Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Bitter-Sweet Changes in my Life

Ever so often I use to write about running in this blog, but this time, I just wanna share what's going on in my life right now.

For the past 12 years of my life as a Diabetic, I am now tenured on how to decipher if my blood sugar levels are rising high or falling low. I must admit that most of the time I don't use my blood sugar monitor because of the expensive test strip (30php for 1 strip, good for 1 testing, and you can only buy a box with 25pcs. the least) and for a student like me, it's really not practical. I'd rather spend the money on my medications.

But recently, because of the hypoglycemia attacks I had when I did my Sunday LSD's I decided to work up again with a Doctor. Yes, I haven't seen a Doctor for almost 2 years and I am the only one adjusting my insulin dose according to how I feel. I know its very dangerous and I discourage anyone from practicing it. I am just lucky I haven't got any serious complications from self-medicating.

So, I went to Makati Medical Center and ofcourse I expect that the Doctor will be so shocked about the news I spilled out to her. She immediately sent me for laboratory examinations to check if there is a major complications or anything that we have to focus on when we go through the medication process.

The laboratory took 5 vials of blood from me, which I assume is around 250cc of blood serum for the test they were going to do. The next day, I got my result...

The result showed a very healthy person, but I wasn't like this before. I used to have sugar and ketones in my urine. I also experienced my underwear being infested by ants in the laudry basket.

I remebered last year, I got this result when I just woke up. A fasting blood sugar of 365!

I was immediately rushed to the hospital. Doctors are very much worried. Everyone in the state of panic. Me, I just kept my cool. I don't feel anything strange at all so I don't worry.

 I was even doing my thesis on the hospital bed while I was confined because I have a scheduled defense on that week.

But now, everything seems to be better for my health, and recently, we just moved to a bigger, better home. I already got my own room! It's so messy so I won't post pictures of it yet. I'll make a gallery of my race bibs on the wall, just like what I saw in A Runner's Circle Store in Quirino Ave. To add to that, just before I graduate from school this March, I already have a job at Hinge Inquirer Philippines. I even got an interview with Radyo Inquirer 990AM and was featured at written by Ms. Fe Zamora!

You can find the original article HERE 

Last Wednesday, when I came back to the hospital for my check-up, my Doctor was so happy with the result of my Blood Sugar Monitoring...
So now, from Insulin Levemir 40-40 AM-PM shots, I am now using Humalog Mix 22-18 AM-PM shots, 
that's gonna be like half off my previous dosage! ^_^

            My blood sugar result before I hit on the pizza and drinks at ARC Kapihan last Feb 25.

I should be happy about the good things that is happening, but there's also things that is quite bothering me nowadays. There's a huge problem that I am facing at school, as a Student Leader. But knowing that I have done my best and the accusations are not true, I am confident that soon the truth will come out, and I can clear my name that I have been taking care of eversince. I also lost some friends along the way. It's very hard but I cannot do anything but accept the fact that some people come and go into our lives for a particular reason, and for whatever it is, I just trust that it's God's will to happen. I trust everything to him.

Which also reminds me, March is my running anniversary. My first year of running and taking it as my sport and now, my way to unwind and get closer to my own self. I want to celebrate it by contributing to the best of my ability to the running community. I want to get my advocacy going, to encourage more people, especially those Diabetics and others with health concerns to run and take charge of their health, and to prevent or if possible, eradicate Diabetes in the Philippines and in the whole world!

I will celebrating it by having my anniversary run on Sunday, March 6, 2011 at the Run United Leg 1. I'm planning to hit a target PR of 1:10 in the 10K category but moreover, I just wanna have fun on this event. If you see me, don't hesitate to say hi and we can also take pictures along the race! ^_^

Change is sweet, but sometimes it can also be bitter. It's just a matter on how we will embrace it and how we will react to it. Attitude plays an important part in people, especially when someone or something, moved their cheese.

Good Vibes to everyone! Sweet Running! ^_^


Ning said...

i believe on your will to encourage people esp the ones with diabetes to be active and more concern about their health.

nway never mind those people that you so called friends bcoz in fact they are not if there are not beside you until now.

Me and my hubby gonna be there also on March 6 running 5K for a start again hehe...hope to see you there hehe...

The Sweet Life Runner said...

Thanks Ning! See you on the road! ^_^