Saturday, December 1, 2012

World Diabetes Day Philippines 2012

Last November 17, 2012 brought a milestone to diabetes awareness in the Philippines as Philippine Diabetic Athletes Inc. launched the first ever World Diabetes Day Philippines 2012 Commemoration at Glorietta 5 Activity Center in Ayala, Makati City.

When we were starting out as a team, Sir Poch already told us his visions on how we can go towards our main goal, to spread diabetes awareness and to help people who need information and support about diabetes, especially those who are inflicted with the condition like ourselves. This event is one of his big plans and I am so happy that it finally came to realize.

We started the campaign through social media like Facebook and Twitter. Also, with the help of our media partners, the event was further exposed and reached many people. We received a lot of inquiries which gave us the hint that many people, diabetics or non diabetics alike are very much interested in the event.

Then big day came. I brought my Mom and my kid with me since it's a Saturday and I want my Mom to hear the talks as well. I also brought my neighbor with an 8 year old son diagnosed with diabetes at age 1 year 18 months so they could benefit from the event as well.

Opening remarks led by Mr. Poch Bermudez (Photo by: Ian Caleb)

It started with us, Team Triabetics on our opening remarks. We got the chance to share some things about ourselves, how we started out individually and about the group as a whole. After that, the event officially started.

Dra. Teresa Macato doing her talk about Exercise for Diabetics.

We welcome members and Sponsors as well, and see the cute kid there? LOL! :P

My Friend and Fellow blogger & diabetic, Kai asking questions in the open forum.

Dr. Harvey De Baron discussing about diet. This one really is very interesting I learned a lot!

Besides the talks and the chance to get your questions answered by the expert resource persons, one thing that I liked about this event are the sponsors booths. These companies that manufactures different products from running gears to supplements believed in us and supported our advocacy. They even put big prizes for us to raffle off to the attendees of the event.

Abbott Diabetes Care, the makers of MediSense Optium and Omega supported our event by giving out Free Blood Glucose test to all event participants.

Ampalaya Plus Booth promoted their famous recipe book to the participants.

Asics booth showing off their nice kicks!

But ofcourse, the Multisport Philippines Magazine Booth is all in for us!

After the event, big prizes were raffled off to the participants courtesy of our generous sponsors. Everyone had a grand time at the event because each had the chance to get their questions answered and learn more about the condition and how to better manage it.

One thing I was so happy about is that Sir Poch announced that this commemoration will also happen in different key cities in the country so those people living in Visayas and Mindanao, watch out for us next year!

My tip on how to beat diabetes! :P

I would like to thank Go Nattural Corporation, makers of Ampalaya Plus and Ampalaya Plus Junior, Abbott  Diabetes Care, Asics Philippines and Multisport Philippines Magazine for the support given to us for this event, the speakers Dra. Teresa Macato, Dr. Harvey De Baron, Ms. Kaye Lopez, Dr. Gar Eufemio, Dr. Glenn Ramos and Dr. Gemiliano Aligui for selflessly sharing their expertise and knowledge to equip us with information about the condition, the staff of Hinge Inquirer Publications for the event preparations and manpower and most especially, to the participants who made the event a successful one.

Team Triabetics are in support for the cause!

Congratulations to Philippine Diabetic Athletes Inc. (Team Triabetics) for a successful kickstart of the World Diabetes Day Philippines 2012 Commemoration here in the Philippines! I hope that this will start the spark of diabetes awareness and information in our country!

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Follow us on Twitter: @Triabetics

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^


Regina said...

Thank you Philippine Diabetic Athletes and Team Triabetics for this high impact event. Ang dami ninyo natutulungan!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Looks like a fantastic time! Way to go!

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