Monday, March 21, 2011

Smart Broadband Offer is Sweetly Irresistible!

Last March 19, I went to my broadband provider to request for a disconnection since I am not using it anymore. The personnel told me that I can do this, provided I pay the remaining balance of my account. Since I don't have spare cash with me that day, I asked him if I can do the transaction tomorrow. He said I can so I went home.

Surprisingly, when I got back to the same place yesterday, the personnel told me I cannot pursue with the disconnection of my broadband. What? I was so pissed off. I told them I've been a subscriber since 2009 and holding period lasts only for a year. He told me he can't be of help and I should just pay for the month dues until November, and that's the only time I can request for a termination.

I went ballistic. After all that effort all I get is a cold answer from the personnel? And to think I was a loyal subscriber for two years they can't even offer a good assistance? I am so disappointed.

So, after the horrible experience, I decided to switch to a new broadband provider.

I was browsing through some sites then I came across SMART BROADBAND.

SmartBro is offering this promo to all Canopy and Wimax new subscribers! Each new account gets free one month subscription, an HP printer and a Smart Gold Lite subscription for six (6) months! How sweet is that?

Promo is open to all new paid and activated accounts for:
-Smart Bro Canopy Plan 999
-Smart Bro Wimax Plan 999
-Smart Bro Wimax Plan 1995

Subscribers who sign up and connect with these packages within promo duration are entitled to the following freebies:
-Free Bro subscription for one (1) month effective on the
-24th month Free HP All-In-One (Print/Copy/Scan) Printer
-Free Gold Lite SIM under Plan 300 for six (6) months

Subscriber must submit the following documentary requirements:
-Fully accomplished and signed Service Application Form (SAF)
-Proof of Identification
-Terms and Conditions

*Promo is from March 4 to June 4, 2011.

Per DTI NCR Permit No. 1871, series of 2011

click here for more info

Here's a video you might wanna watch. It gets a lot interesting here!

Yes, I admit, I am a facebook addict and I love writing my experiences here in my blog. As a blogger who always wants to share my experiences as a Diabetic Runner, I always need to get connected to the internet. Given my new job as a Marketing Assitant, I also need to get connected even at home so I can do my market research. I've heard lots of good feedback from friends that Smart Bro is indeed fast and stable when it comes to connection, I even tried it out from my friend and I can say I am impressed

So, having all these freebies and knowing that its from a trusted company, what else is stopping you from getting one? I am getting mine as well. Come on! SUBSCRIBE NOW! ^_^

Good Vibes and Sweet Running! ^_^


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