Thursday, April 14, 2011

Iberet Multisport 101 Swim Bike Run Sweet Event Series

I am a fan of MultiSport Magazine even before I got into triathlon. Yes, I am training for triathlon together with the Philippine Diabetic Athletes Inc. but for now I am focused on swimming. I can't do cycling yet, I'm saving up for one, and it's kinda expensive. Anyway, I find the magazine very informative. Not to mention that it is for free. I never ever imagined that one day I will be a part of the company who makes the magazine that I love taking out at a sports store.

I was employed last March 7, 2011 as a Marketing Assistant for Hinge Inquirer Publications, the magazine arm of the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the makers of MultiSport Magazine. It's really a dream come true for me. Even if I will just graduate on April 30, I already got a cool job. So, when I came in as a consultant, that's the time that they launched the project: The Iberet MultiSport 101 Swim Bike Run Event Series...
I am so proud about this project since I am one of the persons who planned and worked on this. I hope you guys will take advantage of what MultiSport has for everyone. It's high time we take running to the next level, and try other great sports like swim and bike.

I can guarantee that this event is worth your subscription. We got the best coaches in town. Here are some trivia about them:

Here is our schedule for the 11 legs of the clinics...

So, how can you be a part of this event? Check this out!

Just an FYI, Coach Patrick Joson is my run and bike coach while Coach Anthony Lozada is my swim coach. Both of them are so professional and skilled, so kind and so patient on me despite my slow progress. Thanks Coach! Much appreciated!

We also got lots of raffle prizes to be given away at the event from our sponsors: ASICS, SOLEUS, ADIDAS, SPEEDO, SOMA, TIMESTUDIO and many more! First 200 registrants gets a FREE LIMITED EDITION MULTISPORT CAP! The one I use during races!

Something to watch out for: We will be posting the Audio-Visual Presentation of this event before the first leg, featuring Miko De Los Reyes (Runner), Andy Leuterio (Cyclist), Ginny Summerfield (Mountain Biker) and Debbie Yabut (Swimmer). I'm so excited!!!

So what are you waiting for? Limited slots available. REGISTER NOW!

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^

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