Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Todo Responde Run Race Review

I know this was already a late post but I still think that everyone should read about this beautiful race.

It was on a fateful night of December 16th when Sendong took away lives and broke spirits when it left CDO and Iligan City in a state of calamity. Because of this, Filipino Bayanihan Spirit spurs once again, sending in donations in cash and kind to the survivors of the tragedy. Ofcourse, the running community did its part, and that's when Todo Responde Run was born.

Spearheaded by Francis Razon, the owner of Eat Pray Run Sportswear, the concept was to send in help to the victims of typhoon Sendong and also, part of the proceeds will go to the hospital bill of baby Rafael Carlos who is confined until it is settled.

Francis Razon and Michelle Estuar

I am not surprised by the outpour of support from the running community's biggest names like Michelle Estuar, BGC, RunRio Inc., Greentennial, A Runners Circle Philippines and the runner bloggers, groups and volunteers. Sponsors also showed love in this event. With just less than 3 weeks preparation, it was an event worth every cent on. Pepsquad and Without Limits also helped in managing the race event. This is the first time that different race organizers gathered in unity to help in a very good cause.

Powered by Proactive, I managed the Water Station at the last loop of the 10K route, together with my workmates and teammates from Z Runners. We walked from the starting line to our destination. The route was strategically planned and the markers were placed where it should be. Marshals are stationed intelligently, the race coach and organizers are very visible. When the race started, it was flawless. Everything was executed perfectly. It was a "RunRio Quality Race." as quoted from Francis.

Runners getting ready at the Start/Finish Line

I would like to commend the race route organizers in particular for a very smooth flow of runners and vehicles at the 10K turnaround point. It was really amazing that they prioritize the bigger lane for the runners. It was unexpected.

While at the Water Station, I expect the crowd of runners to come in 30-40 minutes after gun start since I'm on Kilometer 7 but to my surprise, an hour has already passed and we just saw a couple of runners passing us by. When we saw a runner being paced by the race coach, we knew it was already the last runner, and we joined the pace back to the starting/finish line.

I spent a few moments socializing with my runner friends before I left the scene since I need some precious time to sleep in preparation for my 21K race the day after.

Me with my fellow Z Runners and Michelle Estuar

A well-organized, sufficiently sponsored, supported by the running community volunteers and perfectly executed race that didn't met it's expected outcome of support from runner participants. What went wrong?

I guess the big part is the marketing strategy of the race. It was not well promoted. And the thought that there's already an abundance of programs from various sectors that sends in help to the calamity victims, they might think that it's enough. Time also plays a big role in this. 3 weeks preparation for a big race is quite a very short time.

Handling out the money to Baby Raphael's father. No single cent went to anyone but the beneficiaries.

Nevertheless, the funds gathered were turned over to the beneficiaries and they were thankful for the blessings they've received from the event.

For me, the event was a huge success. Seeing the running community unite once again for a noble cause is already a winning streak. The smiles from the runners who took part and the heartwarming messages we received on how much they enjoyed the race, it was the best reward for all the hard work done in charity.

Me and the other marshals pacing the last runner to his winning finish! ^_^

This is not the last one, we've only just begun. Organizing races for a cause will be on my top priority. It's high time a blogger like me who receives so much love from the running community gives back in my own little way. I know what I can do is not much, but together, we can make a difference!

Thanks to all who have done their part to make Todo Responde Run a success. I am hoping to work with all of you again on the next race for a noble cause!

The beautiful people who supported Todo Responde Run. Thanks everyone! ^_^

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^

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