Friday, June 1, 2012

When Overconfidence Causes A Traumatic Experience

I never thought I will be victimized. I wasn't even thinking that I'll be an easy target for those heartless culprits. I guess I was overconfident, the reason why I got mugged...

June 1, 2012 - Friday, which is today. I was walking on my way to work at around 5:20 in the morning, which is what I usually do. I wore my wireless mp3 player, put it on low volume and enjoyed the ambiance of the early morning while I'm at it. While I was on my way going to Ospital ng Makati, one man put on his arms around my shoulders and said "Miss, wag ka papalag, akin na yang bag mo!". I thought it was a friend that was playing jokes on me. I looked into his face and I was surprised that it was not a friend, this is not a joke and this is really happening!

The guy who declared hold-up is fat. He looks poor in physique. I'm sure I can win over if I just fight him off. I tried to struggle when he is taking my bag. But another guy shows up and tried to take the lunch box from my other hand. While fighting, I saw the fat guy about to stab me with a knife. At that moment, I totally gave up the fight. I pushed my bag towards him to stop his attack on me, and then they ran off with my things.

I was frozen for about a few seconds. Things hasn't sink in yet. But after a while I was back in reality. I shouted and shouted for help while running towards them. The fat guy ran the slowest. Because of adrenalin rush I was able to run at an incredible speed unimaginable to me so I almost got him. But then I realized he had a knife, and if I catch him, one thing that can happen is that he will stab me. So I kept my distance.

When we reached JP Rizal Extension which at that time, motorists are zooming at speed because there is no traffic yet that early, I lost them. Also, the man who helped me in the chase also lost them since those muggers went under the bridge in Pateros, a place which is impossible to catch them on since there are lots of houses and small walkways leading somewhere we don't know.

The vendors on the sidewalk told me they saw 5 young men running with bags on their possession. There was this fat guy which is now without a shirt who threw a knife on the edge of the street, and then they went down under the bridge of Pateros.

An illustration on where I was mugged, where we ran to chase and where the muggers escaped...

I walked home and alerted my Mom on what happened. She freaked out. We went to the Comembo Police Station to report the incident. That's when I started crying hard because everything is now being realized. They let me vent out all emotions before they started asking me questions. The Policemen assisted us and asked me to lead them to the place where the incident happened and the place where I last saw those culprits. They asked those people who witnessed the incident for their investigation.

After we roam, we went back to the Police Station and they took my statement on what happened back then to blotter and make a Police Report. I was also shown some photos of criminals which they have records of, but the face of the fat guy who mugged me was not there.

Things happened in less than 5 minutes, but I felt it was so fast. I was so drained after the incident my head felt that it was floating. It was indeed very traumatic. I never expected this will happen to me. I experienced being robbed inside the house while I was asleep last year and they almost took all we got but on that incident, I was not able to see the robbers, or witnessed any part of the crime that happened. This thing that I've experienced is so different. I was there, I saw the whole crime happening in my own eyes, and I almost got killed...

After my statement was written, I got a copy of the Police Report and then we went home. I hugged my son after. I notified my friends through Facebook on what has happened and I also reported to my boss and he told me to just rest at home and not report to work. I also deactivated all my cards and my phone lines to prevent the criminals from using it.

It was already bright at that time. Who would have thought that culprits will attack on a broad daylight? Like what I've said, I was too confident I never thought of this coming.

Those muggers must be assuming that I might be carrying a lot of cash with me since most people have their salaries on month ends, on my company it is not. We have a different day of salary release. I only have a few cash on my wallet. I don't even have coins since I always deposit it on my Piggy Bank. What I am sad about is most of my important things are there: ID's, cellphone, ATM's, make up kit, Heart Rate Monitor belt and my wallet which has the calling cards and some important documents inside it. I wish I can get them all back.

I was told that this is not the first time it happened on the same spot where I was mugged. It was so disheartening knowing that. Nowadays no place is secured and anything can happen to you in an instant.

While I am recalling all the event that happened my assumption is that those muggers where not professionals based on the way they attacked me. I also think they have no intention of harming me. The only thing they want are my things, but I know in case that they'll be in trouble, they'll not hesitate to kill me.

Some people do not realize that what others have are earned from their hard work. All they think about is how to get easy money, mostly at the expense of others. What I have is a fruit of my hard labor. All those hours spent in the office and still doing part time job at home just to make ends meet. I even sacrificed time meant for my son. I don't get the things I have from just asking, I worked to have what I possess. I am not rich, I don't even have a car or even my own house. My salary is just enough just to get my family through. I don't even have savings in the bank. I am just an ordinary person just like everyone else. I can't believe some people have the heart to stole from someone like me.

In a way, I pity those muggers because I know the reason why they resort to this kinds of doing is because they do not have a job to feed their families. This is a clear proof of how incompetent our Government is when it comes to alleviating poverty in our country. This is also a reflection of how weak the power of Police Security is enforced in this side of Makati. Ofcourse parents of these people are also to blame. They should have guided their children on righteous ways. But overall, I still believe that those people did this on their own will so the fault is mainly on them.

Until now while I'm writing this I'm still shivering from the frightening experience. I don't know how to recover from this. I am so afraid to go out of the house alone. The part where the fat guy was about to stab me is always repeating itself on my head. I can't stop crying when I remember it. I think I need more time to heal from this incident.

Still, I thank God for not allowing those muggers to hurt me. I was safe despite everything. I also am so thankful to all those people who send in their well wishes for me and for sending me their heartfelt sympathy on the tragedy that happened. In a way this reminded me that I am well loved.

They may have stole most of my important things, but those things can be replaced. I'm still thankful they did not took the important thing that can never be replaced, my life!

I am heeding the attention of Mayor Jejomar Erwin "Jun Jun" Binay to please heighten the security of Comembo and Pembo Makati, especially those alleys where there can be potential crimes that can happen. I wish that this incident won't happen to anyone again. Let us all be vigilant so that these kinds of incident wont happen. Like what they said, better be safe than sorry.

I hope that this incident that happened to me will be a reminder to everyone to be cautious and alert while walking on the streets. It is our obligation to take care of ourselves for our family's sake. If the attackers have weapons that will hurt you, do not struggle over your things, let them have it. Always report crimes to the Police not just to have a chance to retrieve your belongings, but mostly to alert them and have the chance that this criminals will be caught and put behind bars so they won't get on to their next victim anymore.

Still, Good Vibes, be safe everyone and have a Sweet Day!


Jay Real said...

Kapag may nawala daw sa iyo, papalitan ni Lord ng mas maganda :) Keep that spirit! Stay positive! Good thing you did not get hurt.

Michelle Manait said...

Thanks Jay! I do hope so! Lets all be vigilant and careful when walking on the streets even on broad daylight...

Anonymous said...

Hi! this is also my usual route going home, between 5-6PM. i work near OSMAK and live in Pateros. I walk this road on a daily basis. This was a frightening experience. This could have easily happen to me too. I hope and pray that you recover from your emotional trauma.

Michelle Manait said...

Thank you! I hope you equip yourself well when walking here just to be safe. Take care!

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