Monday, April 4, 2011

Labor Day is Run with Doctors Day... Sweet!

As a Diabetic patient, I always get a lot of prescriptions and advices from my Doctors, and one of the most common is "Exercise Regularly". But now its gonna be different. As the famous one-liner says "Walk your talk", So the Doctors from PCPF are gonna live to this, but with a bit of revision, they'll gonna "Run their talk".

I was invited at a Blogger's launch last Wednesday at Kirin in BHS. From there I got the chance to meet in person the Doctors that I usually see on the magazine of PCPF whenever I get a hold of a copy. PCPF Stands for Philippine College of Physicians Foundation.

Here are some information about PCPF:

The PCP is the umbrella organization of internists in the Philippines and was organized 56 years ago, in 1953. The 3 main reasons for its existence are:
  1. Continuing Medical Education of internists and other physicians;
  2. Certification and Regulation of the Subspecialty of Internal Medicine;
  3. Accreditation and Certification of the Training Programs for Internal Medicine in the Philippines.

    Dr. Gonzalo F. Austria is the Founding President of the PCP.

    The PCP is an affiliate society of the Philippine Medical Association and a member-society of the International Society of Internal Medicine. The College has a total of 7,660 members composed of Fellows, Full Members and Affiliate Members. The title of Diplomate in Internal Medicine is awarded by the PCP to an internist who has fulfilled all the requirements set by the Philippine Specialty Board of Internal Medicine which administers the certifying examinations annually. The title of Fellow is awarded to a Diplomate in Internal Medicine who has fulfilled the requirements for membership as Fellow in the PCP. Thus, an internist who has satisfactorily passed and fulfilled the requirements of the PCP and having been certified as such, may carry the title Diplomate in Internal Medicine and Fellow of the PCP (FPCP).

    The College has 15 component and affiliate societies under it. It also has 22 regional chapters nationwide.
(Original Article from HERE)

RunRio Inc., The organizer of the best fun runs and races in town, has partnered with PCPF in giving us "Run with Doctors".

The purpose of thie event is to support the following:
1. The HERO Project
2. Pharmacovogilance
3. Tobacco Free

I've already encountered the word "Pharmacovigilance", but it being explained by Dr. Morales gave it a simpler tune. We all know that generic medicines are cheaper right? But what we are not aware of is that the content of the drug might not be the exact dosage that we get. It's all about quality versus quantity. Health is an investment we should not think twice about. Cheap may be good, but sometimes, it could endanger our lives.

I am so excited to run with the Doctors and I hope this fun run will make the running community more closer to the Doctors and see them as friends and not just another untouchables.

So on May 1, Labor Day will be Run with Doctors day! I'll be running 10K here. Sweet! See you then!

Good Vibes and Sweet Running everyone!

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