Saturday, November 23, 2013

My First Cycling Race Experience

BGC Cycle Philippines, this is where I had my first Cycling Race experience and right away I am on the 40K Challenge Ride. I first saw this race being promoted on IronMan Cebu Race Expo last August. My Teammates encouraged me to join in. I am not comfortable with this idea because I'm just a newbie but since They already signed me up, I'll do it anyway.

Cycling Pack. So worth it!

I love biking. I enjoy leisure rides and sightseeing while doing so but after seeing accidents happen on videos I suddenly realized that it's too risky. Saw some athlete friends in Facebook posting photos of them with broken bones, ravaged faces and some are even serious they end up undergoing operations in hospitals, and even death.

My husband is a bike commuter. When there is time we go riding together on the road, riding side by side with motorcycles, jeepneys, cars and even trucks and buses; from small streets, to busy streets, to main roads and even on EDSA! I always get that little heart attack everytime they pass by me on whooping speeds. He taught me bike commuting skills and how to handle situations on the road so I could gain confidence.

Steve with Maxx

Taking a break at Heritage Park

Cycling side by side along EDSA!

A few days before the race I got so jittery. I am so nervous because I don't know how this cycling race will turn out. I have experienced supporting a competitive cycling race but it's really different when it's your turn to ride.

    Before the ride starts. So nervous 

I expect that the challenge would be the time to finish but I learned that the true challenge is keeping yourself alert with those sudden pedestrians who will cross the street, those motorcycle who sometimes show up without notice, fellow riders who overtakes you from the wrong side & keeping your balance while getting out of the traffic once you get stuck. Don't get me wrong, the Marshals did an excellent job in keeping the traffic but some things are just inevitable. I saw around 5 bikers who caught minor accidents just infront of me.

Photo credits to Joanne Raquel

While riding, I hear the voices of my hubby in my head while he's instructing me on road confidence, Attorney Jocas on shifting gears, Sally on advises about hypos, Sir Poch giving motivation and support. These made me finish my race without stopping, even on the steep uphills. I am proud I never unmounted Steve despite the pain.

The road is mostly rough, and if you're not careful you'll get caught in an accident because some broken asphalts are really hard to see, especially the manholes that are installed lower than the road.

I finished the race in 2 hours 15 minutes. Very lame time. I am craving I want to ride more! Me and Steve are scratchless. No injuries whatsoever, just very hungry!

Photo credits to Joanne Raquel

I saw those nice expensive bikes on the race that stopped because of mechanical problems as I pass by them. Happy that I have a very good personal mechanic who takes good care of Steve. Happy also to have a sturdy bike from Scott. He may be one of the cheapest. But he never lets me down!

Overall, it was a great start of cycling for me. I think I have become a better cyclist after this.

Photo credits to Joanne Raquel

Photo credits to Joanne Raquel

Thanks so much to my Teammates, Team Triabetics for the motivation and support, especially to Kuya Rej, Sir Eric, Sally, Attorney Jocas and Sir Poch. To the photographers, Joanne, Justin & the one who took 3 of these photos, Lestsky. To fellow bikers who took time to greet for me along the road. To Ms. Princess Galura for always cheerfully assisting me on my queries. To Unison Bike Shop's Ms. Cecille Ty for the support & generosity to my team. To our sponsors, Abbott Diabetes Care, Ampalaya Plus, Gold's Gym and Scott Bikes for supporting our advocacy. To my personal mechanic, who's always there to support my craziness, my husband Rico, I love you forever! To my family and mostly, to God Almighty who's guidance made me finish the race safe and happy.

Would I be doing this again next year? HELL YEAH!

To all finishers and organizers of BGC Cycle Philippines, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet CYCLING! ^_^

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