Thursday, March 7, 2013 Tri Series 2013: Aquathlon, Duathlon and Triathlon

Start the year right and get ready for the inaugural Tri Series! Be part of’s history and SWIM, BIKE, and RUN with us!

Aquaman registration deadline and Tri-Pack registration ends March 10, 2013!

What is the Tri Series?

The Tri Series is a 3 stage multisport series designed to be easy enough for newbies yet challenging enough even for the seasoned triathlete.  It is the first ever race series organized by and will surely be the first in the Philippines in a lot of other things!

Why an Aquathlon, a Duathlon, and then a Triathlon?

“Slowly but surely”. We made the series a 3 stage event because we want everyone to experience the whole multisport journey. Multisport is not just about triathlon. It also has other events like the aquathlon and the duathlon which are also challenging events in their own right.
When are the races and what are the distances?

Here are the new schedules of the Tri Series 2013

Aquaman Aquathlon

800m swim / 5k run
March 17, 2013
Venue : UP Diliman

Deadline for registration : March 10, 2013

Click here to view complete details of the Aquaman Aquathlon

Duaman Duathlon
3k run / 20k bike / 3k run
April 21, 2013
Venue : Nuvali

Deadline for registration : April 14, 2013

Triman Triathlon

1k swim / 25k bike / 5k run
May 26, 2013
Venue : Ayala Alabang

Deadline for registration : May 19, 2013

Are those race names real?!

Yep! Prepare to be called an Aquaman, a Duaman, and a Triman after crossing the finish line of each stage ;)

Why are they in color and what’s up for grabs? Tri Series 2013 Medals Tri Series 2013 Finisher Shirts

Winners Trophies

Wilier, Pinarello, Cervelo, Zoot, 2XU, Tri Swim, Tri Slide, iRT, Sante Barley, KT Tapes
Arena, Glass Solutions, SLS3, K-Edge, Shotz, Ny Theraspine, Pro Form / Le Tour de France, Fitness and Athletics

Official Drink

Official Eyewear
Rudy Project

Official Timekeeper

Media Partners / Multisport Magazine / 96.3 Easy Rock

Registration Centers:
Second Wind Running Store (Ortigas Home Depot, Greenhills, Quezon City)
The Brick Multisport Store (McKinley Hill)
The Starting Line (Westgate, Alabang)
Bike King (Boni High Street)

For every stage, all finishers will receive a custom Aquaman, Duaman, and a Triman shirt and medal.  Collectors item? You betcha! Complete all three and you’ll also receive a limited edition 3-fecta reward. :) We’ll post a sample of that really soon!
Is the Tri Series only for newbies?

Definitely not. We designed the distances to be the perfect break in period/speed session for seasoned triathletes as well. We need to train too! :)

Ok, now for the more important stuff, how much and where can I register?

Registration fee for the Aquaman, Duaman, and Triman is Php 1,200. Inclusive of finisher shirt, medal, timing chip, and other goodies from our sponsors. Register for all three (Tri-pack) for only Php 3,000! A 200 pesos discount per event! Cool eh? :)

Registration Procedures :
You have 2 ways to register

1. Via our official registration centers:

Second Wind Running Store (Ortigas, Greenhills, Quezon City)
The Brick Multisport Store (Mc Kinley Hill)
The Starting Line (Westgate, Alabang)

2. Online via

Online Registration Steps

1. DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION FORM (Click the link to download registration form)
2. Deposit payment to :

Carlos de Guzman
Bank of the Philippine Islands

3. Send completed registration form along with the deposit slip (with your name) to

4. Keep a copy of the completed registration form and the deposit slip for safekeeping. Tri Series 2013

• Aquaman Aquathlon | 800m Swim – 5k Run | UP Diliman
• Duaman Duathlon | 3k Run – 20km Bike – 3km Run | Nuvali
• Triman Triathlon | 1km Swim – 30km Bike – 5km Run | Ayala Alabang

Registration Fees:

Aquaman | Duaman | Triman
Php 1,200

Tripack (Aquaman, Duaman, Triman Package)
Php 3,000

Entry is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-applicable
to future races. Race numbers are non-transferable.


Top 3 Overall Male / Female
Php 5,000, Php 3,000, Php 1,000 and trophies respectively

Male Age Categories
• Trophies for Top 3 16~19 yrs, 20~24, 25~29, 30~34,35~39,
40~44, 45~49, 50 & over
Female Age Categories
• Trophies for Top 3 16~19 yrs, 20~24, 25~29, 30~34,35~39,
40~44, 45~49, 50 & over

Finisher shirt and medal for all participants.
Refreshments before, during, and after the race.

Other reminders:


For more information, please visit

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