Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Sweet Visit To Eat Pray Run, A Store For A Cause!

Last Monday, I was able to check my Facebook page and I saw a post from EatPrayRun. I am used to people posting on my page (The Sweet Life Runner) promoting runs and merchandise and I allow them to do so, but this one caught my attention since I've already heard and seen it from Kuya Zaldy.

I checked out the video posted and I must say I am impressed with the advocacy. I won't tell much because it's better if you watch the video yourself.

I recommend that you turn up the volume and open in full screen so you can read it clearly.

Impressed? I bet you are! So after I watched the video I talked to the owner of the store who happens to be Mr. Francis Razon.

After a long chat with Francis over Facebook, I was more impressed with the product. So I told him I'm gonna pay a visit to his store so I could learn more and see the product personally. I booked myself to visit his shop on Wednesday, April 20th.

I am so excited to come. I asked my best bud, Marie to accompany me to my visit. 

So finally, I met the brainchild of EatPrayRun in person and I had a great time with him. I asked him tons of questions in which he was so accommodating to answer.
So, what's EatPrayRun all about?

EatPrayRun™ is a limited collectible running gear. It may come as a t-shirt, singlet, running shorts etc. etc.

The period for purchase of every EatPrayRun™ edition is limited only for 2 months.

30% of EatPrayRun™ ’s net profit from every edition is dedicated to charity hence the wishes.

When you buy EatPrayRun™ you’ll be asked to make two wishes. A personal wish & a charitable wish.

After the closing of our edition sales, EatPrayRun™ will choose and announce the wishers and the wishes that he will be granting.

The chosen wishers and the provision of the personal & charitable wishes will be featured in EatPrayRun™ ’s website, facebook page & EatPrayRun™TV (Youtube).

The number of the wishers that will be chosen will depend on the edition sales.

EatPrayRun™ intends to grant many wishes as possible.

What's the Mission?
  1. To provide market competitive & high quality running gears to runners.
  2. To promote running not just as a sport but also a means to make a difference.
  3. To be the first Filipino running apparel brand.
  4. To be the first running brand that strongly promotes Charity & Friendship, the true spirit of modern running.
    What are the products you have at the store?
    • For now, we have dri-fit shirts for running and cotton shirt for after run change. We plan to have other running products after the success of this one.

    Can I have mine customized?
    • Yes! You can put your name on the sleeve or on the left shoulder of the shirt for a customized look. It's also a great gift you can give to friends!

    Can you tell me more about the Shirts?

    Material: DRI-FIT
    Print: Silk Screen Rubberized Print
    Cut: Men's & Ladies | Men's: S, M, L, XL | Ladies: S, M, L, XL
    Dri-Fit Comfort & Durability For Your Maximum Running Performance

    Material: CVC COTTON
    Print: Laser Cut Rubberized Print
    Cut: Unisex | XS, S, M, L, XL
    Rubberized Print Perfection At It's Finest

    Sizing Chart

    How much is it?
    • The cotton shirt and the dri-fit shirt costs 550php each. They also come in a package, both the cotton shirt and the dri-fit for only 990php.

    How can I order?
    • You can order and contact us for more information through our Facebook page ( or email us if you want to:    
      or contact us through: (02)4967305 / (0916)7309111 / (0918)5579090

    Here's the photos I took from the EatPrayRun Store:

    The Men's Shirt on display

    The Women's Shirt on display

    Mr. Francis Razon with me and the Shirt

    Modeling for EatPrayRun? Nah! Just trying it out if it fits ^_^

    My thoughts on EatPrayRun:
    • I love the advocacy!
    • The marketing strategy is catchy.
    • The shirt material is good, especially the dri-fit.
    • The fit and the length of the shirt is perfect for me!
    • I am already XL so larger women would opt for the men's size.
    • It'll be nicer if the print is reflectorized.
    • The design is simple but attractive. Very unisex.
    • I've already road tested the Dri-Fit Shirt on my LSD Run of 19K in 2 hours 40 minutes and I must say it's comfortable for long runs!

    What's with the Stick Man and the Alien Eyes?
    • You mean the logo? Haha! I made it myself. I used "Paint" (The application in Microsoft) in creating that. My aim is just to make a simple design that's why I came up with it. The alien eyes you are referring to is not really alien eyes, it's a heart. But when I made my trial print out, it looked so girly so I decided to make it more separated, that's why it looked like that.

    So, besides this, what are your future plans?
    • Like you, I also want to support runs for a cause. So given that idea I want to create my own advocacy of running for a cause and to write a blog as well. Do you think "Hope Runner" is already taken?

    My visit at the EatPrayRun Store was a great experience. Thank you very much Mr. Francis Razon for sharing to me your advocacy and for the great hospitality you have shown during my visit. Oh, and also for the free Dri-fit shirt and the fulfilling dinner as well. It is much appreciated!

    A view from the back...

    I hope runners will support merchandises like this. It's not like getting another shirt for running, it's about making your wishes come true and helping out those who are in need all at the same time. Sweet isn't it?

    Good Vibes everyone and Sweet Running! ^_^


      Running Atom said...

      Their advocacy really is superb! Read about them but haven't had the chance to pay a visit or support their cause yet! Let's chummy down to their shop :)

      The Sweet Life Runner said...

      I agree! We'll plan that out! ^_^