Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Financial Fitness Run - A Race Review

After I started on Paleo Lifestyle Eating, I noticed that I lost a significant amount of energy during runs. I should also admit I lack training, so when I did an LSD (Long Slow Distance) two weeks ago as expected, I did 18K in 3 hours and I am so dead tired already.

It's been a while since I joined a "Fun Run". I am mostly doing Strength Conditioning, Core Training and Boot Camps, which changed my body from fat forming to now starting on muscle forming. I now know how to properly take on nutritionals for these exercises but not to running.

Since Paleo won't allow Carbo-loading, which is crucial to storing glycogen in the muscle in preparation for races, how do I make sure I can last long distance races without dying like a battery draining it's power? So time to experiment by joining a race, and the earliest is Financial Fitness Run that happened last February 23, 2014.

To be honest, I am not fully prepared for this race since I lost track of my schedule and realized just a day before the event that it's already on the next day. I don't do competitive racing so this is not a big deal for me, I'll just enjoy the race, the route and the company of fellow runners and friends along the way.

The race was held in BGC, which is just a few minutes from my house so it's pretty convenient. It began with a few stretching exercises and at exactly 4:30AM, the gun was fired and the 21K race has started. Silly me I forgot to link my GPS before it began so my registered distance on the Soleus 3.0 is not accurate. I just used it to track my pace and to estimate the distance I acquired.

BGC is my home turf so I think it's an advantage since my legs already knew how to adjust from flats to uphills to false flats in this area. I am lazy to run so I was just walking at the start of the race and just run a few meters and walk again. I am waiting for my legs to get the rhythm and finally when we got to Buendia the legs started to cooperate so I made it run!

Photo by Manghusi Photography (Jose Ramizares)

Photo by: We Run For Good Health

Photo by GASMA Xfinity Runners

I finished the race injury free with an unofficial time of 2:53. For a run that did not took out all my energy, almost walking and even injury and pain free, it's decent enough for me. I am happy with it. Also met runner friends along the way which I haven't seen in a long time. It was nice to see them all again after a long hiatus from races.

I am a keen observer, not to find flaws but find strengths and room for improvements so while at the race I list down some of my observations.

What I like about this race:
1. It started on time.
2. Route is not congested with runners.
3. Whoever thought of putting Peanut Bars (Hany) in one of the Water Stations is a genius!
4. Bananas served at around 5K before finishline is superb!
5. Water stations serve cold water.
6. Portalets!
7. Photographers everywhere.
8. Getting of finishers shirt, loot bags and trophies is a breeze!
9. Traffic management is commendable!
10. Nice singlet and finisher shirt.
11. Courteous and friendly runner volunteers!

Some room for improvement:
1. Onsite registration should have lights. People had a hard time signing up and claiming race kits.
2. No safety pins attached on the race bib.
3. Some signage are not visible, especially in the 10K turnarounds where 21K runners should go straight.
4. Some small parts of the route is dark.
5. Iced Tea served in the Water Station is not a good idea. It's a diuretic, it'll make runners pee!
6. The route is less than 21K. I'm so sure I didn't make any short cuts.
7. Some critical points in the race lack presence of marshals.
8. I think trophy is too much for a reward in finishing a 21K race. It should just be for podium finishers.

Overall, this race is a thumbs up despite the minor flaws I observed. Well, the important thing is that the crucials are well executed, no casualties and everyone had fun!

Congratulations to all finishers of Financial Fitness Run, and congratulations to all the staff and volunteers of Greentennial Run. Thank you Mr. Rovic Canono for giving me an opportunity to experience this race. Looking forward to more fun races like these in the future!

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^


Thirdy Lopez said...

but Hany is not Paleo...


Michelle Manait said...

Hi Thirdy. Yah youre right Hany is not Paleo but I still eat peanut based products I'm not strictly following. The aim really is no carbs.

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