Friday, January 7, 2011

The Sweet Life Runner meets The Sweet Potatoes...

I received an invitation through my Facebook events calendar before Christmas, a TKR (Team Kamote Runners) LSD Run in preparation for the Condura Skyway Marathon. I was thrilled when I found out that they are going to run to Tagaytay but when I get into the details of the invite, I was shocked because they will start at Luneta, the famous Kilometer Zero...

According to them, Tagaytay is 56K. OMG! 56K? I can’t even do half of that. So I decided I will decline the invitation but before I do so, I ask them first about the run.

I posted some questions and to my surprise they were all so prompt and fast in answering my queries. They told me it is not a requirement to run the whole course, you just need to run according to the race that you’ve joined in the Condura Skyway Marathon and then you’re off to transport yourself to Tagaytay. This made my eyes roll. So it means I can only conquer the 16K point since I joined the 10 mile race and then I’m good.

The day before the race I am still thinking about joining or not. Then I remembered my condition, I am diabetic, and this route is new and far. The time start is 12 o’clock in the morning so it’s dark. I remember I experienced having a series of hypoglycaemic attacks just last week after my long runs. I don’t want to give them a hard time.

I resentfully told them I will not join because of my condition but one of them offered himself as my close in running buddy at the event. I was so flattered that they are doing all these just to make me join the training. So that’s when I hit the “I’m Attending” button and committed myself to join the run.

I went to the meeting place 30 minutes earlier and some of them are already there. I really made sure I won’t be late. I also made sure that I am pre-conditioned to run longer distances, I slept 3 hours that afternoon, I took in multivitamins, I relaxed and eat well. After a few minutes the other team members arrived. I felt at ease when I saw that there are 4 girls in the team. When they are complete we headed out to the famous Kilometer 0 mark.

We did the usual stretching. A few poses on the Kilometer 0 post and then the run begins!

As usual, I was the slowest. I’m so glad that Kuya Brian and Kuya Zaldy was very much willing to keep their paces slow just for me. The whole team were so supportive. I saw how much they care for their fellows, and most especially with me, since I told them beforehand that I am diabetic.

It was really hard running at wee hours of the morning but I still pushed myself so to at least keep the group close. We have stops at convenience stores and some places in which they wait for us when we are so behind them.

At KFC Sucat, the first Pitstop, were still "okay" ^_^

The Team Kamote Runners loves picture taking. They always take pictures on the way. Most of them have cameras ready to shoot at any nice places and Kilometer posts they see. I enjoyed posing with them during the takes.

After the 10K run I felt that the run is taking its toll on my legs. Every step is becoming harder and harder. I am still keeping up, I don’t want to slow down my running pacemates too much. Despite the hard time running I still managed to finish my 16K race but I still feel I can do more. So I asked for more mileage and they agree. After about 2K, I asked for 2 more. While going at it we saw Jerome along the way. He is complaining of knee pain and really can’t run further. So Kuya Zaldy brought out his “Dora’s Backpack” (almost everything we need is there! No joke!) and aided Jerome. We went to the Kilometer 19 post and then we rode the jeepney to Robinsons Dasma to meet up with the next finishers.

Still all smiles though super tired already...

Bacoor, Cavite! Seeing this sign is already an achievement for me! ^_^

While waiting at a 7-11 store in Dasma, Cavite, We found out from Ate Lori and Ate She that Ate Jhing got injured during their run. It took some time for the other teammates to accompany her to where we are. When we arrived we saw her left foot was so swollen. They attended to her immediately. I also met Kuya Bee Yen and Kuya Carl at this pitstop. They were supposed to run with us but because of conflict in work schedule, they didn’t make it. They went there just for support and I find it so sweet!

At the 7-11 Store in Dasma, Cavite with Kuya Bee Yen, Ate Jhing and Papa O

When everyone was in the pitstop, all decided to stop and head to Tagaytay through transportation. Only Kuya Meljohn decided to finish the route. Kuya Brian and Kuya Zaldy will ride to Silang and then run until they reach Tagaytay. Ate She and Mama O will ride also and start 8K to Tagaytay.

We stayed outside Jollibee Tagaytay and waited for those who were still running. Everyone looks very filthy. That route was filled with vehicles since many people are early leaving their places or going to the marketplace to prepare for the New Year’s Eve Dinner. We cleaned off and changed clothes. Then at around 11:30am everyone was already in the place. We are now ready to take our “Bulalo Lunch”! ^_^

Team Bulalo Runners... oopps! correction, It’s Team Kamote Runners! ^_^

Everyone enjoyed the lunch, not mainly because of the bulalo but moreover, it’s because of the finished run and the bonding moment with special friends.

After the lunch, we took pictures and then were off to go home so we could catch up with our own family celebration of New Year.

The "Bulalo Ba?" facial expression!

I really did enjoy this LSD Luneta to Tagaytay Run with the Team Kamote Runners. I’m glad I took their offer to join. Those 19 Kilometers were the best distance I did so far. I appreciate their hospitality, friendship and the laughters they shared with me. I never felt out casted, they treat me like a teammate, like a family... This run will be a really memorable one for me.

They said they will do LSD Run on Antipolo sometime in January to train again for the Condura Skyway Marathon. Would I pass up a chance to train with them? Ofcourse not! I’m in! Those Sweet Potatoes were the sweetest thing that I will never get tired of, I hope they won’t get tired of me too.

I would like to thank the Team Kamote Runners from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to have a taste of their sweetest hospitality, and for sure I won’t go hyperglycaemic with them! (lol!) More power to you guys and I just want you to know that the Sweet Life Runner is your number 1 fan!

Let’s continue running... with sweet friends!

Good vibes to everyone!

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