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Diet Tips This Holiday Season

Since I signed up to do a relay at the upcoming Ironman Cebu in August 2013, the more I dedicate myself to my training and diet regimen. So far after I started the "Saba" (Banana Plantain Diet) and now the "Kamote" (Sweet Potato) Diet with proper nutrition, attitude and exercise, I saw significant results with how I look, feel and perform. Though I'm still in the process of taking in it's full effect, I can say that it's very effective. I'll try to write more about my diet as soon as great statistical results are seen.

Delicious, but adds up to you! (Photo from

Now it's already December, the time of the year for plenty of parties, family gatherings and celebrations. There are lots of these things going on and I know how hard it is to stay away from them. I have no plans on missing significant celebrations and lose out on precious moments with my family and friends just because I stay away from the food and the fear that my months of strict diet and training will just go to waste.

I am one of those with the curse of eating and gaining weight fast so if I don't watch it, I'll end up tipping the scales to 220lbs. again as I did when I was 14 years old. I never want that to happen ever again...

So, after reading out some articles and seeking out advises from friends whom I call Diet and Strength Guru's, I came up with an idea on how I can enjoy the celebrations without adding the weight that I worked hard in losing.

1. Load up on the good stuff before going to a party - A bowl of oatmeal, a medium sized sweet potato or banana plantain can hold on to your hunger and will prevent you to overeat during parties. You won't be eating more of the unhealthy stuff since you've already fill yourself with the good ones.

Saba and Kamote can fill you up so you won't load up on the unhealthy ones.

2. Drink a lot of water - Might sound overrated but true. Drinking plenty of water will give your stomach the feeling of fullness and will limit you from overeating. Some people doesn't find this effective but some does.

At least 2 glasses before you dig in to the buffet table can lessen your food intake. (Photo from

3. Chose the healthier options or the lesser evil - Let's face it. Party food are most of the time unhealthy. It's salty, too sweet, oily and is high on carbs. If you're going to eat, chose the healthier stuffs. For example, instead of eating that delicious Leche Flan, you can settle for Gelatin as a dessert. For the lesser evil choices, if there is Lechon on the dinner Table, try to chose the meat over the fat, or go for roast chicken instead.

I chose this dessert over the Gourmet Ice Cream!

4. Satisfy your cravings and get a little of everything - I love buffets, who doesn't? And everytime I eat in buffets I wanna eat everything up to the extent that I miss out on some because I stuff myself too much with the first dish I took so after a while, when I feel there is space again, I'll load up. So the result is weight gain. I don't want that to happen anymore. A friend told me that food cravings are mostly satisfied with just a small amount of intake so getting a little portion of everything will give you the feeling that you ate everything in there, without feeling all bloated and full of regrets.

Also, stop eating at wee hours of the night and just enjoy partying, especially when you feel that the party will end soon or you need to go home in a few hours so you won't sleep with a full stomach. Sleeping on it will give the tummy a hard time digesting, and will turn them to fats which will go the parts of your body you would not want them to be.

My sample platter at a buffet. I took in most greens and a little of everything else!

5. Limit the alcohol intake, especially beers - I know it's looks like you're gonna be a party pooper but hey! I didn't say you're not allowed to drink. Parties always have that alcoholic beverage and you can never resist them (unless you do not drink alcohol). So, a glass of red wine is the best option. Vodka and other drinks is also cool as long as you take one or two shots only. One trick I learned from my Mom to get through this is to take small sips in your drink occasionally so it will last all night. I tried this once and it actually works! My two shots of Tequila Rose lasted from 10pm to 5am the next day.

Beers are brewed from malt, and malt is carbohydrates, and carbohydrates hurt the blood sugar levels so I suggest diabetics like me stay away from these stuff, even if it's the light ones. Also, beers are packed with calories and it causes "Beer Belly" (You know what I mean).

As diabetics, we should also watch our alcohol intake because of its adverse effects on our blood sugar levels. Alcohol lowers us down and may cause sudden hypoglycemia attacks if taken in large amounts.

Beers are good when consumed in small amounts. (Photo by

6. Socialize more and have fun! - Parties are meant for socializing and having fun, food is just an addition. I am internalizing this mantra so that I will have more fond memories of interacting with peers rather than regrets in food that turned into an additional flab on my arms, thighs and tummy.

I do not want to get into that "Off Season" thing because I'll lose my progress and come back weaker than ever and feels like I'm starting out again, so I will still do my workouts and trainings on days that I plotted I will do.

I know its gonna be very hard but if we put ourselves in it, it can be done. I believe in this!

I hope you find things here useful as I did. As for me, I'm gonna take the challenge of no weight gain this holiday season and I hope you do too, ofcourse its while we enjoy the bonding moment with our friends and loved ones. Goodluck to all of us, and cheers for the season!

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^

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