Saturday, December 11, 2010

Why Running?

Many people now are getting themselves into sports and they have plenty of reasons like for aesthetics and body contouring, bonding time with friends or just to have something to call a sport. They are being very conscious about their health and fitness, and I think it's just the right time since many of us really had bad lifestyles and habits. Not to mention, the abundant occurrence of such fatal diseases such as Cancer, Hypertension and my sworn enemy, Diabetes...

I was a professional couch potato since time immemorial. I was born fat, a chubby baby that everyone adores. I look so cute when I was a little child. Almost everyone can't resist my plump cheeks and will pinch me every time. I remember one time I went home from school my cheeks are all red because of the pinches I get from my classmates' moms, and even if I am a very playful child I compensate everything through eating. After my active childhood I started to be less active when I started schooling. I am so focused on my academics even in my primary years so playing outside is not on my list of activities anymore. I just experienced being slim for a while when I got Typhoid fever and it confines me to a hospital bed for a month. Well, after that, I'm back to my eating habits again. By the way, did I say I was cute? believe me I was! Then I don't know what happened after. lol! ^_^

My mother tried to get me into a diet regimen, in which I hated her for before because I feel she was limiting me of what I enjoy doing most. Eventually, she gave up on me. That's when I started to add pounds per pounds until I got so huge I can't even fit into children sizes anymore.

So much for my fat history (lol!). Going back, many people are asking me that of all the sport, why did I chose running? Well, here are some of my reasons...

1. Running is inexpensive - Comparing it to other sports like biking, mountain climbing etc. that requires costly equipments. For me, running is the most practical since I am just a student and I am not a well off person. You may say, yeah, running shoes are expensive but that's the only thing you really need to invest a big amount for.

2. Running can be done almost anywhere - As long as there is a pavement in which a person can walk on, you can run there. On the streets, vacant lots and ofcourse the most advisable are the parks and designated running areas like Bonifacio High Street and the likes.

3. Running improves the hand and foot coordination - Especially for a weakling like me who always stumbles down at unparalleled walkways, this is really a huge help. According to what I have read from The Runners Guide,
"Improved coordination is another worthwhile benefit which may be gained from running. This may seem surprising to many who assume it is not possible to gain these types of benefits from running simply because it is such a simple sport. However, there is some coordination involved in running. Trail running which involves running on unpaved trails especially requires a great deal of coordination. The uneven surface combined with obstacles such as rocks and tree roots can make trail running quite difficult. However, runners who regularly run on these types of services, quickly learn to maintain better control over their bodies to prevent tripping and stumbling while running. Even running on a flat surface which is paved can also result in improved coordination because it forces the body to work together to keep the runner upright and traveling in the correct path. Those who run regularly typically move more fluidly than those who do not run or engage in any type of regular exercise."
4. Running releases toxins in the body, making the skin look supple and smooth - This is the part I love best. I noticed that when I run, My skin becomes more translucent. I am a very oily skinned person so I always have acne breakouts but when I started running my breakouts started to minimize. I feel that my skin has a youthful glow. Promise!

5. Running is a great cardio workout, perfect for those who wants to lose weight - I benefit from this the most. If you have seen my before and after fatty picture, you will definitely agree. Have you seen an expert marathoner with extra flabs on the sides of their waist or huge bellies? So I need not explain further...

See the difference?

6. Running allows me to think clearly - This may be just a psychological effect but believe it or not I get good grades at examinations when I run a day before the test. I have done this for quite sometime too. I feel that reviewing after a good run makes my brain more of a sponge, it absorbs much information from my notes. Besides that, when I am making a decision or planning something, I find great ideas while running. Sounds absurd but yeah, I think clearer when my body is at work. I think my mind is moving with my body.

7. Running keeps my blood sugar in control - This is yet the best reason why I do running. Being a diabetic for 11 years tenures me of this terminal disease. I have tried running and checking my blood sugar in constant monitoring and I found out that my blood sugar is more in control when I do running rather than aerobics. Don't get me wrong, aerobics is a good form of exercise, but I benefit more from running. As what they say, every human being is different, its just that I found my perfect match.

While running around one great morning at my favorite place, Bonifacio High Street

These are just some of the reason I got, but I know there are more reasons why I do running. It's just like when people ask me why I love a person, most of the time when I try to find out all of the reasons, all I can answer back is... "Well, I just fell in love". ^_^

Good vibes to everyone!

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