Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The First Race of My Sweet Life

I've been training now with my adiNation of Runners BHS Family for two consecutive Thursdays. They've been very vocal about joining races. Me? I just quietly listen. When one of my running mate asked me when is my race, I just smiled and said "I never had an experience joining a race". They looked at me in amazement.

It's kinda unusual, especially for me who is known as the brave, assertive type of person. But ofcourse everyone has their own fears.

Last Friday, by insisted runner's demand, I decided I will join Nike Club Run Manila 2010 on December 5, 2010, Sunday. After my work at 5pm, I headed straight to Nike Park BHS just to find out that the registration for the race just closed at 2pm. I was really pissed off but I guess its just not yet my time to race, maybe early next year...

I went to work Saturday without thinking about that race thingy. Though I envy those running mates of mine that will run at the Quezon City International Marathon and Nike Club Run Manila 2010.

Until I checked my phone at lunch break in the office. A text message I received says "Hi amanda, this is kulitrunner. Gusto mo sumali sa run tomorrow sa Nike? I can give you a slot just text me your infos..."

That night, I was so very excited. I requested for an extra half cup of rice from my mom, took my meds and went to bed. I set my phone's alarm at 5:00AM so I can have more time for my preparations.

As expected, my trusty mobile phone did its job. I prepared myself for the first race of my life as a Diabetic Runner. I had a hefty oatmeal breakfast and then I hydrated myself before going to the race. Bonifacio High Street is just walking distance away from my home so going there served as my warm up for the upcoming race.

I arrived 45 minutes before the gun start. I met up with a newly found friend, Kristine. It's her fourth race already, though she doesn't train or joined any running groups.

25 minutes before the gun start we went to the starting line. As the time goes near runners from different directions came into the same spot where we are in. The wide world became smaller and smaller that stretching is not possible anymore. Glad I've done mine early on. A Fitness First instructor lead the stretching exercise. When the clock hits 2 minutes before gun start, everyone is getting so hyped up, shouting, clapping and sounds of cheer were echoing, and now my fear is gonna start soon.

When the timer sets to zero and the gun shot were heard, the race officially started. The first five minutes, the road was so congested. I just kept my slow running phase. I try not to be pressured when someone runs pass by me. I just keep my speed in a way that I won't be pressured. After 15 minutes of nonstop running I noticed that the fast runners started walking, and I was already passing through them. That scenario kept my spirits up. This is what Coach Carina was talking about, she told me that some people are fast runners, but they have low endurance. Keeping it slow but controlled will get you ahead of other runners. I was all smiles then.

After the 2K run I felt tired so I decided to stop and walk. All the while I was just focusing on myself. I never felt this good. It's just like my training run with an adrenalin rush. After around three minutes of walking, I ran again.

The road I was running then was now wide enough for me to see whom I was running side by side with. I saw familiar faces that I always see when I train at BHS. I tried to take a glance to my back and I realized I was in the lead of almost two thousand people. I felt much better.

After the 3.5K run I felt that the right side of my waist is already aching. This is the one slowing me down but still I am keeping up with my speed. A light rain shower fell in the middle of my 4K run, I felt cold and I am having difficulty breathing. I feel my blood sugar is going down. My hands are shaking a bit already, I am coming to hypoglycemia. I closed my eyes for a while and I motivated myself that I can do this. I can finish this race. Glad the hydration station was nearby. I got to have a shot of a sports drink. Sugar is up again. I felt a lot better.

4.5K, 500 Meters to the finish line, my body is telling me it had enough, but I just can't afford to stop and give up. At the peak of a curve I saw the finish line. I don't know what happened. It's like I was taken over in automatic mode. I run so fast that I surpassed other runners who is a few meters away from the finish line. When I stepped on the line I felt so great. Call me dramatic but I was all teary eyed. I just wiped it off because I'm so ashamed that other runners might see.

I finished the 5K race at 39:55 minutes. I was holding my right waist because it was too painful already. The feeling of finishing was so great, and the best part is I was not the last one to get to the line.

After the race, there are lots of food and refreshments for the runners. The Nike toy was so cute as well. I got a Shazza!

I get to take some pictures from the event.

Nope, I'm not the winner of the race. But I feel like I am!

With my newly found friend, Kristine.

I even got the chance to meet and have a photo with one of my inspirations in running,
Coach Rio Dela Cruz! ^_^

After the race, I went home so very happy. I feel I can still run another kilometer if given the chance. I started writing about my experience in my laptop.

Though I didn't win the race and never even get to come close to winning, I am so happy because I feel like I am still a winner. I won over my fear of joining races and finishing last and I won over the feeling of fear that I won't be able to finish a 5K race.

I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to Ms. Vima Mendoza who sponsored my first race. To Kristine Jose, a newly found friend. The RunRio Staff and Coach Rio Dela Cruz for organizing a great event, and ofcourse to my Takbo.ph and aNR BHS Family (Coach Carina, Zinnia and Marvin) for being supportive in my endeavors.

My first run was so memorable, and I am looking forward to my next race soon! Early next year? or another one this December? I can't wait! ^_^

Good vibes to everyone! <3^_^<3>


Flyingboar said...

Congratulations Amanda!!! Now, beware!! it's so addicting, hehehe!!!

Amanda The Diabetic Runner said...

Thanks Coach Carina! It's indeed very addictive. Running should come with a warning. Haha! See you tomorrow! ^_^

BTW, The race result is already out. I am finisher number 994 with an official time of 40:04 minutes...

Daves said...

congrats on your 1st road race! hope to see you on your future runs :)

Amanda The Diabetic Runner said...

Thanks Sir Daves! Hope to see you on the runs as well... ^_^