is a storm hitting the Metro. Because of the strong winds that hit the timing devices at MoA when were running at BGC, timers were erroneous. It may also be the cause of lost times just as what happened to mine.

Glad that I have a pacer who finished almost as same time as mine. Here is her stats result of the race:

I do not belong to the same age group as her but this is better than no result to compare with at all.

Here are some of the photos taken by the running photographers which happens to be our good friends and from the Unilab Active Health photographers as well.

Action shot. Cool huh? I was in pain here...

I still have the power to smile despite the grueling pain.

Che-Anne, me and Tessa playing up with the camera a few meters to the finishline. (Photo credits to Iris Rivera)

Overall, the race was flawless. But one particular thing I took notice of is the trash that was scattered all over the streets, especially near the hydration stations. Surprisingly, you'll even see banana peels! I even tripped on a cup, one reason I got a sprained ankle. You'll literally play obstacle course on it. Truly disgusting!

I observed that there are lots of trash bins around as well. This is not the organizers fault. I guess some runners forgot to bring discipline with them on the course of the race. They never realized that one single neglect will bring chaos on other runners. What if someone had a serious injury because of those trash? I even saw a photo somewhere over Facebook that Coach Rio Dela Cruz were picking up the trash that was left by the runners. Does it really have to be this way?

I am heeding the attention of the running community. We should call out our fellow runners and remind each other about the proper way of disposing our trash. Not because someone will pick it up, were excused in throwing it on the streets. We should take responsibility over our own waste disposal, it's the least we can do that will make a big difference.

I also would like to call the attention of the race organizers to come up with a strategic plan so this won't happen again, or at least, be minimized.

Coach Rio Dela Cruz picking up trash on the streets. (Photo courtesy of Irone Boquiron. Original Image can be seen HERE)

Anyway, the race expo was good as well. I wasn't able to visit the booths because I was hurrying up to get home to check on my injury that I may have to get to the hospital but gladly I was not.

Thank you so much to all the runners who took the time in greeting me along the road. You guys a great power boosters, I feel charged whenever I hear you say "Go! go! go! You can do it!". I also would like to thank RunRio Inc. for another great event. Special thanks to Ms. Rochelle Leonor Del Callar and Ms. Janice Ianne Miguel for all the generosity and support for my cause and to all the staff of Unilab and Unilab Active Health. Most especially to my dedicated and pretty pacers, Cheryl Anne Lumanog and Ma. Theresa Almendrala for making this a memorable race for me!

I got the second puzzle piece! One more to complete! ^_^

I may not hit the target time I am aspiring to get but having a happy run with my closest runner friends made everything worthwhile.

Congratulations to RunRio Inc. and Unilab Active Health for a very successful event and most especially all the finishers who conquered procrastination and took charge of a healthy lifestyle!

Now I am looking forward to Run United 3 2012! I am excited I can't wait. Let's all train hard for it and race happy! See you all again and let's all have a Sweet Run!

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^

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