Monday, October 8, 2012

Unilab In My Home

Last week, I went to a local drug store to buy a rash cream for my chafed arms and under my breast. I was looking for the brand which I use for my son's diaper rash. Since it was out of stock, the pharmacist suggested a different cream. I was hesitant at first but I still purchased. I need a quick relief for the burning sensation it gives.

Th pharmacist gave me Rashfree. From the name itself, I knew this product is the right one for me. When I got home, I immediately used it. To my surprise after putting it on, the burning sensation went away in an instant. The texture is not very sticky compared to what I am using before. It made it easy for me to take a bath because it's not easily washed away with soap. The next day the chafing is not red anymore, and after just days of continued use, it went away completely.

Retails for just 150php, a pea size of this can do wonders on chafe! (Photo from Unilab Website)

I am so impressed with it so I got interested with the information found on the body of the tube. I tried searching it on the internet for drug information and I was surprised that it is from UNILAB.

Wow! I never thought Unilab has topical products like this one. I thought Unilab are just for vitamins and other beauty products.

After that, I scouted my home for Unilab products that we regularly use. Lo and behold! Some of them we're using for the longest time already and we're not aware that they were made by this famous pharmaceutical company! Some of them are the following:

1. Bactifree - Cuts and wounds are very crucial to attend to for diabetics like me since this condition can start up gangrene and the worse, amputations. For children it is important as well. When I got into an accident at McKinley before, I used this stuff to treat my open wounds to prevent bacteria and infection from coming in. It did not disappoint. Since then, we always use this cream whenever someone in the family gets cuts or wounds. It also works for my son's insect bites and it's very effective!

2. GynePro - Women needs superior protection during our monthly periods and as for me, there are times that regular feminine washes are not enough. Having diabetes makes things like this even worse. Other iodine based washes tends to make me dry and prone to more bacteria and infections. When I tried GynePro, it works for me. It is mild, non drying and yet effective in maitaining the natural environment of the feminine part. The mild smell lets you know that it's clean. It's even safe to be used everyday.

3. Myra VitaQuench Dry Skin Lotion - Diabetics are prone to dry skin, especially now that I'm on swim training, I noticed that while my skin is becoming shades darker, the more drier it becomes. Dry skin is very itchy and once you scratch it, you'll wound it. Using ordinary lotions doesn't work for me. Those special ones are really so expensive so I tried using this one and it works for me. It's non greasy and it smooth over the skin. Even if I forget to use it the next day, my skin doesn't dry down. It moisturizes deep down so skin feels supple and smooth, even if I am now completely under a darker skin tone.

4. Swish Mouthwash - I already did a review about this before here: It actually helped in my receding gum problems. It freed me of the stinging and burning sensation I'm having from the leading brand. I've been using this for almost 5 months now and I won't face the outside world without gargling it!

5. Celeteque Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Facial Moisturizer - Being 54 years old, I saw how drastic my Mom's face has changed these past years. She has developed very deep wrinkles and her skin became so lifeless and dull because she stopped using those expensive creams on her face. Since then, she started to shy away from going out or even posing for the camera. I want to give back my Moms lost confidence so I let her try this product. For a week now, I noticed that her skin has this luminosity I've never seen in years. She is happy with the change she see. I hope that with continued use she'll get the result that she expects.

There are more products in our household that we use in everyday living without noticing that it is from Unilab. It has been our home necessity and now we appreciate its presence more. Unilab brought us quality healthcare products from prescription medicines, vitamins, supplements, topical ointments, beauty, toiletries and other products I may not be aware of that we sure benefit from. I bet my bottom peso that no household is without a Unilab product (Well unless they meant it to be).

As an average earner like me, it is important to buy quality products without spending too much on it so I could spend it on much important things like food and other basic family needs. With Unilab, you get the the utmost value for your money and get the desired effect on the products you purchased without overspending.

All product information is readily available on their website. Visit to find out the complete information of your Unilab products.

With Unilab, "Health is just a click away!"

Good Vibes Everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^

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