Thursday, April 21, 2011

Run For Japan - My First Sweet Marshaling Experience!

March 11, 2011 - I was so busy preparing all the necessaries for my Boss' race in Clark for the weekend when suddenly my Internet connection drops. My office mate turned up the volume of the television and everyone stopped and watched. A huge tsunami hits Japan!

What we have seen is so shocking that I even can't believe that it's actually true. It's like I am watching a movie. The huge wave of water swept the houses, building and cars like trash. There is even a CCTV video from an office in Japan that showed the huge shaking effect of the earthquake that intensely raged at 8.9 magnitude. Article from CNN HERE.

After that incident, we closely monitored the happenings at our hotel room in Clark whenever we come back after the race. The damage was so huge that Japan has become an instant disaster. I also texted my friend who happens to have most of his relatives from there, and I am glad his family was safe.

So, after that devastating tragedy there were lots of campaigns to provide relief for Japan. One morning while I was browsing Facebook, I saw the Greentennial Run page sporting a Run for Japan banner. When I clicked on it, I saw my logo on the center part. I was so pleasantly surprised!
 My Logo circled in Red, My Team Kamote Runners Family in Blue! ^_^

I immediately contacted the organizers and I told them that I will support the advocacy, not because my logo is sported on it, but because of the reason why they do it. I am very much supportive of events, ordeals and advocacy that is made or has an objective for a cause. I also run because I have an advocacy as well.

I told them, "I will not Run for Japan, I will volunteer as a Marshall at Run for Japan".

Having that said, I went to the volunteer's orientation together with my Team Kamote Runners Family and we were assigned in different points on the race route. I was places at the 38th Street loop for the 10K runners.

Because of too much excitement, I wasn't able to get a decent sleep. Adrenalin rush is so active. I just waited for Ate Lori to fetch me up so we can go to the venue. We arrived there at around 3am and we prepped up, had a light breakfast and a cup of coffee and were off to our posts.

The weather is so forgiving! given the fact that the place we are in has no trees and no nothing to shade us from the sun. After around 20 minutes of the 10K gun start, we already saw the first lead runners approaching. I got so excited! I was shouting and cheering for them. I'm surprised to see a Kenyan on this race. I though they are all for the prize, but this guy has a huge heart for charity. Kudos to him!

Then after, the huge wave of runners approaches. Me and Ate Lori gave them our sweetest greeting of "Good Morning". I also greeted them in Japanese! "Konnichiwa!" (Good Morning!) and the runners will respond "Ohayou Gozaimasu!" (Thank You Very Much!). ^_^

I brought my point and shoot camera because I want to take pictures of my runner friends but I ended up being an instant photographer. Someone waved his hand, a signal that he wants his pictures taken. So I just took his photo and then everyone else started waiving! If you ran 10K on this race, you might wanna see if I caught you on cam. I posted it on my page HERE. Please forgive me for the shots, I know its not that good.

After all the runners has crossed the loop, me, Ate Lori and Kuya Bee ran back to the starting/finish line. They got worried because I recently underwent surgery but I can't fight the feeling of envy seeing other runners run. So we ran 4K easy and I was dripping with sweat! Another proof that hydration therapy is now working since I am not really sweating that much during runs. It was the happiest 4K of my life! We were so loud and hyper we always jump whenever we see the photographers and we are dancing our way on the last few meters to the finish line!

Here are some of the shots from the event:

My Logo! So Proud! ^_^

with the Team RUNNR

Dancing to the finish line!

with the ChiCem Runners
The TKR Logo! ^_^

From Left: Kuya KB, Me, Mommy Eve in Purple hair, Ate Lori and Kuya Bee!

My thoughts on Run For Japan event:
  • The race is well organized
  • Few but great Marshalls (ahem!)
  • Water stations are placed well
  • Pocari sweat hydration station was overflowing with supplies!
  • Traffic is a bit uncontrolled. Cars run side by side with the runners
  • Absence of road cones
  • Use of straws as loop strings is not a good idea. It's hard to separate and distribute!
  • Presence of Marching Bands at the finish line is a booster
  • Photographers are everywhere!
  • Presence of water shower was enjoyed by the runners
  • Runners who prepped up in costumes were highlighted and enjoyed by fellow runners
  • Cosplayers supported the event 

They won because of my loud shout! lol! ^_^
I super enjoyed this event and given that it's my first marshaling experience and it is for a good cause, everything was all worth it! To think that everyone has accumulated half a million pesos that will go straight to Japan Red Cross, I am so honored that I was a part of it. The "Bayanihan" spirit of the Filipinos still lives on! I am so proud!

The famous "Bulalo Ba?" pose
Special thanks to my Team Kamote Runners Family for rendering their unselfish support for this event. To the Greentennial Run peeps and to Sir Rovic Canono for trusting us to be the Marshalls. The sponsors of the event, for their big contribution for charity and most especially, to all the runners who supported this event, all of you are heroes!

The running community has become runners for a good cause. I am happy that we are running on the right lane. I hope this spirit continues to ablaze so that we can say that we are not only running to take charge of our health or to have fun with friends, we are also running for a cause, for a reason, and for love of mankind!

Team Panatag! ^_^

 Good Vibes and Sweet Running everyone! ^_^


Rod said...

Job well done! Congrats to all who joined the run though I participated in the other cause oriented run held the same day :-)

Enjoy life!

The Sweet Life Runner said...

Thanks Sir Rod! It's indeed more rewarding if we do something for a cause. Sweet Running! ^_^