Monday, December 20, 2010

Running to Win

Since I started running around March 2010, I've not really taken it seriously. I just do it because its the trend of the times. Just running around Bonifacio High Street in one loop then I'll go home. I took running religiously just last September 2010, after I read Dr. George Sheehan's book "Running to Win" which pumped me up with a lot of motivation to run for my health and fitness.

I was roaming around a book sale when I stumbled upon this book. The cover is very intriguing so I purchased it right away, not realizing that the price I paid for the book is actually a steal because even if you multiply it by a thousand folds, the price I've paid for this book will never match the things that I got out of it.

Dr. George Sheehan, according to the Foreword of the book he wrote was a world-class worrier. He worried that he hadn't written well enough, spoken well enough or run well enough, though no one had written, spoken and run better than him in his generation, carrying with him a 30 year tenureship in running and fitness, trying out all sorts of methods, disciplines and even psychological motivations to incorporate them and share them with the running community.

Dr. George Sheehan while doing a talk

What I love most about Dr. Sheehan's writings is that he wrote by experience. He always believes that every person is an expert of himself, giving the notion that every runners should listen to what his or her body is telling so running theories may be true, but it should be revised according to a runners' individual needs. Some may benefit to one concept, some may not. It's a matter of trying what works best for you, with a bit of customization on your part.

Running is Dr. Sheehan's drive for life. He never believes that it should be considered as a religion, in which I realize I was so wrong because that is what I am doing. He values family, friend, career and God so much. He never gives more time to running than the things that matters to him the most.

Dr. Sheehan while on a Cross Country Ultramarathon

After I finished reading the book I feel refreshed. I was about to stop running when I picked it up since I am losing motivation. That's when I decided I will run, because I have a purpose to win, I will run to win over my diabetes...

Yes, the book he wrote talks about running, but as I was reading in progression I realized that he is talking about running only 40% of the time and the other 60% was for other things like experiences, trainings, diet, theories, psychological and spiritual views. To sum it up, he talks about running in a holistic approach, making it one of the best book to read if you are looking for an inspiration and motivation to continue, and eventually do running to win, not only to finish first place but winning in the true essence of it.

"Success rests in having the courage and endurance and, above all, the will to become the person you are, however peculiar that may be. Then you will be able to say, I have found my hero and he is me."
-Dr. George Sheehan (1918-1993)

Happy running and Good vibes to everyone!

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Daves said...

nice book you got there. merry christmas! :)

Amanda The Diabetic Runner said...

thanks! im still on the verge of collecting books about running and inspiration. ^_^