Sunday, October 28, 2012

VitaPops Wacky Science Fair Event

Last Sunday, October 21st after my swim training at MASA, I attended the launch of the newest Unilab product for kids named VitaPops.

The event happened at Mall of Asia. It was so festive. The booth arrangements was well thought of. Bright colors of orange and purple with the presence of clowns, magicians and other acts made the event felt like a classic circus fair.

The stage is set!

We came in earlier so Ethan get to experience all the booths. He particularly likes the booth were he rode a twist car and create an art using colors that turn into rubber. With just a purchase of  50 pesos worth of VitaPops will entitle you to get access to the event and visit the booths. Even my Mom got her nail art and was so happy with it!

After we visited the booths, we had a buffet lunch at EBUN Restaurant just near the venue. We enjoyed the Filipino food they served. The Nilagang Baka's soup is just simply delicious!

At around 2:00PM, the official launch started. With the host, Ms. Rikka Dylim and the product endorser, Ms. Daphne Osena-Paez, they started to talk about this exciting product. Then, a short presentation was conducted by Dra. Jenee Virtudazo, a registered nutritionist and dietitian from FNRI.

The panel (L-R Ms. Rikka Dylim, Daphne Osena-Paez, Mr. Joseph Aruta and Dra. Jenee Virtudazo)

Afterwards, the floor was opened for those who would like to ask questions. I also raised my own question as well and we are entertained by Mr. Joseph Aruta, the Brand Manager of VitaPops. Here are some questions and answers raised during the event:

Question: How much sugar is in VitaPops?
Answer: Compared to other brands, it is 1/5 lesser.

Question: What causes the fizzling when eaten? Is there a chemical used for it?
Answer: VitaPops is in Poprocks Candy version. The candy was infused with fast evaporating Carbon Dioxide which causes the fizzling in the mouth. It is perfectly safe for children.

Question: Since this is such a sweet treat, should we worry about overdose?
Answer: There is no Vitamin C overdose that is harmful. Anything beyond will be secreted through the urine.

Question: Can adults take this as well?
Answer: Ofcourse!

Some things you need to know about VitaPops:
  • It has 30mg of Vitamin C in every sachet
  • It has less sugar
  • Vitamin C is in the form of Sodium Ascorbate so it's tummy friendly
  • It's a sweet treat kids will beg for more!
  • It comes in Orange flavor. (But I suggested they make other ones like strawberry! ^_^)

My Mom was so happy to have a photo with Ms. Daphne!

After the presentation, I had a chance to meet and greet Ms. Daphne Osena-Paez and have a photo taken of her with my mom and Ethan.

Here are some of the photos I took when me and Ethan stroll around the booths.

The big balloon tent

Ethan build the blocks in less time than others. Strong and smart! ^_^

He loves this twist car we have to fall in line over and over!

This captured his artistic skills. He enjoyed filling the pattern with colors and look how nice it ended up! ^_^

Ms. Daphne, Ethan and the VitaPops kids!
After the event while on our way home, Ethan is still asking to stay at the booths. He super enjoyed it!

The first time he tried VitaPops he did not like it. The fizzling sensation is very new to him since I never gave him Poprocks ever before because I watch out on his sugar intake to let him stay away from diabetes. But after finishing one pack he opt to try one more, and more until he finished one box!

He just can't get enough of this stuff!

Now that coughs and colds are very much in season because of the drastic weather changes, it is a must to load up on Vitamin C to protect our children from getting the disease. Better get the utmost prevention for them to reduce or maybe eliminate the number of their sick days.

Because of the less sugar content of this product, I am considering putting a sachet in my purse for a quick treat whenever and wherever I need it.

We love this Photobooth photo! ^_^

Thank you so much Ms. Rochelle Del Callar for inviting us over to this wonderful carnival of fun, learning and being healthy event. Congratulations Unilab for the success of this event and for coming up with another great product that will help parents give vitamins to their kids in a delightful way.

For more information about VitaPops, please visit the Unilab Website or check out their Facebook Page, Vitapops Wacky Science.

Good Vibes Everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^

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