Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DOH Insulin Access Program - Get The Cheapest Insulin In The Philippines!

I have been recently reunited to Insulin after breaking up my almost a year of relationship with oral medicines because it is not working well with me anymore. As a Type 1 diabetic, I should not even consider going on oral medications but cost of Insulin is a major concern for me, I'm just glad there is no serious complications that arises while I was under Glucophage (Metformin HCl).

This is my life support. Insulin Basal and Bolus, for life..

Even if I have work, it's really a burden for me to buy Insulin because it is indeed very costly. Imagine Lantus Solostar 3mL Pen costs around 850+ pesos and I consume it for only 6 days, Humalog 3mL cartridge I consume for about 10 days that costs 800+ pesos. If I'm going to sum all my expenses on medicines and syringes alone it will cost me around 6,000 pesos a month, that's roughly half of what I am getting from my job, and I still need to pay for the house rent, water, electric and telephone bills and ofcourse my son's therapy and food. I haven't included the cost of blood glucose strips yet, that's gonna be around 5,000 pesos if you test pre and post meals in a month. For an average earner like me, it's gonna be a challenge on how to budget my monthly salary with everything that's coming my way. No wonder some people give up and die from diabetes complications, especially the poor that can't afford to pay for Insulin to live.

Because of the need, I tried my best to look for other ways to earn money to fund my medications and this lead me to go on research as to where I can get Insulin at the cheapest rate here in the Philippines. After some time of asking Doctors and fellow diabetics as to where I can get a cheaper stash, an answer came to me from a click of the mouse on the google search engine. I stumble upon Department Of Health (DOH) Website and found Insulin Access Program.

What is Insulin Access Program

The National Center for Pharmaceutical Access and Management (NCPAM), DOH in partnership with Eli Lilly Philippines and Sanofi-Adventis Phils., by virtue of Memoranda of Agreement (MOA), a Deparment Order No. 2010-0077 dated April 3, 2010 Subject: Implementing Guidelines of the DOH insulin Access Program for the DOH Hospitals was issued.

The said companies voluntarily offered their products at much reduced affordable prices to the DOH retained hospitals, and with the primary objective to improve diabetic patient's access to affordable quality drugs considering their availability only to the public sector, under a unified pricing scheme and rational drug use. This result in bigger saving on the part of the patients.

What is DOH Insulin Access Program?

The DOH Insulin Access Program is a program under the Medicine Access Program (MAP) of the Department of Health (DOH) through the National Center for Pharmaceutical Access and Management (NCPAM) provides access to medicines for diabetic patients and is in line with Millenium Development Goal No. 8 aims to develop global partnership for development, where partner pharmaceutical companies participate by providing access to affordable Insulin products through the consignment system, implementation of which was started in 2009.

What are the access sites?

Access Sites

  • Amang Rodriguez Medical Center
  • Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center
  • Quirino Memorial Medical Center
  • Mayor Hilarion A. Ramiro Sr. Regional Training & Teaching Hospital
  • Veterans Regional Hospital
  • Davao Regional Hospital
  • Bicol Medical Center
  • Bicol Regional Training & Teaching Hospital
  • Las Pinas General Hospital
  • National Center for Mental Health
  • Cagayan Valley Medical Center
  • Batangas Regional Hospital
  • Tondo Medical Center
  • National Kidney & Transplant Institute
  • Eastern Visayas Medical Center
  • Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital
  • Region I Medical Center
  • Baguio General Hospital
  • Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center
  • Gov. Celestino Gallares Memorial Hospital
  • Lung Center of the Phils.
  • Southern Philippines Medical Center

What are the offered prices?

Unified Cost and Selling Prices of Insulin Products to DOH-Retained Hospitals

Biphasic Isophane Human Insulin 70/30
(70% Isophane Suspension +30% Soluble Insulin) 100 IU/ml, 10ml vial
Regular Insulin 100IU/mL, 10mL Vial 10mL
Isophane Insulin Human 100 IU/mL, 10mL Vial

After reading everything I was so delighted and I can't believe that there is a program like this provided by the Government. Since I have work I asked my mom to visit National Center for Mental Health since this is the nearest to us and ask for more information about this and how I can avail.

The Pharmacist is very accommodating over the phone since I called my mom so I can talk to them personally. She answers all my questions clearly and precisely and the next day, I was already able to avail of the Insulin.

Here are the questions I asked her:

Who are eligible to for Insulin Access Program?
  • Anyone is eligible as long as they are diabetic and will use the product solely for personal use.
What do we need to bring?
  • All you need is a prescription from the doctor and the amount for payment.
What if I cannot buy my medicine, can I send someone to buy for me?
  • Yes, no need for authorization. Prescription alone will do.
Is there a limit of how many we can buy?
  • No, but we make sure that we won't be selling too many to just one person, just enough for what they need. We keep the prescription after you buy for regulation purposes.
What are the products and how much is the price for each?
  • Humulin N, Humulin R and Humulin 70/30 only costs 413.40 pesos, it was lowered recently.
What is the expiration date of the drugs?
  • We sell Insulin that is still good for 2 years after you buy them.
Do you honor Senior Citizen Discount on top of that price?
  • Yes, provided that the prescription is named after the Senior Citizen, together with the booklet and ID. If a representative will buy on the Senior's behalf, they need to secure a signed authorization letter and their valid ID.
 Do you issue receipts?
  • Yes we do. But we use Government issued receipts and not the machine printed ones.
Asked Mom to buy me 2 boxes! I saved a huge lot!

Humulin N is 1,345 pesos in Drugstores and I got it for 413.40 pesos only because of the Insulin Access Program of DOH. That's only a fraction of the price! Very affordable! I'm glad my doctor agreed that I switch to this Insulin. Actually, this is the first insulin I used 15 years ago. It's nice to come back to it, at a good price!

Not only that, Department Of Health also has other Medicine Access Programs that may benefit you or your family. For more information, please visit their website at http://uhmis2.doh.gov.ph/doh_ncpam/.

My new diabetes control partners!
I believe that our government has many programs to help us get a quality life, it's just that we are not aware of what we should be getting or what we should avail of. I believe that information dissemination about these kinds of programs is not well crafted at the moment. I hope that they can work on this so that many people, especially the needy can feel the presence of the government doing action for it's citizens welfare and avail of the programs for those benefit that they truly deserve.

I would like to thank the Department Of Health, especially the authors of this program for acknowledging the need of diabetics for Insulin to live and subsidizing the cost for us. It's a huge help!

I am appealing to you to kindly spread the information to everyone, especially those diabetics who will greatly gain from this. Let us be a tool for this program to be utilized by those who deserve it.

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running!


Ronald Raqueno said...

im using lantus and apedra ballpen type insulin, how much are the cost of those/

Running Atom said...

Wowww, I didn't know that's the cost of a maintenance for diabetes! That would really hurt someone's pocket and I'm amazed at how you can manage all those expenses! Aarrghh!

Great thing you found that information from DOH. Kahit ako minsan nagugulat na lang meron palang services ang gobyerno na hindi lang natin nalalaman. And to think, it started a few years ago already.

I believe we don't even need the FOI bill just to disseminate these important information to the people, but with our kind of system, the FOI bill might be just the very patch we need so that people will get informed about these services from the government!

princessrose revilla said...

Thank you so much for this blog.. malaking maitutulong nito sa amin.. ang tito ko po may down syndrome ay diabetic and needs to be injected insulin daily.. we came from an average family at mahirap po sobra ang iprovide ang daily expenses for my tito's insulin.. i am really blessed na nabasa ko itong blog mo.. thank you so much. we will be trying to visit the sites para makabili ng gamot ng tito ko.. God bless you.

Michelle Manait said...

Hi Ronald! Lantus is not included in the list. Please refer back to my blog for the list of medicines. Thanks!

Michelle Manait said...

Hey Running Atom! I myself can't imagine how I survived with all that costs. Kulang lang talaga ang gobyerno sa information dissemination.

Michelle Manait said...

Hi Princessrose Revilla! So happy that your family was able to benefit from this. Please spread the information to others para naman makatulong din tayo sa kanila. God bless! ^_^

Anonymous said...

thank you po dito. God bless

eloicuadro said...

Thanks for the info! This really helps.

eloicuadro said...

Thanks for the info! This really helps.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much! My dad has been in insulin for 2 years already. I computed what i could have saved and it's 11,000+! It's a wonder, after having series of doctors already, why no one mentioned about this program! What gives? But anyways, thank you so much. This is a big help! God bless!

Michelle Manait said...

Thank you so much everyone and it's my pleasure to help in the smallest way I can. I actually am puzzled as well why doctors are not letting us know about this. Anyway, sharing is caring so kindly share this to all diabetics who may also benefit from it. God bless! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle! Thank you for this post. My dad has type 2 dm. he's on Lantus.... so your lantus was replaced by these drug available through DOH? I should ask his endocrinologist then to know if his lantus can be replaced right?

Michelle Manait said...

Hi! Lantus is a basal insulin similar to Humulin N. You can ask his doctor to prescribe this instead. I was on Lantus and now on Humulin N and I get even better blood sugar readings. Hope this helps...

Pa ul said...

Biphasic Isophane Human Insulin 70/30
(70% Isophane Suspension +30% Soluble Insulin) 100 IU/ml, 10ml vial
Regular Insulin 100IU/mL, 10mL Vial 10mL
Isophane Insulin Human 100 IU/mL, 10mL Vial


Based on these three which one is Apidra and which one is Lantus?

ponchit said...

I use two vials a month of Humulin 70/30 I could save a lot and not skip my meds...thank you for te information

Michelle Manait said...

Welcome po! Please spread the good news! ^_^

Michelle Manait said...

Welcome! Tell your diabetic friends about it.

Michelle Manait said...

Glad to know this has helped you save a lot. Send my regards to your dad. Good health always. God bless!

Michelle Manait said...

None of these is Apidra, its a fast acting analog. Lantus is similar to Humulin N because they are both basal but the first one is one dose a day. Consult your doctor for better alternatives.

Michelle Manait said...

Hi Ponchit! Happy to know that I was able to help. God bless!

jizzel gonzales said...

may update po ba dito kasi i tried calling some hospitals to inquire about htis program pero wala daw silang doh insulin access program, badly needed po para sa father ko. :(

bbrrii said...

It is available at Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) here in Cagayan de Oro City. I got it for 300php/bottle. I'm still trying to find cheap syringes. Anybody?

Michelle Manait said...

Jizzel, this is still onging. Try NCMH or Lung Center call them first just ask if they have a stock and how much. Nurses have no idea about this program.

Michelle Manait said...

Thanks for letting me know, and it's even cheaper there! I will update the list. Do you have the phone number of the hospital? Thanks!

Reg said...

hi! thank you so much for this information. I would like to share as per Insulin price and availability as of today:
National Kidney (981-0300): Lupinsulin 30/70 P360.00
Quirino Memorial Medical Center (421-2250): Mixtard P358.00
Las Pinas Hospital : Insujet 400.00
National Center for Mental Health (531-9001): Ransulin 244.00

I hope someone could share where I can buy Humulin 70/30 of Eli Lilly at a cheaper price. My doctor changed my brand because I am pregnant.


Michelle Manait said...

Hi Reg! Thank you for the additional info. Biphasic Insulin 70/30 and Humulin 70/30 are the same, it's also available under Insulin Access Program...

Munmun121 said...

Awesome Post link.
I also like this because that is very informative post.You made some fine points there.Nice blog there.

Palapar said...

Hi Mich! I am a mother of a 5-yr-old boy, who was diagnosed with diabetes 3days ago. I hope it is available here in Cebu. We are still in the hospital right now. Which department should I call to inquire about the program?

Michelle Manait said...

Hi Palapar! I'm so sad to hear this. I hope your son is doing better. By the way, this is only available on Public hospitals and most of them are not aware of this, especially the Pharmacy. I suggest you phone in the Pharmacy department and ask for the price of the Insulin your son will use. If they give you a price close to this one, then they are a part of Insulin Access Program...

tania.dematera said...

Hi...will insujet be the same insujet na needle less? If so, sobrang ok siya for just pho400.00...

Sayang, di ko na sana need tipirin insulin ko if i could avail my insulin from this program...my doc prescribed me novomix kasi... :(

Anonymous said...

Pede po bang bumili khit lumang reseta n,?kasi po kung magpapareseta po kmi ulit ay magbabayad po ulit...ty

Michelle Manait said...

Hi tania.dematera! It's Insuget N that is available. It's the same as Humulin N but different brand.

Michelle Manait said...

Hi! I think they prefer po na new yung reseta. Patingin po kayo sa public hospital libre lang po doon.

neth said...

Hi Michelle,

My father started using insulin last month and I am shocked that it cost a lot. The doctor has prescribed Novolog flexpen and really expensive.
Your post is an answered prayer for us. I have computed the monthly expenses of my father for 1 month and it will cost us P8k and up.
We are leaving in Cavite..Is there any hospital our place aside from Las Pinas General Hospital?



Kristine said...

Meron din po yung para sa pen? Like Humulin 70/30 na cartridge?

Ano po ang pwedeng ipareplace for Novorapid na available sa DOH?

Kristine said...

By the way po, meron po ba kayong alam na not so expensive but efficient na glucose test strips? Iyan po ang isa sa mga struggles ko kasi mahal ang mga glucose test strips. :(

Faye said...

hello, does DOH sell Lantus and Humulin R (pen type)? do you happen to know how much? thanks in advance! ;)

Michelle Manait said...

Hi Neth!

The list is not updated since wala pang update from DOH. Kindly call the nearest government hospital for the price baka mura din sa kanila since ine expand na itong program na ito in provinces. Thanks!

Michelle Manait said...

Hi Kristine,

They dont sell pen types in this program. Novorapid is a fast acting insulin like Humalog and Apidra. Please ask your Doctor if you plan to switch medications. Thanks!

Michelle Manait said...

Hi Kristine,

I understand your struggle. I've been there. Ako kasi I use 3 different brands just for comparison. Sometimes kasi I don't believe in the numbers I see so pang verify yung iba. Maganda kasi ang Medisense Optium Xceed kasi it accurately reads low bs, pricey nga lang talaga. Meron cheaper version nyan yun Medisense Freestyle Lite.

Michelle Manait said...

Hi Faye,

No they don't. They only sell those 3 kinds in vials. If you want, you can discuss with your doctor so he can replace your meds with the insulin listed above. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, ask ko lang po ano ang katulad from those 3 kinds na na-mention sa gamit ko na Insulatard pen type? Para po maka-save ako binigyan na po ako ng doc ko ng Eli Lilly insulin cartridge. Saka po which is better Humulin N or Human Isophane Insulin? Thanks very much sa blog and Godbless!

Avin Cruz Roxas said...

Hi there ask ko lang po kung on going pa po itong program ng DOH. Di ko kasi kaya bumili ng lantus for my father. Humulin 70/30 po sana medyo mura. Please advise

Michelle Manait said...

Human Isophane Insulin is the Generic name of Humulin N.

Michelle Manait said...

Hi Alvin,

Yes, it's still ongoing. I suggest call the Hospital first if they have stocks before going there.

Avin Cruz Roxas said...

What do i need to bring? Wala bang magiging question kapag halimbawa hindi galing sa ospital ang reseta?

Michelle Manait said...

Hi Alvin,

Nope. Basta may reseta okay na. Extra discount pa nga pag Senior Citizen or PWD. If ikaw mag purchase just bring an ID and authorization letter in case hanapan ka.

Avin Cruz Roxas said...

Salamat po sa tulong.

Ung Tatay ko at kapatid nya kasi nag iinsulin na lahi na nila. Malaking tulong ung blog na ito. Salamat at pagpalain nawa kau ng Dakilang Lumikha. Salamat

Topz said...

Hi Running Atom. .im from bukidnon at yung pinsan ko diabetic din at lifetime na daw ung insulin nya. . ang mhal . wala pang matinong trabaho. i tried to look for the nearest hospital na pwedeng bumili nang murang insulin na malapit sa bukidnon. pero halos same lng ang price. . wala po ba kaung nalalaman na nagbibinta din ng murang insulin ? siguro sa CDO . sana may alam kayoi. . please let me know it would be much appreciated. . thanks and God bless po :D

Michelle Manait said...

Hi Topz!

Kung ano lang yung nasa listahan na Hospitals yun lang yung alam ko. Try mo nalang magtanong tanong sa mga public hospitals malapit sa inyo baka meron...

Gav Colcol said...

Gratitude Ms. Michelle!
Got the update from our fellow Diabs early this yr. & just researched about it, then read your Blog. Im from Cavite & Las Pinas General Hospital is the nearest.

For the people near QC, call JDF- Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Quezon Ave. (02- 416-2173) & look for Ate Cora re: discounted insulins & BGM test strips. (Im a member for 17 yrs now & the benefits are worth the travel. Tnx MRT! Haha) More than willing to Help Share Encourage to those who are like me & Ms. Michelle; we gotta SPECIAL CONDITION.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just want to ask if this program is still ongoing? Need to change my insulin because of the price... My doctor gave a Lantus , what is the equivalent insulin for Lantus? and where can i get one? Thanks in advance...

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Michelle Manait,

For those interested, I have extra Lantus Insulin, the same as pictured above in your post that we are selling for P600 per pen or P3,000 per box na lang. Limited lang po since hindi na magagamit dahil pinalitan na yung insulin na gagamitin ng patient. Please do contact na lang po, 09393086505. Thank you!

Micah Seno said...

Hi Ms. Michelle.. Im just 20 years old since I've diagnosed type 1 Diabetes, 22 na po ako ngaun.. ang una kung ginamit na insulin is NOVOMIX PEN for almost a year. PERO ang sobrang mahal.. 915 per pen sa loob ng tatlong araw, mataaas kasi ang dosage ko 50 sa morning tapos 30 sa gabi.. so I decided to switch my insulin with my doctor subscription ang gamit ko ngaun ay JUSLIN 70/30.. kasali kaya ito sa DOH Insulin Access program..?

Nelson Nuñez said...

hi.. san po kami pwede bumili ng humulin N na mura location ko po las piÑas city.09196995377 thanks in advance. tsaka magkaiba po ba humulin N sa humulin 70/30?o meron humulin N 70/30?

Anonymous said...

Hi, i just want to say thankyou. i have loved ones in PH and i cant afford to help them all.. 3 familys of friends i love and try support and then my GF they and her family. they are all without or with little income. i just found this thread as my GF mother has diabetes and i am not able to afford treatment for her.. i hope this program is still running, it seems it is http://www.ncpam.doh.gov.ph/index.php/major-program?id=31 we will see tomorrow when the hospitals open.

Anonymous said...

This is the main page http://www.ncpam.doh.gov.ph/ hope it helps people

Anonymous said...

HI Ms. Michele,

May number po ba kyo na pwede tawagan para dito sa insulin nyo na gusto ko avail. Thanks po

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle,

Can you recommend a good doctor Diabetes. Thanks

Shammy Ubaldo said...

Hi po Ma'am, is this particular DOH program still running?

Shashi Mehra said...

Hi Michelle... I needed MDI (Multiple Daily Injection), which means 1460 injections a year. Meanwhile, insulin pumps(Apidra) require an infusion set change only about every 3 days, or 122 insertions a year.
I think that's one of the things I'm most looking forward to about getting a pump......feeling less like a pin cushion!!! If people ask I usually say the injections don't really bother me but if I think about it properly......yes, they do bother me, a lot!!! Only having to stick a needle in myself once every 3 days instead of 4 times a day will be bloody fantastic!!!!!
BTW good information. Thanks for sharing.

marc olaguir said...

Mas maganda dito sa Bohol "Free" na po ang insulin 70/30 sa Gov. Celesteno Gallares Hosp. I bought last Sept. 10, 2015 at ang hiningi lang sa akin ay ang Philhealth number ko lng.

Anonymous said...

I am selling novolog flexpen insulin. I got them from wallgreens USA and i got 15 extra boxes that i want to sell because I am using Lantus now. Pls pm me 09166220875

melanie luna said...

Is this still true to this date?

melanie luna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
melanie luna said...

Is this still true to this date?

Michelle Manait said...

Hi Melanie, yes this is still ongoing, but mostly stocks are out so call the Hospital first before buying.

Katie gutierrez said...

I am also selling boxes of BD ultrafine pen nano, boxes of lancets and glucose strips. As for my Novolog, I only have 3 boxes left. pls pm me so i can send you details and pics of the actual box with the expiration date. You can send me messages thru viber for faster transaction. I am selling them in a very low price. all sealed. purchased from USA. All flexpen are stored in the fridge. they were packed in an insulated bag with ice pack when travelled from USA to Ph. -katie 09166220875

Unknown said...

Help me guys kelangan ko kc mginsulin i have type 1 diabetes.. Panu po ba to?? Help me po

Sarah Baclagon said...

I hope DOH will also include the pen type (kwik pen) insulins - HUMULIN R and LANTUS . These are quite expensive in the pharmacies. My 7-ear old daughter only needs 3ml a month so far. So it's not practical for me to buy a 10ml vial as I will just have to discard it after a month. We are celebrating her first year anniversary on September 9. I also hope that our government will consider to give a PWD discount to Type 1 DM patients since this is a chronic disease. The glucose strips are really expensive! I am using it four times a day at a minimum and maximum 8 times depending on the result of blood sugar. The cost of a strip could reached from 26 pesos to 34 pesos. The pen needles are expensive too! Managing the diabetes of my 7-year old is really hard on top of the expensive medications/ maintenance.

I hope that our government will continue to have programs for type 1 DM since health insurance in the Philippines does not cover medications/ PF for pediatric endocrinologist for type 1 DM.

But I'm really thankful to have found this blog. Truly, sharing is caring ;)

Anonymous said...

hi I'm using Ransulin.. Any idea kung saan pa po pwede makabili nun? Meron pa po kc ako 4 vials ng Ransulin N and nahihirapan po ako maghanap ng Ransulin R.. sa PGh ko sya nabili, ngayon po iba na yung brand nila.. Thank you po..

Anonymous said...

Are there any places to buy the medicine in Pampanga please

Umar farukh said...

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Rizavilla Viador said...

ask lang if mga Pinoy lang pede mag avail ng Insulin Access Program?

Rizavilla Viador said...

ask lang if mga Pinoy lang pede mag avail ng Insulin Access Program?


cash for diabetic stripsLightbox Medical - Sell diabetic strips and cash for diabetic strips at so cheap price. Visit us to know about our diabetic strips.

Anonymous said...

Hello po...ongoing pa po ang program na Ito?thank you po!

Aja Lakwatsera said...

Hi! what if the patient is senior citizen,will he able to use his card and avail the senior citizen discount?

Michelle Manait said...

Aja Lakwatsera, YES!

Gero Castillo said...

thanks for this!

Unknown said...

Hi.. at kidney center daw matagal ng walang stock ng insulin... san pa kya merong available na store na merong doh program... need kasi ng parents ko.

FenixSEO said...

Hi fellas,
Thank you so much for this wonderful article really!
If someone want to read more about that buy and sell in manila I think this is the right place for you!

Mike Zulueta said...

Good day po...
Naghahanap po ako ng lastus at apridra pentype po. para sa anak Kong 4yrs old taga cavite Imus po ako San po ang pinakamapit na lugar para makabile po ako ng insulin na hinahanap ko at sa murang halaga lang dahil Hindi naman po kalakihan po any aking sweldo para makabile ng mahal sa hospital.sana mabigyan po ako idea para makabile po ako.maraming salamat po.

Faithwalker Marketing said...

Thanks for this information. This will help so many people specially our clan that are diabetics. God bless you

Mama's Love said...

my 10 year old daughter has been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, sad to say but the medicines that you mentioned does not fit my childs requirement for her insulin shots. She is currently using now novomix in the morning and humolog in the evening. Also the strips are very expensive, ang anak ko gumagamit ng 4-5 strips a day depende sa sugar level niya. Pharmacies are selling the meds and strips at a very expensive price. I am just an ordinary worker with an average income to feed my family. I just hope that the government would widen their support on the supplies with varieties not only with one supplier so that alot of patients will benifit from it. I'm glad that DOH has this program. We are still hoping that the government someday could also help kids with insulin-dependent cases. Thank you.

Akila Ramesh said...
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Gems said...

Good evening. Sana po magkaron ng mga murang insulin yung anak ko din po nag iinsulin na sya 10yrs na po syang naggagamot apidra po ang ginagamit nya at ryzodeg. sana magkaron po na mas murang gamot para sa mga may diabetic.

klayr said...

Hi is this available until now thank very much for this information

Unknown said...

I'm Elvira, 9years diabetic my diabetologist prescribe me to use Rysodeg flex type, 70% insulin secluded/ 30% insulin as part SC use. Its very expensive in mercury drug it cost 1,025k i cannot afford to buy, can my doctor replace another cheapest insulin? I was used.Mixtard 70/30 for 5years. Pls reply.

nestpillmart said...

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thonyjc said...

Hi. My doctor prescribed Lupisulin 30/70 but I cannot find it here in Caloocan. Is this available in hospitals?

Unknown said...

This doesnt exist anymore....

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Unknown said...

Meron po ba mapagbilhan dito sa pampanga?

Unknown said...

Meron ba mapagbilhan nyan dito sa pampanga?

Unknown said...

Thank you for this blog! It is evident that you are able to help many people with this post. Hope you can update it with latest info. God bless you!

Reg - thank you for sharing about the price of insujet. this is what my father-in-law is using. not sure if same price pa din since 2019 na :)

Bluepillformen said...

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