Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Merrell Barefoot Collection Now in the Philippines! Sweet!

When I was a newbie runner, there is one instance that I visited R.O.X. and by accident, I saw a run clinic there. Without knowing what to expect, I signed up. That's where I met Michael Sandler, and there also starts my barefoot dream.

After I got a chance to have a one on one talk with Michael, I became an instant fan of him and of barefoot running. I was so impressed from how he recovered from his leg injury and now doing barefoot? Amazing! Full story HERE.

I remember I tried once to run completely barefoot around Bonifacio High Street. At first I was a bit shy because I know some people might look at me and think I'm crazy, running around without shoes. But after that 200-meter stretch, and feeling the warmth of the ground on my foot, I felt a certain connection and lightness on my movement. I experienced my first 1K at around 5mins and that was my fastest, without exerting much effort. But because of my condition, since Diabetes requires a lot of foot care. When I experienced tightening of skin around my foot, I stopped.

So, I forgot about barefoot and stayed on Stability shoes instead. Sad!

But lately, I have been getting a lot of injuries and pains. My running form is correct, so I suspect the culprit really is my shoes. It has served at around 350K already and I think I need to switch. While browsing through websites on what shoes to buy next, I stumbled upon Merrell, and from there I saw their barefoot collection. I read lots of rave reviews about the shoe in the U.S. and every running enthusiast are going gaga about it.

And then, I received an invitation for the launch of Merrell Barefoot Collection here in the Philippines and all I can say is "WOW! Im in!"

From Merrell Blog:
In 1960 Abebe Bikila was a late addition to the Ethiopian Olympic team, set to run the marathon.  When he didn’t like the way his shoes fit before the race, he decided to scrap them and race barefoot, the way he had trained.  Two hours and fifteen minutes later, he was Olympic champion, the hero of a nation and the first big name in barefoot running.
Fast forward nearly 50 years, when Christopher McDougall releases Born to Run, a book about the Tarahumara tribe in the remote mountains of Mexico.  Slowly, people started to talk more and more about barefoot running and the benefits that it brings.
Fast forward to now, where Merrell® is proud to announce a new partnership with Vibram®; exclusively collaborating to introduce a complete Barefoot Collection of shoes in the outdoor category.  Basically, we’re putting together a collection of minimalist, lightweight, versatile and efficient footwear that will be available in February 2011; an entire category of barefoot shoes that lets your feet lead you into your outdoor passion of choice. 
Here are some pictures from the Launch that was held last April 8, 2011 at Merrell Store in Market! Market! Mall, Taguig City: 

The unveiling of the Merrell Barefoot Collection!

Sir Dindo doing the stride, barefoot style!

They want us to try running barefoot around the Mall? Sweet!

My testimonal on how it felt? Well, very different, and light!

With the Barefoot Folks, Sir Dave and Sir Dindo

Blogger friends and Merrell peeps

Examining the shoes...

But this sandals is what I really wanted! lol! ^_^

My thoughts on Merrell Barefoot Collection:

  • The shoes are made with Vibram Sole, so its tough!
  • It looks like a regular rubber shoes, so you wont look very different when you sport one.
  • It has cushioning around it, gives better protection for the foot.
  • It is so bendable! meaning it will really move with your foot and not your foot moving to it.
  • It reminded me of my ballerina shoes when I was a kid because of its form.
  • I like the men's design more than the women's.
  • The price is at around 3,800php. That's way cheaper than other barefoot shoes in the market!
  • No doubt about the quality, It's made by Merrell!

I would like to congratulate Merrell for coming out with a great barefoot collection. I know this will be a surefire hit to the barefoot enthusiast here in the Philippines. Thanks also to the peeps at Barefoot Running Philippines for always encouraging me to go barefoot. Guys, a few more push and you'll get me! lol! ^_^

Which reminds me, I need to get a new pair of shoes soon. What should I get? A stability shoe again? or barefoot shoe this time?

Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running!


    michelle said...

    Great post, Amanda! :) I'm so inspired by your story. I'm glad we met at the NatGeo lunch. :)

    By the way, the sandals you took a picture of at the store are available at 40% off at the Markdown Madness shoe sale at Tektite Auditorium (Ortigas) from April 11-15, 9am-8pm. I saw them yesterday, pero baka maubos na stocks soon! Drop by when you can, okay? :)

    - Michelle

    barefootdaves said...

    barefoot shoes na :P

    The Sweet Life Runner said...

    Hi Michelle!

    I am happy that you are inspired by my story. I hope everyone who reads can be inspired as well.

    Regarding the sandals I'm gonna check them out. Thanks!

    Sir Barefootdaves, I will consider. Thanks! ^_^

    james abram said...

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