Monday, November 11, 2013

My 14 Years with Diabetes

It’s been a while since I blogged about my activities. Yesterday, my husband talked to me about it. He is wondering why I haven't posted anything for quite some time now. It’s not really because I was losing the interest to write, it’s just that I want to write more sensible and contentious topics that would be beneficial to all that follows and read my blog. I want it to be more of quality over quantity. Anyway, November is a good month to start writing again in commemoration of World Diabetes Month.

After my reconciliation with insulin four months ago, things has become more complicated, at first it was indeed a struggle to adjust the dosage and those super frequent blood sugar testing that made my fingers numb was I guess one of the remarkable dark ages in my life with diabetes. I experience a lot of frustrations because no matter how many times my Doctor adjusts my insulin dosage; it seems that it doesn't give a significant difference over my high blood sugar. The truth is, I feel defeated, but I am still keeping my hopes up. Yes, I am the kind of person that wants to see results fast that I almost gave up the thought that one day, things will soon change. Sometimes, no matter how effective the medicine is, the body reacts differently. I can say that on my 14th year with diabetes, I am now in the advanced stage of it.

My diabetes control partners!

From my basal insulin doses of 16iu in the morning and 14iu in the evening, we adjust it weekly by 2iu until it reached 26iu both in the morning and evening, then an additional Metformin tablet at night and yet, only a minimal change was recorded on my blood sugar readings. I am so disappointed.

I said to myself, I cannot be defeated without fighting because I believe I am a natural born warrior. I've been into similar situations like this and get out of it alive still. By fighting I mean exploring things that might work in my case. I already gave up on food supplements as they don’t really work as much for me this time, until I discovered something that will change my perspective about controlling my blood sugar for good.

I started to note everything that happens to me that will do impact on my blood sugar: What I eat, what time, how much, what activities I did and then how it impacts my blood sugar. What I noticed was I get crazy elevated blood sugar whenever I eat RICE, BREAD, PASTA and any form of CARBS (It’s a substance that turns into sugar when digested by the body).

Sample daily journal I made when I was starting out with Insulin again.

My tool for research is mainly the internet, this is where I get most of my information but ofcourse I also consult friends with the same condition and my doctor as well.  I looked mainly about diet since I want to know if there’s some innovation that I can incorporate in mine and that’s when I came to know PALEO DIET.

In just 3 months on Paleo Diet brought me from HbA1c result of 9 to now 5.4. Amazing!

Small reward for getting a passing HbA1c score!

I will blog about my Paleo Diet journey on my next post. Wait for it!

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^

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