Monday, February 13, 2012

An Unsweet Hiatus...

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It has been almost two months since I last posted something here on my blog, and it felt like a very long time for me already. Things had been very difficult the times when I was out of the world wide web. A lot of unfortunate events happened...

First up, I was taken out from a group for a reason that is very unclear to me. I have been very supportive of the events and the causes that we believe in but it seems that I have done something that put a big mark on my forehead. Though unclear, I said my piece and asked for forgiveness. I remember when I was younger I was taught to always say sorry if someone takes offense against me, even if it is not my fault and most especially if it is. "Ask to be forgiven, and then forgive yourself..." so I did, and I moved on.

Next thing is I lost a major sponsor. The one that provides my needs to survive and live. I need to undergo a reassessment with them so they can see if I can still continue as their patient. It was really heartbreaking. I can't do anything but to get into the process again, but something is holding me up, it was the worse thing ever. I switched to oral medication, in which I think is not enough help to control the rise of my blood sugar levels.

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I had a relationship issue that got worse. I almost lost my ongoing 9-year relationship to my one true love. It was indeed the most shattering of all, and to think the reason of the heated argument was just a little favor that was misunderstood. I don't want to go much on the details. I felt so shaken I haven't talked to anyone for almost two weeks.

On a brighter side, I got a somewhat promotion at work, but it meant more hard labor and another adjustment. It could add up to the reason why I was so unproductive at those moments. I'm glad I have access on Facebook at the office, my wall has been a friend at those times.

At the last few weeks things got a little better. I got to talk to my partner and we somewhat agreed on something that we will both benefit upon. I guess that is better than before that I don't even know where he is. Then, I got another good news that I am now a regular employee! Thanks to all the hard work and sacrifices (especially my social sacrifices) that paid off! This means more benefits and security for me and my family who relies on me.

When I was on my way to recover from the tsunami that hit my sweet life, another challenge arises. My son Ethan, was identified by his teacher to have behavioral problems. I don't have any choice but to take him out of school and transfer him to a Therapy School to address this. I always knew something is different with my child. They suspect that my son has Autism. I will write more about him soon.

Ethan is my 5 year old son. He is a very lovable kid. My life and my source of reason to live...

Since these changes happened, I had no training and rarely joined up races. I got a chance to test my blood glucose (Yes, I stopped doing regular testing because the strips are very costly) and it went up to 265 mg/dL yesterday, which is not good, I mean it's bad, really bad! I think this is a wake up call to get back to training and running again, since that is the only way I managed to keep it down.

I think I owe everyone an apology, especially those who kept on reminding me to keep my spirits up. Thanks for not giving up on me, especially when I was about to. I guess there comes a point in a person's life where trials are too much that you just want to stop. But we all know, life won't stop for us, so we have to move on. I remember one saying "Don't stop when you're tired, stop when you're done."

I want to think of this long gone from blogging thing as a vacation, and now, I'm back in business! (Though this is not really a business :P)

I look better in this picture. Thanks to Ruel Papa for my make-up! ^_^

Oh by the way, I would just like to share with you all, my team, Philippine Diabetic Athletes or Team PDA was featured inside Multisport Philippines Magazine January issue. This is a free magazine and I hope you guys can grab a copy so you can read more about us and our advocacy.

Special thanks to Francis Razon, owner of Eat Pray Run, My good friends Samuel Tiu, Cheryl Anne Lumanog, Marie Bigay, Daves Espia and to my Team Kamote Runners family for always being there to support and remind me of why am I doing this in the first place, and for those who sent in messages from my Facebook Page, The Sweet Life Runner, chat window, my mobile phone and to my email. I appreciate all the kind words and boosts. Thank you so very much from my heart!

Well, Diabetes, I hope you're ready because this time, I am all psyched up in fighting with you again!

Time to start serious training and happy blogging. More posts coming soon!

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^


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welcome back! :D

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Thanks guys! I'll just take it nice and slow... ^_^

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God bless you always