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A Sweet Run For A Good Cause - Run 4 Life 2011

"I run for a cause, and I support runs for a cause!" -The Sweet Life Runner

Westgate, Alabang - One of the most memorable race routes I've had because I had my first 10K race here at the Run for Love, Run for Life Race, where Sir Patrick Concepcion (a.k.a. The Running Shield and one of the proponents of The Condura Skyway Marathon) commented and congratulated me on my blog entry. I lost my breath for a while when I read it. I was so stunned. I never realized someone as popular as him would visit a small blog like mine. So happy!

So, another chance is coming up again. Another race in Westgate, Alabang is gonna happen soon, and not to mention, it's for a very good cause!

Run 4 Life 2011 - A Run For A Cause

Sunday, May 15, 2011, 6am – 10am
3k, 5k, 10k, and 16k
The Serenity Place, Westgate Center,
Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang, Muntinlupa

Put on your running shoes and join our Fun Run for a Cause. Achievers of 3km runners contribute to the Satellite School Program, 5km runners to the Medical Mission and Patient of the Month beneficiaries, 10km runners to the community library and 16km runners to supports coach Jojo’s soccer program; we will provide uniform and other accessories for his team compose of children of prison guards in Muntinlupa.

The more achievements you make in your run, the more lives you help change. Aside from the fun aspect of a run, isn’t changing lives worth running for?

Categories, Assembly Times, Gun Starts, Maps and the Causes it supports:

If you Run 3K, you support:

Sattelite School Program

The Satellite School program is part of Lifeline Foundation’s Community Initiative. Lifeline Foundation aims to provide an environment where children are shaped into solution-finding and creative individuals. We encourage these children’s artistic expression, as well as give them, at the very least, a few hours where they feel like they’re special and are heard out. We gather underprivileged elementary students and help them master the basics of reading and math. Think of it this way: a better education equals more job opportunities, a direct path out of poverty.

You too can help these children when you run for Run4Life’s 3K division.

If you are a teacher/tutor/mentor and you just waiting to come out, you can help further. Call the Lifeline Foundation’s office at 836.2514, or call Ernest dela Cuesta at 09273763692, and be a volunteer today.

If you run 5K, you support:

Lifeline Foundation's Medical Missions
Barangay Medical Outreach — Giving back to public servants (policemen, firefighters, tanods, barangay workers, traffic aides, teachers, health workers, etc.) in our local city government; providing medical aid and health education.

When Lifeline Foundation brought the medical outreaches to the local barangays, we found that so many of the young policemen, family men in their 20’s and 30’s, have extremely high blood pressure—to the point that one of our doctors called them ticking time bombs. Lifeline Foundation not only provides medication to these men, but also teaches them lifestyle changes in diet and exercise, in order for them to have long, happy and healthy lives.

Mangyan Missions — We regularly go to Mindoro province to aid the Mangyan tribes there, providing medical assistance as well as health education.

These indigenous tribes, found on the island of Mindoro, are a simple folk who have no guile. They are extremely thankful for whatever is given them—slippers, rice, sardines, mosquito nets and the like. We have brought both doctors and dentists to these tribes people, bathed their babies and dressed them in clean clothing. Many of them have had to cross mountains and rivers in order to come to us for medical care, and we have a great need for medical specialist —dermatologists, ophthalmologists, pediatricians, etc., so we can give them the best care possible. For these missions, we leave in the middle of the night and get home late the next day, and yet, so many Lifeline Foundation volunteers come back year after year for the Mangyan Missions, that is how rewarding this experience is.

Patient of the Month Initiative

Each month Lifeline Foundation sponsors a person who cannot be productive by reason of a medical liability. We team with doctors who sponsor their services and we provide the operating expenses of any surgery needed and the medicines required.

If a man wants to work and provide for his family but cannot because he cannot see any longer, this is where we step in. Children who have had their future endangered by blindness have had laser surgery with Lifeline Foundation. The truth is, medical resources are plentiful and there are many skilled doctors willing to donate their time and energy. Our job is to connect patients with our volunteer doctors and in doing so, we help others help themselves. Know more about the patients we are supporting here: http://www.ineedalifeline.org/patient-of-the-month/

You can help these patients when you run for the Run4Life’s 5K division.

If you run 10K, you support:

Community Library

As part of Lifeline Foundation’s commitment for the betterment of people’s education, we are partnering with the local government of Barangay BF Homes for the building of a Community Library. This project aims to bring accessible library for under privileged youth who have no access to expensive reading materials.

You can help in investing for our youth’s knowledge when you run for the Run4Life’s 10K division.

If you run 16K, you support:

Youth Soccer Program

Lifeline Foundation believes in the capabilities of Filipino youth to excel in the field of sports. We will sponsor a youth soccer team, these are teams who have the potential and spirit driven but lack the materials and support to continue with their endeavor.

Help out this out-of-school soccer team when you run for Run4Life’s 16K division.

Singlet Design

Bib Design

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Run4Life?
- Run4Life is a fun run for cause which aims to raise funds for Lifeline Foundation’s projects and initiatives.

Who are the organizers of Run4Life?
- Run4Life is organized by the passionate volunteers of Lifeline Foundation Support Team Inc. They come from varying fields of expertise, from management, sports, arts, education, IT and web, security and others that are just passionate in changing people’s lives.

Who is Lifeline Foundation?
- Lifeline Foundation Support Team Inc. is the organizer of Run4Life. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the relief of the oppressed and the empowering of the victim-minded. The foundation’s focus is in the areas of education, health and medicine, empowerment, as well as several other areas. You can know more them at http://www.ineedalifeline.org/ or call 836.2514.

I want to help Lifeline Foundation, but I can’t run.
We believe, running is for everyone but if you really can’t you can still help in many ways. Here are some of the ways you can help:
  1. You can still register without actually running, just by supporting the event.
  2. You can sponsor someone or a group (contact us for groups).
  3. You can be an event partner (contact us for sponsorship packages).
  4. You can donate to Lifeline Foundation Inc., email at info@ineedalifeline.org
  5. You can be a volunteer! Visit http://www.ineedalifeline.org/

Registration Details 

Where can we register?
-There are assigned registration centers where you can register in person. In the south area, you can register at Lifeline Foundation HQ, Sujiivana Salon or Guhit Kamay Arts in ATC and for other areas; you can go to select Chris Sports branches. You can also register online, more details about the registration here: http://www.ineedalifeline.org/run4life/registration/

Can we get the Race Kit upon registration?
YES you can get the race kits upon registration. Be advised though that the singlet is available on a first come, first served basis. So register early!

What if the singlet ran out when I register, will I still get a Bib Number?
Yes with your timing chip on it.

How can I claim my Race Kit if I registered online?
Once you send us the proof of payment and we verified it, we will contact you for pick-up spots. Otherwise we can send it to you via courier but with additional cost.

What are the qualifications for joining is there an age limit?
The registration is open for all ages; however participants below 18 years old must have their entries signed by a parent or a guardian. Also please ensure that you have had sufficient training and that you choose a race category that best suits your current physical capabilities.

Can I send someone to register on my behalf?
Yes, just send the filled-out form and the payment to any of our registration partners.Details of the registration partners and downloadable registration forms here: click here.

Race Kit, Timing Chip and Singlet

What is in the Race Kit? What will I get upon registration?
Upon registration you will get the following:
  1. Run4Life 2011 Singlet (Available on a first come, first served basis.)
  2. Runnnigmate Race Bib with built-in timing chip.
  3. Payment Receipt
Are you partnering with Runningmate again, and do we get the race results right after the race from their high-tech facilities just like last year?
Yes! After you cross the finish line, you can step at our Timing partner’s race result viewer and get your timing statistics on the screen. Make sure you are wearing your race bib and sensors are not blocked.

What is the proper way to wear the Race Bib with Timing Chip?
Attach the Race Bib on you Singlet with your race number in front.

How do I handle the Race Bib with Timing Chip?
The runningmate Race Bib with built-in Timing Chip should not be folded and don’t subject liquids and magnets.

Race Details / Race Day

Where do I get the details for the gun start?
Please click here for the schedule for each route.

Can I still register on the race day?
Yes, but there is no guarantee with the singlet/race kit availability.

Where can I find Information on the race day?
A registration / information booth will be open.

Will someone take my photograph and video?
We have volunteers that will take photos and videos.

Where do I get the race results?
Please refer to “Are you partnering with Runningmate again…” under Race Kit, Timing Chip and Singlet. The Race Results will also be posted in this website as soon as it’s available.

Are there other activities after the race?
Yes, there will be a program that will be held after the run. Some sponsors will also have promotional activities on their respective booths.

What do we get after the run?
Finishers get a loot bag from our sponsors and a certificate for joining the race and the opportunity to contribute to Lifeline Foundation’s initiatives.

Race Results available HERE.

Bring a book good for library use (fiction or non-fiction, for children and adults). Every book you bring, you get 1 raffle ticket. Prizes await!

Every peso made from Run4Life2011 goes to Lifeline Foundation's Mangyan and
Community Medical Missions; Satellite School Program for the youth of BF Homes;
Soccer Youth Program and the construction of our Community Library.

All proceeds go toward these very good causes that empower and uplift people's lives

Now that the running community is getting bigger and bigger, we need to show that we have a good reason for running, not just for bonding time with friends or for our own self. It's high time to share what we have and make running a purposeful one. Do support runs for a cause. REGISTER NOW!

(Information credits to http://www.ineedalifeline.org)

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^


Daniel Steven Trinidad said...

Great blog post.:) Thank you for this. See you at Run4Life!

The Sweet Life Runner said...

Thank you very much Sir Daniel! Hope to see you there as well. Sweet Running! ^_^

kassy said...

DOnt forget to tag TEAM REEBOK RUNNING on facebook or @reebokph show those race kits and be one of the lucky runners who'll receive a gift from Team Reebok! :D

see you on race day, amanda!