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Green Means Fun at the First Greentennial Run!

Green means go, but the Greentennial Run last January 23, 2011 gave it a new meaning. Now, green means fun!

The De La Salle University, one of the famous Universities here in the Philippines is celebrating its Centennial Anniversary, and as a part of this celebration, they have thought of organizing a fun run for the benefit of One La Salle Scholarship Foundation.

When I visit R.O.X. to do my "window shopping", I always see the Greentennial booth there and I see people continuously signing up for the run. One time, I saw the booth with a sample singlet hanging on the table. I approached the booth and take a look and feel of the singlet. I liked it. That's when I decided I'll save up and join the run.
But before I get to register, Nathan Sports Philippines created a new contest again as the second leg of the Run Free promo. The mechanics are simple, you just have to answer the question that Nathan will post, write it as a note and post it on your facebook profile. Tag at least five friends and don't forget to tag Nathan Sports Philippines as well then that's it! Cross your fingers and hope that your entry will win. For more information about the contest, Click here!

So you already have an idea what happened right? Yes! I won a free race kit courtesy of Nathan Sports Philippines, and it is my second time.
When I got to the registration booth I decided to take the 10K race category. As much as I want to get the 15K race kit, I just got out from sickness and I don't want to push myself to the limit. I know that this distance is just the right one for me as my comeback run after being sick for almost three days. But I must admit, that medal for the 15K category is very tempting!

My Singlet and Race Bib! 1922 for 10K here I come! ^_^

I got my race kit three days before the race and I trained afterwards with my aNR BHS Family. That was the busiest Thursday ever, I reported to the office for my OJT, I attended my class at school and training run afterwards. Despite that, I still managed to run without tearing myself down. I bought a pair of long green socks so to participate well in the color coded race.

The day before the race I rested and eaten well. I am ready for my second 10K race!

My trusty cellphone alarm did its job again. I prepped myself up and went to the venue. I wasn't aware of the gun start time that's why when I arrived at the starting point the 15K racers are already running. I run fast to the starting line to catch up with the 10K gun start. Glad I was able to get in. I wasn't able to warm up because I was a buzzer beater. I am a little nervous I might not hit my target PR for this race. I saw Ate Iris at the starting line and we had a little talk. A few stretches were led by a fitness instructor then after a few minutes, a gun shot was heard and were off!

I was surprised seeing a lot of photographers a few meters away from the starting point. Now I am getting the picture, this event will have tons of pictures in its leg!

Though I haven't warmed myself up for this race I surprised myself that I don't feel pain on my legs while running. I think I did a full 3K without stopping or slowing down. My endurance training is really showing me now that it really does work.

There were many runners on this race. From elite athletes to little children. I am so happy seeing familiar faces while running. Some marshalls are even my runner friends. It makes me feel comfortable seeing them. I am also happy that some people greeted me along the way, though I don't personally know them.

The route was a refresher for me. Having my training route at Mc Kinley and Lawton Avenue, I expected the route to be there but to my surprise it was different. I even get a taste of the EDSA Flyover, which is nice but the some cons there is that it was so dark the moment we pass by. I opened my blinker so that runners at my back will see that they are going the right way, I was also following the ipod light of a fellow runner infront of me so the run at the EDSA Flyover became a convoy of runners. I just had a hard time at the uphill of the route but the downhill was also perfect to have longer strides to compensate. The loop where the 5K runners will have to turn became congested since the three categories started to meet on that point.

Hydration stations are everywhere! The tables are so long runners don't have to line up just to get a cup. There are variety of different sports drink and water. Marshalls who handed loop necklaces were very alert in handling them to the runners. Route marshalls are very active in advising where to turn or to go straight ahead, a great way to make us understand why there's no map in the race kit.

I was so entertained with the water shower, the photography stints like the point and shoot and most especially, the jump shot were so enjoyable. I am so happy smiling at the photographers whenever I saw them, hoping to get my picture taken.

The last Kilometer I felt tired already. I don't want to stop. I need to beat my PR on the last 10K I did at the Westgate. I pushed myself further to get to the finish line as fast as I can.

When I saw the finish line I was all pumped up. I was shouting as I approach the finish line. I looked at the time and it was 1:11. Yes! I beat my PR! I was so happy I can't hide the happiness from my face.

After the race I stayed for a while to take some pictures and then I'm off to Alabang Country Club to join my Tri Team's (Team PDA) monthly meeting. I was so happy to announce to the group that I have beaten my PR by 10 minutes. The team were so happy for me. I was so proud of myself.

But after I got home when I checked the official result of the race here's what I found out...

I was heartbroken when I saw the result. I believe that I beat my PR but it ended up I looked at the wrong clock. That was the same time I had during my first 10K race and I have PMS then. I feel so very low. I am so embarrased. I already announced to the running community about my progress. I am very ashamed of myself.

I posted again on my social pages about the mistake. My runner friends were very supportive and comforting about it. I was relieved. Then a question popped out of my head "Why are you running anyway?" Then the tagline of my blog suddenly answered it "I run not to win over other runners, I run to win over Diabetes" and that's it! No more PR depressions for me! ^_^

Here are some of the pictures I got from the event. Though I haven't seen any of my pictures at the Greentennial Run FB Page album, I am still happy.

Run, Amanda, Run!

I so love this artificial rainshower!

Finished with a smile! ^_^

with my good friend, Ate Iris

A greentennial runner!

Overall, I can say that the first Greentennial Run was a huge success! I would like to congratulate the La Sallians for bringing us a very enjoyable race. I am looking forward to the second greentennial run next year, and I promise I'll be there again! ^_^

Special thanks to Nathan Sports Philippines for sponsoring another great race for me, and for providing a great hydration belt for runners who wants to get most out of their trainings.

Good vibes to everyone! Keep running sweetly and happily! ^_^

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