Friday, December 2, 2011

Soleus GPS Watch 1.0 - Of Great Sweet Value!

Last November 28, I attended a media launch for Soleus Watch. They introduced the new addition to their collection, the Soleus GPS Watch!

What is a GPS? according to Wikipedia, The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based global navigation satellite system (GNSS) that provides location and time information in all weather, anywhere on or near the Earth, where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites. For me, GPS is simply a device that can track your place on earth. It is also used in cars to determine their point to destination route and distance. This technology is also brought in to our watches so we could know our distance when we run.

One of the most famous brand of GPS watches is Garmin. I once dreamed about owning one but since it is too expensive for me, I knew that this dream will just be a dream. When a good friend of mine, Mr. Jeff Paulino contacted me and invited me for a product launch of Soleus, I was so curious. I am surprised that they are now coming up with a GPS watch!

This new baby sells for Php6,150 only! I hope they would release a PINK or VIOLET one for me! LOL ^_^

I am so honored to meet Mr. David Arnold, one of the founders of Soleus. He is the one who explained to us all about Soleus watches and the new addition to their family, the Soleus GPS 1.0!

"For Soleus, the tech goes further with the addition of the GPS 1.0 digital watch that is packed with features any runner could want from a watch.  It comes with a Pace and Distance feature, which gauges and records the pace you’re going at with the current or total distance you ran.  With these features, you can keep track of your performance each mile at the end of your run.

Cyclist, on the other hand, welcome its Calorie and Speed feature as it gauges and records the current or total calories burned at the speed they’re going.  Additional features such as a high sensitivity GPS receiver, world time which covers 106 cities in all time zones, and a USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery which can last up to 8 hours in full GPS mode and weeks if not in GPS mode, the Soleus GPS 1.0 is a perfect running companion."

For P6,150, this baby is a GOOD VALUE, not cheap!

I had a good, closer look of this watch and I must say its smaller and much good looking than Garmin Forerunner 305 that looks like a box on your wrist. You can use it as a regular watch if you're not running. The screen is just big enough so you can see the details. According to testimonials, GPS can stand around 7 1/2 hours on before the battery runs out. Cool huh!

For the watch review, I don't have the credentials to do so, but my media friends who were so lucky to have one should be able to give you a good review of theirs...

(From left: Mr. David Arnold and my lucky runner friends Thumbie Remigio, Alfred Vedarozaga, Daves Espia and Ivica Say... Oh yes, I admit, I am envious!

As per info from their Facebook Page, this watch is sold as an introductory offer at 10% off! So instead of Php6,150, you'll get this great watch for Php5,535. Again, it's good value, not cheap! I hope my Math skills did not fail on me this time!

I would like to thank Mr. Jeff Paulino for giving me a chance to be a part of this launch, to Ms. Judith Staples for the wonderful assistance given to us during the event and to Mr. David Arnold for sharing his wonderful product information to us!

Do I consider getting one of these for myself? Hell yeah! But for a low income worker like myself, I need to save up for this one. Thinking of giving it as a gift for myself this Christmas, and it's gonna be hard to resist if they have it in my favorite colors. I'm crossing my fingers on this!

The Soleus Launch Group Picture! ^_^

As what Soleus tagline says, "Running is a mental sport, at Soleus we are insane!"

The watch is now available at Timestudio stores nationwide!

Trivia: Every Soleus Watch has a "SQUIFF" on the back of it. For this GPS watch it says "A Marathon is only 26.2 Miles."

For more information, please visit Soleus Philippines Facebook Page.

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^


The Diabetic Camper said...

Sounds like a good price. Like you I just can't see spending that much on a GPS watch just yet

The Sweet Life Runner said...

Yah! It's more than half the price of the leading brand, but then again, I have other priorities...